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Genuine Cherry Red Mechanical Keyboard + PBT Keycaps $59 (Free Pickup, or Plus Postage) @ Mwave


Incredible price for Genuine Cherry Red's and especially PBT keycaps!

Price until 30th September. Original price isn't stated, but I suspect its $99.95 AUD as per other similar models. Amazon US has it for $69.95 USD. MWave appear to be the only importer of iKBC brand in Australia but they're reputable and their parent company makes the very popular Poker brand keyboards.

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGM8Y6yal-8&t=179s

* This is a great value keyboard at even the regular price.
* These are genuine Cherry
* Build quality is good, very stiff and good weight

* Space bar rattles a bit, as with many other far more expensive keyboards. Fix here: http://bit.ly/2DRXhSV

Other comments:
I was surprised to find that MWave stock an incredible range of mechanical keyboards, wish I'd found them earlier. Click here to see all of them. Other good places to find MechKB in Australia are Scorptec and PC Case Gear

"Online Only. Ends 30/09/2018 or While Stock Lasts"

UPDATE: Those looking for Cherry MX Browns, they also have 87 Key Tenkeyless for $89 which is also great value and not even on sale

UPDATE 2: MWave also have heaps of Key Caps in stock. If only KFC did'nt ruin that meme or I'd be using it…

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  • +1

    Wow. Surprised to find a big variety of mech keyboards on mwave. Thanks for the info. Noob question but Cherry reds are supposed to be equivalent or less noisy to Cherry browns right?

    • +2

      In terms of noise, blue > brown > red

      • +4

        I love my blue switches. The louder the better.

        • +1

          You clearly don't have to worry about waking up your family at 2am.

    • +6

      Nah, browns have a bump so you can feel the point at which the keys register but reds don't. I'm not a fan of reds but they are popular with gamers.

    • Cherry reds

      Cherry reds is a phrase often used to describe non-Cherry MX Red switches since most switches are clones of Cherry MX line. This keyboard has Cherry MX Red switches.

    • I actually thought it was cherry red in colour. My bad!

    • They're only quieter if you don't bottom out hard. They're linear and a light switch so it's easy to bottom out hard. With browns you have a tactile actuation point that allows you to attempt to not bottom out. So, it depends on how you type. MX Black is the version of the Red with a stiffer spring.

    • +1

      Re: "Wow. Surprised to find a big variety of mech keyboards on mwave"

      I know right? I couldn't believe it either, and actually in-stock in Australia. If anyone at MWave is reading this, whoever did this deserves a promotion!

    • +1

      If you live in Sydney you can could/should check out their storefront in Lidcombe. They have quite a few on display and its nice to checkout their rainbow LEDs and give the different switch types a try.

      • Ok, I'm jealous now. I'll have to settle for a 6-key tester from eBay.

  • I read somewhere iKBC come same factory as Leopolds. I have 2 Leopolds and they are great.
    PBT keycaps alone would be worth >$20

    • That's news to me. I love my Leopolds, and the PBT ninja caps are awesome.

  • +1

    Blues are the best for typing.

    • hmm, my 15 year old cherry keyboard died , re-used from before they had USB, wouldn't mind a new one but only need it for typing, and it its too noisy co-workers complain (happened to colleague) , and don't a firm clock as its for typing ….which one is quiet and for typing ?

      • No mech keyboards are 'quiet' compared to normal membrane-based keyboards.

        Generally, cherry brown-based boards are marketed as being 'quiet'

        Red's shouldn't be too bad, but they are fairly 'light' to type with so you are more likely to bottom out (have the key hut the chassis as you type) until you get used to the pressure required.

      • +1

        you can get rubber o-rings that sit underneath the keycap that stop the plastic on plastic contact that causes the noise with cherry reds/blacks/browns. logitech used something similar in the past. since the keys actuate at 2mm, you can have a 1-2mm o'ring and it wont stop normal keyboard function but it reduces the noise. it will feel weird initially though.

      • Here are some keyboards with the MX silent switches. https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?button=go&w=MX+silent

      • NovelKeys Box Navy's

      • I have a brown at work and people still complain.

        Not as much as I complain when my wife types on the blues at home two rooms down and I can't sleep.

    • +5

      It's really a fairly subjective thing.

      For example: my 1980's IBM Model M is the best for typing ;-)

      • Excellent keyboard, I was surprised to learn it's not technically a mechanical board.

        • Eh? Model M's are THE mechanical keyboard. What do you mean by this outrageous statement? I use an '87 space saver version myself.

    • I prefer Apple chiclet keyboard for everything. Gaming, typing, it’s quiet and comfortable.

      • Sarcasm requires a little more subtlety.

        • +2

          I'm serious. The keys are always responsive, it's a quality made aluminium keyboard, and as long as you can remember that the command key is now the windows key there's really not much else to adjust to.

  • But no RGB backlighting? ;p

  • +1

    Usually $14-$15 shipping with Mwave… somewhat kills the deal.

    Anyone know of any codes for free shipping?

    • Yeah I was trying to work out why when I kept selecting the pick up option it was forcing me to choose a shipping option, then realised they're based in NSW. I bit the bullet anyway and paid for courier.

    • +2

      I agree, $59 is a great price for pickup, but the extra $14 postage to VIC ($9.95 for NSW) does sour it a little. But still, $73 posted for PBT + Genuine Cherry, doubt anyone will find cheaper.

      • You say that (and I agree with you), but I just spotted another deal… posting now!

        EDIT: ugh, it was for the K83 blue and red, but I didn't realise how bad the reviews are for build quality.

        $60 (with Prime) for a basic MX Blue is alright though if anyone's not interested in Red: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01BMJ0Y76

        • PBT is the key here. All the 'brand' ones including that Gigabyte have yucky ABS keycaps which just don't feel as good to type on (slippery?), they get shiny fairly quick and wear out. Once you go PBT you won't go back.

          Still, that's a decent find.

  • +3

    Tempting for me to buy one of these for a cheap keyboard in the garage. Once you go mechanical, going back to membrane feels like typing on a marshmallow

  • Fantastic deal, thanks OP.

  • Think the people are hating the Blues at work. Will go Brown (can't decide which I prefer either)

    Edit: realised red only. Don't own red and never tried

    Bought. Thanks Op, nice post

  • Has there ever been a keyboard invented that the numbers don't eventually rub off.

    • +4

      That's generally what higher quality keycaps are for. Most cheap ones are made of ABS and are painted on. PBT is a higher quality plastic. ABS and PBT can both also be double shot. That means the lettering is created from a separate piece of plastic that's "under" the main plastic cap, so they both wear down equally. You'll never feel a bump where the lettering is and they will never wear off from your finger oils.

      Downside to all this is obviously cost, especially for PBT, because it's chemical properties make everything about the manufacturing process more expensive. If you know where most of the letterings are, it may not be worth it for you, unless you like the typing experience that higher quality and thicker keycaps give you.

    • +1

      The numbers will never ever rub off on this keyboard. Genuine Cherry MX switches too.

    • +1

      A LOT of keyboards have legends that don't fade. Only cheap pad-printed legends will fade easily which is what you'll find on most commercial rubber-dome keyboards.

      Most gaming keyboards even the cheap ones that light up have laser etched legends to allow the light to pass through. Those will be much more durable than pad-printed legends.

      Going slightly into the enthusiast space you will find double-shot keycaps that have legends that are made from a separate piece of plastic which is as thick as the key-cap. Meaning the legends will never fade.

      There is also dye-sublimated which is a technique that uses dye to give the keycap a "tattoo" which unlike pad-printing, impregnates the keycap with dye meaning the legend becomes part of the keycap's material which will never rub off.

      From cheapest to most expensive:
      pad-printed>laser etched>double-shot>dye-sublimated
      For more information

    • I have keyboard with the lettering on the front instead of top. (Its also got some/all the high quality niceties that nobelharvards mentioned.)


  • Coming from blue, i really dislike red - way too soft. I think browns are the good middle ground, but I'm yet to try them.

    • +1

      I used Blues, and then after 2 years Razer Greens (basically a knockoff MX Blue), and now using Browns, I'd say Browns definitely are a good middle ground between red and blue. I do miss the click sound of the old switches I had though…

      • Thanks for confirming that for me - I'll make sure my next setup is browns.

      • I own both blue and a brown. Blue is my favorite though. Bought the brown a couple of months ago and initially I was making a lot of mistakes while typing. Never happened while using blue. Anyways, I am getting more used to the brown keys and the typos have cut down significantly.

    • its really personal taste though, I been using Corsair K60 MX Red for 6 years, then I bought a Corsair K70 MX Brown and return it after 2 days, eventhough that RGB is cool. I just love the soft linear of red. especially for gaming.

  • +5

    Need cheap browns, my co-workers are plotting to kill me because of my blue's :D

  • +1

    Which one is best for porn

    • Hand i.e manual.

    • +3

      Gotta get into the brown ;)

    • You need RGB lighting to do porn properly.

  • Works out to be ~$70 delivered to Melbourne metro once I dumped their bullshit priority transit cover fee, so don't go off the checkout estimates!

  • +1

    Anyone been the Melbourne keyboard meet last weekend? Nice but too crammed.

    Personally found my end game with the Leopold 660m graphite Cherry MX brown. Very happy and has the max keys I need.

  • I got the $49 i-rocks mech kb they sold years ago and it has held up amazinly.

  • +1

    Still have a 10+ year old Dell keyboard at home, best keyboard I've owned and I prefer it over every mechanical keyboard I've used for gaming and typing.

  • Be careful, red switch is very strange for most ppl! I had my red switch cherry for working since 2009, still use it 8 hrs per day. However, no one else like the type feeling of it. Although, the keyboard was belong to my previous company, in the end, they just gave it to me for free when i left - It has no clear "click" feeling.

  • Thanks for the post. Very keen to try Cherry MX Red switches, have been looking around for a cheap yet quality keyboard to test them.

  • Cool, now is a great time for me to upgrade from my $20 Microsoft keyboard I've had for 5 years now.

  • Not backlit, better off with $10 one

  • If it's for your workplace office i doubt you'll need a backlit one unless you work in a dungeon?. For home then yeah it might suck.

  • (Maybe off topic…)
    I had no idea there were so many people with a connoisseur appreciation for keyboards. You've got the lingo, the opinion, the technical understanding… Seems like this totally hidden technical world I've never heard of but everyone is already into.

    • I'm not, still on my Logitech G15 membrane keyboard. I don't see the hype over mechanic keyboards and their Anti-ghost feature, coz we all press more than 6 keys at the same time right?

      • +1

        Mechanical keyboard nuts are'nt always doing it due to gaming. Many (like myself) are more interested in MechKbs simply as it's far more comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient compared to a regular membrand keyboard. It just feels good. I've been using a MechKB for 10+ years, and recently was forced to use a cheap membrane one at work and was shocked by how yucky it felt. Like typing on playdough. Most people wouldn't notice as it's all they've ever known, but to someone used to a mech, it really stood out.

        As for gamers, I doubt a mechKB would make a difference for 80% of them (it's more about having something of decent quality) but for those who really are competitive, then yes it will definitely make a significant difference. Not sure about the anti-ghost, but the general speed/responsiveness of a real switch just can't be beat.

        Logitech G15 is definitely one of the better membranes, but at some point the domes will tear, and I'm sure many of the keys are already shiny (which is why PBT is important). When its time to replace it, do yourself a favor and grab a mechanical with Cherry MX Brown switches which have a good balance of typing and gaming use, or if gaming only then consider a Cherry MX Red.

  • Anyones order shipped yet? mwave seem rather slow.

  • Sold out … o.O

  • Got mine overnight which is expected when paying $20+ postage. which made it less of a deal anyways got a backup as i Have the IKBC MF108.
    That thing is a tank i highly recommend IKBC.