Mobile Phone under $300 Recommendations - Large Screen (5.5inch or Greater), Good Camera, Good Battery

Hi All,

Looking for a mobile phone within these parameters:

Mobile phone under $300 recommendations - Large Screen (5.5inch or greater), Good Camera, Good battery
I feel like I'm asking for the moon, but I am hoping you can help.

The purpose of phone: gifts for users india/bandladesh/pakistan. I'll be buying 3-5 units.

Many thanks,


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    Are you intending to buy in Aust and then ship to those countries?
    Last time I was in India, mobiles were cheaper there.

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      And you can buy from flipkart or amazon india and have it sent to their address. Cant get them shipped internationally without a re-directing service.

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    what band do you need to operate in these countries
    aren't mediatek banded in some of those countries.

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    Mobile phones are cheaper in India through Flipkart or Amazon India sites.

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    Pocophone F1 is INR21,000 it's a bit over the budget but that phone is a beast!

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    For Metro cities, you can get same day/next day delivery by many websites. Prices are cheaper than India as well.

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    meizu m6 note.

    3GB 16GB 4G LTE Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 5.5" FHD 1920X1080P 4000mAh Battery Cell Phone Fingerprint

    I've been using one for 3 months. great phone.

    excellent battery. very good camera.

    best inexpensive china droid I've ever owned.

    currently US $106.85 delivered on aliexpress

    add 10% gst for aus. - does India have import duties/tax? don't forget cashrewards for a further 5% off.

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    I recommend Oppo, have had f1s and a73 models and they have both been great.

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    Oh GOD NO !Dont get OPPO I am about to take mine back A73.
    This phone will not accept mms above 53KB you can run another app to receive MMS only but you have to allow it to do so. and everytime you receive a message the phone resets permissions to default app which is broken. The people at oppo are deliberately trying to go bankrupt i think. Hardware is great but Color OS is like a turd rolled in vomit. There is only 4 apps allowed to run unrestricted everything else gets killed off. So if you like having email thats not through google you will not get auto checking… only when you start the your email app.
    There is no root access despite what some websites say, if there was it would be the first thing done and Color OS nuked as a first chance (did I mention it was a really bad OS?) My nokia 5110 had more functionality than the a73. dont get it its a dog. ( I rang OPPO customer line who told me that I need to resize my mms to maximum of 53Kb…. I belive minecraft has higher resolution than an mms photo resized to 53kb. I cant even receive contacts info through mms cos they too big .
    If on the other hand you dont need anything from the app store and you just need it for making audio phone calls. you might be happy.

  • Thanks everyone for input - I'm after something well branded - as they will be gifts. Not sure the China droids will meet that criteria.

    The samsung J8 looks promising and so does the new Nokia droid phones…

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