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Telstra $45pm for 12m with 50GB & $200 JB Gift Card or $65pm for 24m with 80GB & $300/$500 Credit for Phone Purchase @ JB Hi-Fi


This is an update of the offer described here
With more bonus data.
Was in store today and they advised just updated last night, and to go into store for offer!

For new or port only, not for existing Telstra customers.

Note: The $200 & $300/$500 gift card deal is for new or port in customers (as already stated). However existing customers are still eligible for the extra double data on both plans and are also eligible for $300 credit for a phone purchase on the $65 BYO. Thanks BenTennyson.

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    Anyone who's still wanting this offer, I got the $200 jb gift card and $10 port in discount (by contacting live chat). It brought it to $35/month for 50gb. Pretty stoked šŸ‘

    • I'm paying $39 for 50gb. (And the JB hifi card) Best I could do.

      I was about to buy the Megaboom 3 at $124 with the GC and was too slow to get there unfortunately.

      • $39 is till good eh. I'm just glad there's no expiry on the gift card. Hopefully I can hold out till black friday sales. ;)

    • I tried with like 5 Telstra agents and none of them would give me the $10 discount. Did you do anything special?

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        (Me): Thanks for your help, now my other thing was that I just signed up to Telstra today and I was told there was a $10 a month port in discount. Could you help to apply that for me?
        Jireh: Yeah sure.
        (Me): Thank you
        Jireh: May I know what plan you have in mind ready? :)
        (Me): Oh I already signed up in store at JB hi-fi and they said to contact live chat to have it applied to my plan.
        Jireh: Let me check that up here. Hold on a bit please. :)
        (Me): Thanks
        Jireh: Alright, sorry to keep you waiting. :)
        (Me): All good
        Jireh: I have verified it hear and yes you're absolutely eligible for a $10 port in discount.
        (Me): Great thanks

        Then he went on to send me the updated cost plan which had $10 applied. I don't know if I just got lucky on the first shot. Hope it helps :)

        • Yeah you got lucky haha. I got a $5 discount after I told them I would be leaving Telstra šŸ˜‚

          • @Karimov: Nice and easy. simply copied the transcript line by line and they just did it. lol.

            • @lplau: I guess I have bad luck then haha

          • @Karimov: As you can see threats can only go so far but generosity can go miles

        • Thanks mate! I am talking with live chat right now and they have agreed to add 10 dollars credit every month. Cheers!

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    FML, I just signed up last month for $59 getting only 40gb.

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      That guy did say to wait as there will be better plans coming ;-)

      • I am annoyed about this too. That said, I was on a 3gb plan and barely used that, so I am sure I will not be using 25gb, let alone 50gb.

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        That guy did say to wait as there will be better plans coming

        And three people negged him for saying it lol.

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        Told you so….

      • +3

        There are always better plans coming!

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      Maybe give Telstra a call and see if they can bump you up to the 50gb status.

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        I did talk to the chat rep and telstra support as your suggestions. They agreed to change my plan to $45 with 50GB, it was such a hassle though. I chat them first then I haggle until they agree to change my plan, the chat rep said that I have to call telstra support for changing my plan. So I did, but after calling the telstra support, they couldn't retrieve my chat history, I was mad because I still have the chat, I could send them the chat transcript but they refuse to accept anything. I hung up the phone cause its going nowhere and the person whom I'm calling with refused to change my plan as she said that I already got the best offer from Telstra, then I tried the telstra chat once more. It was really easy with my last chat rep, I told him my story and he changed my plan straight away.

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          Nothing good comes easy, well done landing the 50gb plan šŸ‘

    • How long ago??? cooling off period???

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        2-3 weeks ago, there's no cooling off period for telstra I believe. I have successfully change my plan to $45 for 50gb though.

    • Me too. I didn't believe them. I'm a schmuck.

    • get on telstra chat & ask for a data upgrade. ive done it and had 3 upgrades over the last year

      oh, if unsuccessful, just try again in a day or so until successful

    • Does Telstra allow creating Wifi hotspots through the phone or can we only use the data on the phone?

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        Tethering is allowed.

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        I was just talking to a colleauge about how in the US they get a bit funny about it. Have you found anyone in Australia who restrict tethering?

        • Yep.. happened to me last year… I was on a prepaid plan from Lycamobile

          • @strike1: Lyca allows tethering. Just enter following values in internet settings for 4g, and tethering
            Username: lmau
            Password: plus

            • @vibhu89: Yes.. I tried that as well after searching on Google.. but it did not always work for me on my iPhone. With other providers there is no need for entering credentials in internet setting, I just enable tethering and you are good to go.

    • I signed up to the 25GB plan a few months ago - went into JB hi-fi and they switched me to this plan no hassles

  • Incredible value

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        Especially considering that deal never actually existed…

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          Yep. Was $59 a month. Source: I jumped on the deal.

        • LOL!

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      That was definitely $59 a month, not $40

      • +1

        But there was a way by talking to Telstra chat to get a $10 discount, getting it down to $49. Still not $40 though.

        Also, there was no $200 JB voucher. I'm not sure if there were lucky or special people, but the majority from the comments section, including me, got a choice of either a Google Pixel 2 XL or the voucher, not both.

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          That was for people who ported to byo postpaid via JB hi-fi to get the $200 voucher. Then converted it online to a pixel 2 post paid a month or so later when the family and friends deal opened. Then talked to customer service to get the $10 credit.

          • +2

            @boretentsu: ^ exactly what I did for both my brother and I. We're loving the Pixel 2, and our monthly payments of $49/month with 20GB data is still going.

            • @robhung: I wasn't hardcore enough to get the JB deal but got the other two. I did use a cash back site which gave me $150 for signing the deal though.

        • The voucher was for Sim only

          • @onlinepred: There was another voucher for the Pixel 2 phone deal too. I got it as well as the BYO one.

            BYO gave $200 voucher.
            Phone plan gave $100 voucher.

            • @Munki: Oh right I got the sim only for me with voucher and wife got the pixel 2 xl and home mini for 59 no voucher.

        • I was one of those lucky people

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    is it possible to add esim under the plan?

    • Adding Telstra One Number for Apple Watch, yes.
      Esim for iPhone Xs and Xs Max? No - no Australian provider does that yet

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    Looks like this plan and data is exclusive to JB Hifi customers

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    Does this include international minutes? Where can i see plan details

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      The $45 plan doesn't include international minutes or SMS/MMS. I couldn't see the plan details until I was at the JB store (I could only see Telstra plans on their website).

    • No international cookies, Zilch, Nada.

    • You can add the international call pack for an extra $10 pm on these plans from JB, we just did it yesterday

      • Edit: CANNOT do this with call pack. JB staff said this was ok and to arrange separately with Telstra once number ported, Telstra this morning said not possible. Going back to JB to discuss

        • +1


        • Were you able to add on?

  • So does this include the new iPhones?

    Plan $65 x 24 = $1560
    iPhone XR 128GB = $1299 - $500 = $799

    Total for 2 years = $2359 ???

    • Yes

    • That's an expensive plan…almost $100/m or >$3/d.

      • Yeah it is but none of the iPhone X plans are cheap.

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    Am I seeing correctly - they DOUBLED the data in a matter of days?

    • +2


  • Is that 50gb per month or for the contract?

  • Sorry bit of a phone deal noob… Is this deal possible without buying a new phone from JB? ie can I use my existing phone and just change the sim?

    • +1

      My understanding is that this should be a sim only plan

    • +4

      Yes this is a sim-only plan. The credit on top is just a bonus they throw in as an incentive to get you to jump ship to Telstra.

  • Just to confirm, is that the BYO PLAN>?

  • Does anyone know if I get free spotify & google music streaming on this. Currently on Optus which has these included.

    • No they are not included in the current entertainment package. Only Apple Music is unmetered.

    • +13

      50 GB should be enough for Spotify and Play Music.

      • I'm at partners regularly and they don't have internet so every bit helps :(

        • +32

          No internet? Dump them.

        • I never use wifi and stream music everyday for up to 8 hours and rarely use more than 8gb of my 55gb.

  • If I'm already a Telstra customer, can I just go and do this - and get a new number? Or you can't have been a Telstra customer at all?

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      You have to port out for 30 days

      • what about telstra prepaid only?

    • I'm gonna give them a call…I have 7 lines with Telstra…if they don't help I'm porting them all out and then bringing them back in a month.

      • Is that a threat?

        Or….Sorry, no it's not.
        Telstra will tell you to please leave and come back and save their hassle of dealing with 7 lines.

        You coming back anyway,. You should say you will leave forever then they will budge

    • +3

      Ported my number to a $10 Optus sim. Walked into JB hifi, signed up for deal and ported back almost instantly. Iā€™d say I was ported out of Telstra for no more than half an hour.

      • Did you get the voucher?

        • yep got the voucher

      • +1

        May I know which jb hifi store was that? So no need to inform jb hifi that you just ported out/back and they will give the offer instantly?

        • Without being too specific, one in Sydney CBD. The assistant didn't ask the question nor tell me there was a cooling off period.

  • Does this work if Iā€™m looking at buying a new iPhone Xs Max outright?

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    Very good deal - although to be honest the 25gb included with the previous plan is enough data for me and I suspect most people - 50gb would be nice just in case!

    • 50GB is so important for me, to be able to use my phone as a hotspot. My ISP, Adsl2 speed is horrible, I don't have NBN yet, according to the NBN site, the build will start near my unit around mid to end of 2019.

  • +1

    I'm a Telstra customer currently and my 24 month plan ends on the 15th. I would like to take this offer up but I guess I need to port out and port back in…

    Who is the best carrier to do this with and does this method even work?

    • You need to be with a different telco for atleast 30 days to port back in and avail new customer offers.

      Got told this at JB HiFi

    • Need to port out for 30 days.

      • +1

        Telstra or JB really enforce the 30 day thing?

    • You'll need to port out for at least a month.

    • I'm sort of in the same boat - 12 month previous plan expires this month - $49pm for 20GB. I'm waiting for an on-line chat to see what they can offer. VF & OPTUS are both $35 for 30 GB.

      • I jumped on the chat a couple nights ago and the best they could do for me was $39pm for 20gb. This would be the $10 credit for loyalty customers I guess.. I did mention the optus deal and they said they could do nothing about it.

        At the end of the chat he mentioned trying the following link below to reach the sales team but I haven't tried that yet - you may have some luck in there;