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[VIC] 15% off Southbank Docklands Express Tickets @ SkyBus


Update: SkyBus also accept these tickets on the Melbourne City Express service.

(I called them to confirm and travelled on the Melbourne City Express myself using these tickets)

Buses run directly between Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL) and Docklands, then stop at convenient locations throughout Docklands and Southbank.

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  • Price in title OP.

    A % on its own means very little.

    • Numerous popular SkyBus posts never had price in title:

      Mods will change it if deemed necessary since you reported it.

      • FWIW - I think title is fine, given previous posts - and anyone who travels knows what the price is, as it's always a fixed price - unlike buying a TV from TGG vs that same TV from HN …

        • Just going by the rules guys. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:title_guidelines

          IMO a % discount means very little when a price isn't given. Yeah I get that Skybus has pretty standard pricing, so a 15% discount is still a "bargain", but for those interstate travellers (like me and quite a few OzBargainers who don't know the regular prices), it would be handy to see some pricing. Anyway, my 2c.

          • @UFO: Ah, I see - so prices for Adult one way/return or a family return in body of text etc … yeah good suggestion and handy for interstate travelers.

            But looking at past posts, it's consistent … so I guess the mod will make the call.

  • Many thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Thank you OP - can confirm it can used for melbourne city express line :)

  • Many thanks.

  • Thanks for confirming that it works on the City Express bus! I'll be using this tomorrow :)

    • Did it work on City Express?

      • Yes it did.

        • thanks!

  • +3

    Can confirm this works on the City Express bus! On the bus now from airport. Lady at booth said the tickets for City and Docklands are “interchangeable”. So just purchase tickets for Docklands and jump on the bus for City!

    • Great, thanks for feedback!

  • +1

    Awesome deal I hate paying for the SkyBus

  • Is this still active as cant see anywhere to put the code? Cheers

    • sorry - found it. cheers

  • still valid from Southern cross ?

    • Yes.

      • thanks, bought and used without issues :-)

  • Just used this at spencer street, thanks heaps :)

  • Used it from Southern Cross and back.. No dramas. On the way back they said that this was a bus to Southern Cross not to docklands and I said we changed our minds, they could not care they are just keeping you informed.

  • +1

    Just used from southern cross to melb airport confirm it still works thanks heaps

  • +1

    This still works, used today on skybus from southern cross station to tullermarine airport. Currently the tickets are cheaper to purchase online via the link at $17.50 one way, with the additional 15% off using above code it comes to $14.87 AUD all up for one way.

  • Used it on 16/2/19 from the airport to southern cross and can confirm it works

  • Verified 10th March

  • Code is still good - Verified 16th March

  • +1

    Code doesn't work anymore (tried today)

    • Still works for me!

    • I tried to too and it wasn't valid.

      • Weird. I just tried again now, still working for me.

  • Just bought 2 tickets with code and tickets received in email
    Transaction date (AEDT): 27 March 2019 @ 09:44
    Payment amount: $31.88 AUD

  • Seeing the error Code not Valid here

    • You have to buy 'docklands/southbank tickets' for the code to work

  • I used a return ticket on 3 and 4 Apr 2019 at Southern Cross station. Still works. Cost $30.60

  • Still working for me as at 15 April.

    Note you have to select Docklands Express - doesn't work just for Melbourne City Express.

  • Used it today and it still works. Thanks!

  • Still works! Thanks OP

  • Used today from Southern Cross to Tulla - simply scanned as valid and no comment from ticket attendant. Thanks OP!

  • Purchased this morning, used it straight away and worked. The guy couldn't scan it initially on my phone. I thought sugar, I don't have time to buy the ticket! Luckily it worked at second scan. I'm traveling from Southern Cross to Tulla (Melbourne international airport) at the moment. The traffic is good. Travel time is approx 23 minutes. Thanks OP! 😘

    • No worries. Have a good flight :)

      I miss Melbourne in Autumn!

  • Did not work for me right now. Might be expired.

    • Still works for me. Make sure you're buying Southbank Docklands Express tickets.

  • Promo code still works. Anybody recently used this Docklands ticket for the City Express instead with no issues?

    • +1

      Yes just used and still working!

  • MCEC gives 5% off other skybus services if that helps anyone not wanting city tickets

  • "Code not valid"

    • Still works for me. Make sure you're purchasing Southbank Docklands Express tickets.

      • But the description says it works for Melbourne City as well, which it doesn't

        • It doesn't say that but I can reword it to make it clearer.

        • You purchase the Southbank Dockland Express ticket(s) and it'll still work for Melbourne City.

  • Just tested [Southern Cross] to [Tullamarine] using Southbank tickets.
    Can confirm that the code is still working and works for both ways. Buying return ticket will also save you some extra cents bringing the total down to $30.60

  • +1

    Expired as of 4/08/2019

  • +1

    Confirmed it works for the Spencer st station - I just said I must have bought the wrong ticket when he told me I was at the wrong bus stop

    • Did they offer much resistance? A friend of mine tried using it the other day to Southern Cross and the person who scanned his ticket complained about the wrong ticket but still let him on eventually. With that and yours, I'm just a little anxious about my trip next week now.

      • +1

        nope he seemed to be more concerned that I got on the right bus. mind you it was about 1 degree apparent ("feels like") temperature. I think if you make the code big enough so he can't see where it was going or if the bus is about to leave/ busy it'll be ok.

        • Thanks :)

      • also they don't know you bought it on sale! All you have is the code. so just say you bought the wrong ticket.

  • Just used this to get on the Melbourne express to southern cross. Worked fine

  • Got the error message 'Code is not valid' when I tried to buy 1 return ticket for adult.

  • Sadly to say, the offer is now expired :(

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