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Telstra $65 Plan | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | 24 Month Contract with $0 Upfront Fee on Selected Phones @ JB Hi-Fi


$0 upfront fee for:

You must port your number to Telstra's $65 plan - comes with 80 GB of data and unlimited talk and text. (24 months)
Instore only. - Expires Ocotober 13th.

Full image thanks to @aspirepranesh

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    Looks like we were posting the deal at the same time and yours got posted 1st :)

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      Haha, sorry mate! Thanks - Took a lesson and improved my title from your post. :)

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      Commenting here for visibility. I signed up this morning at JB Hifi Altona North, P20 pro. They didn't know of the deal. Happily honoured it but they only received a $1000 voucher for a $1099 phone. So having system issues.
      I was actually ported straight away and still waiting for the phone 45mins later. They gave me the sim card whilst they worked out their issues so I can do work.
      So long story short you might need to be patient till JB sorts themselves out but you'll get the deal.

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        Seems I am the test dummy to get all issued resolved for everyone else. Will be fine soon

        • Just got the phone now. JBs issue is they get a 1k voucher but the Oppo and Huawei are $1099 in system. The fix is to change price to $999 and all sweet. Have fun everyone. I also taught the JB staff about ozbargain :)

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        If they receive a $1000 voucher I'm wondering if you can ask for a S9 since it's on sale for $1019.

        • I don’t think so. You need to pick option of phones first then you can see how much money of the voucher the system can give to you.

      • Hi mate, just wondering does the plan include any international calls?

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    P20 Pro going for $900-1000 on ebay.

    If you sold the phone, it comes to ~$28/month which is pretty good for 80GB on Telstra.

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      P20 Pro going for $900-1000 on ebay.

      Really? Been on sale for $878 on allphones ebay store every other day for the past few weeks.

      ~$28/month which is pretty good for 80GB on Telstra

      Sure - but what are you doing with 80GB? Home broadband?

      • -3
          • +5

            @salmon123: Big metal capacity!

        • I bought one before. Didn't use and only managed to sell on ebay auction for $850. That was 3 months ago, I'd imagine it'll be much harder to sell and lower now.

      • -1

        FHD Youtube + long commute = Chews through data.

    • You could get $1000 for the Oppo?

  • 80gb a month?

    • Yes!

  • Does this come with international calls?

    • Don't think so, only states standard Australian numbers.

    • -1

      If it's the same JB Only deals like the 12-month $45 for 50GB + $200 Gift Card or 24-month $65 for 80GB + $300/$500 phone credit, then no.

      You can't even add international calls as a pack, nor get Peace of Mind data as an option for those.

      • Any links or source to this information please? I signed up with JB Hifi's previous 200$ voucher deal ($59 per month unlimited) and it came with both those options. So it's definitely not Jbhifi wide policy. I'm going to give them a call in the morning to know exactly, will update you guys accordingly.

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    I'd say the Oppo and Huawei are the standout contenders.

    Bloody good deal for 80gb of data per month

    • +1

      I have the S8 it's still a nice phone would definitely say it's well worth it even with the S8. My only complaints are bixby (thankfully can be disabled but idk why it exists in th first place) and the battery which is too small for me but seems to be fine for most people. It still runs butter smooth.

      • Ah, I've heard good things about the S8. I was only going off resale value.

        • +1

          Oh wow yeah I just googled the other phones and they're insanely expensive. The find X is 1K jesus. Didn't realise how expensive the other phones were compared to the S8 which costs like half of the oppo.
          I haven't really been keeping up with phones because there's so many nowadays.

    • Ihad got a huawei before the p9 it was amazing now I'm with pixel xl 2 but I will definitely buy another huawei again. 2 years warranty câmera is amazing the só is way batter than Samsung too.

    • Apparently the build quality for the find x is absolutely shocking. The flip up camera breaks easily.

  • -1

    Excellent if your run a full-time VPN for all your data :)

    • Can also replace a broadband connection for users interested in general browsing.

      • Hack the neighbours Telstra AIR for general browsing. Save the Data for demanding Streaming.

    • What's excellent about it for vpn?

      • VPN bounces through servers using more data, therefore if you have 80GB of phone data you could easily run your VPN full time without the stress of data confinements.

        • +2

          I run my VPN 24/7 on 32GB of data a month without any issues.

          • +1

            @Tacooo: I only have 20GB from my JB deal 12-months ago unfortunately…

          • @Tacooo: It's about a 30% data overhead depending on the configuration, as well as a small amount extra to keep alive. IE your 32gb might net you roughly 24gb.

            • @chyawala: The 'small amount to keep it alive' gets larger whenever you spend a long periods in drop-out zones (eg either in-between, or on the periphery of cell tower coverage).

    • why need a VPN 24/7?

      • Some people respect their privacy. Why question that?

      • +1

        I don't want the government having a record of every single site I visit just because they think it's necessary.

        • The government just mandate basic (but free) collection and storage facilities. Others do a better job (collecting and distributing- and searching)

        • Unless you run your own VPN, you can't really trust VPN providers either. Everyone is trying to capture your data even the guy who claims not to do it.

  • Amazing deal… Too bad Im still on contract

    • Amazing deal….too bad I have no need for a contract as I barely use up any data. I have used a whopping 11MB in the 10 days of October. Actually kinda dumb cuz I put myself on a 10GB/$15 plan a few months back but haven't even used 1 gig a month.

      • +2

        Better to have it there as opposed to not having the option.

        • True but idk what to do with it? even my mum somehow manages to use up her 20gb a month.

        • Better to have it there

          I'd rather keep the money.

          • @Diji1: Problem is that for me even the $15 plan is too much and it's terrible value for money considering for $65 I can get a new phone + 80GB data but I don't really have a choice. I am a firm believer in paying upfront for everything so there's as little bills at the end of the month as possible as I am a student with no consistent income. My only income is from my hobbies.

      • +1

        $15 for 10gb.. Where

        • TPG
          It's only a 6 month plan but it's more than enough for me and you can always just jump on it again (assuming they keep it)

  • Ripper deal, does anybody know if porting out to Optus/Voda prepaid as a current Telstra customer then walking into JB will work?

    • +1. Since, I'm a loyal customer and all, I'm sure they'd prefer to reward my loyalty…

    • We are told its only if you have been 'out' of Telstra for 1 billing cycle. I know I have seen people say they have been able to port out and back in on these deals.

      On the other hand I have also seen peoples accounts go into error in store on the spot as the system picks up that they were a Telstra customer and won't allow the order to progress. We are also told that the accounts are audited by Telstra over time and any one that sneaks through can still be discovered, although I haven't heard firsthand of that happening yet.

  • Does anyone know if this would work for porting in from boost?

    • Pretty sure boost will be excluded from this deal.

      • How’s belong? Can I port from belong to get this deal?

        • Not from Belong either :(

  • So I just signed with Vodaphone on a 12 months sim only contract days ago;

    I understand the Vodaphone sales said I have a 30 days cooling down period but I'm not liking the blackspots and the noticeable drop in voice clarity compared to Telstra.

    Is it easy to get out of the Vodaphone plan for this plan?

    • +2

      It’s easy but you gotta keep on them. Their system is shit and sent me a bill for 2months straight where they had to reverse it and I never got the free 1st month that they claim but I cbf arguing with them anymore.

      3rd month onwards I still get bills but it’s no longer charging, just auto credited me.

      • Well I visited their store and asked, they basically said I need be another telco for 30 days to be considered as a new customer.


        • Yeah, I called and got told the same thing.

  • +2

    Does anyone know if I can use the sim on a telstra smart modem?

    Like this one for example

    • +1

      It should work. The default APN setting is telstra.hybrid for the built-in SIM but you can change it in the config to the usual telstra.internet for your normal telstra SIM in this deal. I have the Frontier which is similar to the Smart Modem.

  • Can you have 2 numbers that share the data?

    • I heard they stopped that as of July

    • Data share Sim $5 a month

      If you are nice (and lucky) they might discount/waive the $5 a month. Might only be for business plans only (which require an ABN). You also get an extra 100mb xD

      • Data share is now only for business customers which this plan is not avalible for 👌🏻

  • +2

    I will think choose between Oppo find X or Huawei P20 Pro

    • I am struggling to make a decision myself!

      • +1

        Lol. I will pick Oppo find X

        • +3

          No NFC on the Oppo. Which is fine if you don't use your phone to pay for everything, but if you're like me it's something I use every day.

          • +2

            @mrearthpig: thanks for your notice.

          • +1

            @mrearthpig: Checked CPU the Huawei P20 pro using Huawei Kirin 970 is slower than Oppo find X using Snapdragon 845. So I was picked Oppo find X.

  • Are the phones unlocked?

    • Yes, it's very rare phones are locked nowadays.

  • Thanks for posting! It seems too good to be true..

  • Wow.. Great deal. Huawei p 20 Pro!

  • +7

    iPhone X would have been awesome

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm whether this plan has international calls included? Fantastic deal if that's the case.

  • Are ports from boost eligible?

  • +1

    /me waits for counter from Optus

    Awesome deal and already considering entering into 3rd contract now :D

    • Do you think Optus will be able to counter with anything similar to this?

      • Their iPhone 8 and 8+ deals from last December were epic, anything can happen :)

        • I remember seeing those. I am looking to leave Apple for an android device unless the Iphone X is put into some ridiculous deal.

          • @fowlli14: I've tried to enter Apple ecosystem 4 times in the past, it never lasted more than a day :D

            • @datafellows: Their customer service has been good. I have had my Iphone 6S covered a few times under warranty by them but I refuse to pay their asking price for phones now. Waaay too expensive for my liking. I really hope the Oneplus 6 gets released over here as I keep hearing that it is really good value.

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