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RM Williams Chelsea Boots £175 + £4.99 Shipping (~AU $332) @ Collier Bristow


Amazing deal here coming in at around $323 AUD as of right now, as found on styleforum. Shipping globally is only £4.99.

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Collier Bristow
Collier Bristow

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  • Are we able to choose width style with the boots. haha I need an "H"

    • Nope, which makes me sad (but maybe happy to not spend another $300?)

    • Got really excited before I saw your question - need a H too. rip

      • Unless we put in a comment on the order to send H width? hmmm lol

  • Is the sizing in US or UK ?

    • UK

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      I've worked in footwear for a while, and find that most people who go "I'm a size 10 us but am a size 7 or 8 Rms" generally have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and have the wrong sized shoes in every shoe they own.

      If you have a standard width foot (you would know this if generally you haven't had issues with different branding and sizes over the years) then your UK size is 1 down from US. For example, I fit a US 10.5, my UK size is therefore 9.5.and so that's what I would wear for RMs in their standard width of G. ie I am a 9.5G.

      While Australian sizing is the same as UK sizing, most people get US sizes thinking it's their "Australian" size due to a misconception that just because they bought their shoes in Australia, it's going to be "Australian" sizing. No.

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        But some brands' UK sizes are only half a size down from US while others are a full size down.

        Adidas for example.

        Also it's not really consumers fault they are confused when the sizes between brands and even models within the same brand vary so much. Ie. I've had many brands in "my" size that wore big or small.

  • is this legit?

  • just bought a pair! My Qantas ones are currently on my feet and loving them

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    Anyone know the sizing for this site? Also if the fitting is a the standard "G"? Doesn't say anything.

  • Now this is what I called a man shoes :)

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        It's funny because "Giuliano7" hates the brand so much he's posted twice on the same deal. His first comment was:

        "These are the adult equivalent of Crocs in terms of fashion….I have no idea why anyone would want purchase these other than for overpriced dress-up party footware"

  • Looks like no wider (H) sizes.

    • How did you get to pick width? I am after G

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    Wow, >3,000 clicks on the link, and >50 likes for this post.

    Even if only a % turn into actual sales, that store in the UK must be wondering what is going on.

    • All we need is Cashrewards to get involved…

  • What do people use to keep these in good condition?

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      I'm a sucker and use the genuine RMW beeswax and polish. I figure they have no recourse on me if I have issues that way! ;-)

      PS - thanks OP!

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        Sapphir for sure

    • i give them a leather conditioning every 3 or 4 months followed by a round of polish. could be doing more I guess but Ive had them for about 3 years so far and seems to be ok.

    • Errrrr.. boot polish?

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        No.. Furniture polish. Mr Sheen works best.

  • Thanks OP, went in to the Melb central store yesterday to get my fitting. I'm usually an 11 but was fitted for RM's for a 10 (G). Your post was perfect timing cheers!

  • Any expiry on the deal?

  • If I already have a pair purchased from shops 10.5G on sole (I'm usually US13 in runners). What size am I from this website ?

  • Anyone receive a confirmation email from the website?
    I got confirmation from PayPal, but haven't received notification from the website yet.

    • Paid with CC but still waiting for mine. Maybe their system is taking a beating from all the OzBargainers

      • Found it in my spam folder. Weird email

        • Just checked mine and still waiting…Might have to contact them

          • @DavidBrentIPresume: I checked order on website via the order number in the email, it doesn't contain any useful information. There is a "Track Order" button that does nothing.

            I wonder if the website is new. My order number was less than 1000, and there are not reviews online that I could find.

  • Thanks OP, bought a pair of black comfort craftmans. I'm assuming the sizing is all G?

    Hope this sale will be honoured

  • Anyone know the difference between the suede Comfort Craftmans and the suede Chelseas, and which is more comfy? They seem identical aside from the sole

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      i think the suede Chelsea are either leather sole or dynamic flex
      would definitely go comfort craftsmen - lasts longer and also more comfortable, in my honest opinion. Got 4 pairs and counting :)

  • How did you get AUD $332? Exchange rates show $349….

    • I got charged 335, already on my statement

      • Not even close to what many banks will charge. ANZ for example will charge $350 on it using any of their cards

        • If you payment is processed by Visa, for example, the currency will be converted at the Visa rate published here: $335.20 before bank fees. The ANZ rate is for currency exchanges processed by the bank, I think, I am not an expert at forex.

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    I ordered two and received my receipt from paypal. A little concerned that the payment was made to [email protected]

    It also says that I've made an eCheque bank payment. Should we be concerned?

    Usually if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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    I got charged $335. No email from Collier. Only got an email from paypal

    • Check your spam folder, mine went there.

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        Nothing in spam as well

        • The more I look the dodgier it gets.
          OP is new member, no posts/comments. Said he found code on "Styleforum" - I searched there couldn't find anything.
          The CollierBristow site looks dodgey.

    • I received a confirmation email within 1 minute of ordering.

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      I havnt received any confirmation and payed by Credit Card. I checked my spam/junk folders, and still nothing.

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    Damn I hope I can get to a shop to find my size before these sell out!

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      considering this deal has being going on since 2016 im guessing they wont sell out

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        Comfort model of what i was looking at sold out but all is well! They still had the leather soled option.

        • I mean they will get them in again probably

  • arnt these generally avail in Aus for $360 or close?? (without looking) - from memory there was an online retailer. ….and wouldnt that provide better return and warranty service?

    • my bad - $450 seems to be the current Aus sale price - i think i was thinking seconds quality at $350 or something.

    • $405 from nungar.

    • Nungar Trading or similar?

  • £179.99 GBP delivered, through this deal.
    $485 for the same pair at Nungar trading (with 10-12 wk wait).

    Thanks OP!

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    If anyone is wondering about sizing my correct size in air Jordans and Florsheims is a US12.5. I got fitted in store today and apparently am an 11 UK/AU in RM sizes. I thought I had relatively wide feet and was surprised. Youll definitely need to go in store for a fitting if you haven't bought these before.

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      Yeah the sizing is interesting. I tend to wear a pair of UK11 and went in to try them on only to find I'm a 9.5 in their sizing…

      Annoyed that the Chinchilla Chelsea's seem to be more expensive for the 9.5 sizing!

  • Price is coming up with £234.99
    on paypal!

    Did I miss the boat?

  • Yep, tried a few combos with size 11.5 and it's coming up at £234.99. Expired.

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      Worked for me just now… did you try the code? The prices vary by shoe size

      NOT EXPIRED: Just applies 50% off.

      • You're right, clearly didn't try enough! Description/title should probably be updated.

      • Did you get a confirmation email?

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    Damn the comfort craftsman in chestnut are gone

  • Where to try these on?

    I must get the size right before i buy!

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    Before I left work this deal didn't seem very popular, plenty of varieties and sizes left…cpl hours later and its been ozbargained! Craftsman is too square for my liking but for this price I would have made do.

    • It really is a shame :(

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    The website has gone kaput hahah

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    Has anyone still not got any confirmation or order number? I ordered yesterday but haven't got any email yet. Have sent an email to colliers but no reply

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      Also in this boat..

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        just got an email a few seconds ago saying there is a delay in confirmation as they had a crazy amount of orders yesterday…:)

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          haha, legend, thanks mate!

  • is anyone else having difficulty loading the website?
    Or selecting a size to add into cart?

  • So tried the code and says it is not valid? Anyone have any suggestions
    Also want size 9 F. How can you set the correct width ?

  • Hey I purchased some of these yesterday and didn’t get a confirmation email yet and tried their number but it rings out - anyone with any more luck? They haven’t responded to an email either so unsure if I should wait it out… to be fair it looks like they have been smashed with orders

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      I messaged them yesterday in their Instagram yesterday and they said that they've been smashed with orders and are working to get the confirmation emails out. So hopefully we get them soon

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        I just got my confirmation email after buying on Monday! Says tracking will be sent my way in the next 48 hours.

    • I ordered 2 pairs at the beginning of the deal 2 days ago. Money came straight out of my card, but only just got an email confirmation today (which included an apology for the delay)

  • Seriously, there would appear to have been a large number of orders just from OzB. If they fulfill all of those orders, big up to them.

  • Anyone care to comment on the suede versions ?

  • I bought some on Monday. Still haven’t recieved a confirmation email. Money came out of PayPal yesterday. Hoping to hear from them soon…..

    Ive got their suede rickaby style boots. Great boot. But take forever to break in. Same with the craftsman boot. But imho look balls with anything short of shorts.

    • Check your spam folder

      • Yeah I did. No luck :(