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[iOS, Android] up to 1,500 Free Frequent Flyer Points through The Qantas Wellness App (Physical Activity Required)


Found this Qantas app that accesses your phone's (or secondary device) health data and rewards Frequent Flyer points for you being active and/or exercising. You obviously do need to have a Frequent Flyer account to use it, but you can create one for free if necessary. After 28 days you can continue accruing reward points but it is at a reduced rate. You can also receive bonus points for referring friends to the app.


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150 Points for the referrer (up to 20 times) and referee for downloading the app. Details. Visit the referral URL above via a mobile device.

Health Insurance: random (39)

5000 points for referrer and referee on select products. Details

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    (physical activity required)

    requires work <> freebie

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      I got so. Excited until I saw the physical work required…

      What next?
      Breathing required!

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    I got into this a while ago, and after the initial month the points accumulated are reduced significantly, but they are still free points for just walking. It's been a good little points earner for me.

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      Not just good for getting points, also a really good incentive to get off your backside and do the steps each day.

      A couple of hacks:
      a) Set the number of steps fairly high and remember to drop them down to what you have already done before you go to bed. Maybe set a timer to remind you to do this.
      b) Last night I forgot to do my "weekly" points until after midnight. Was pretty dark on it but what I did was:
      - set my phone to airplane mode to stop communications
      - set my phone to manually pickup New York time
      - Brought up the app and set the steps to below the limit I had done that day.
      (It then took my steps for the (now previous) day.).
      - reset back to Melbourne time.
      c) Ensure you have your tracker with you when you go out to get your maximum points.
      d) Do the blood pressure, BMI, etc exercises to get more points.

  • With Qantas Assure, I was able to earn 1350 Points without tweaking anything. But had to workout hard and run/walk long distances. Using a smart watch is a good option.

  • Does anyone know what the reduced earn rate is like by any chance? Thanks

  • I took up deal with Qantas Assure Health cover when 120,000 points were on offer around 3 months ago. On 29/10, 90,000 points were transferred only. I have emailed Qantas Assure asking where the missing 30,000 points are. Did I miss something regarding the points on offer per cover selected as my cover is top Hospital for a couple?

  • Thanks OP. They’re offering free points for sleeping now too :)

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