This was posted 3 years 7 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Just Organic Firm Tofu 450g $2 (Usually $2.99) @ ALDI


decently priced firm tofu.

a couple of things I use this tofu for -
*cut into small cubes, fry in some butter/oil, eat with satay sauce.
*score the tofu with a fork, cover in marinade, bake.

Made from 100% organic Australian soybeans for a high protein meal accompaniment
■No added preservatives
■No artificial colours or flavours

the ones I bought last night have a use by date of 17 december 2018. will stock up.

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    Dang, that is cheap!
    Coles home brand 300G sells for $2.50 (I think) and that is a pretty good deal.
    And ALDI's is better IMO, so $2 for 450G is an absolute bargain ladies and gentlemen!

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    Tofu king cheap.

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    I'm not sure it's a weekly special? I think they've just lowered the price permanently. Tag from IG Post, hard to read though via ALDI Lovers IG.

    This tofu is quite good. Use to to make rice paper rolls like the ones they do at Roll'd. Just fry the tofu, cut into pieces, put into a rice paper along with vermicelli noodles/noodle sticks, coriander, toasted sesame seeds and then whatever flavours. I do a tuna & mayo one as it's easy but also one with just capisicum. But just put whatever you have laying around and it works.

    • Their website has:

      This October we’re celebrating our organic range by dropping the prices on selected organic goodness. So why not try it out? You might find a new favourite.

      Still unsure if that means just October, or if that's a permanent drop in prices?

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        Yep will only be this price for just october, aswell as all the other organic products that are sold.

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    Wow that's an awesome price!
    I like to do crunchy salt and pepper tofu, it's so easy just coat it in cornstarch with some salt n pepper, then deep fry and eat on it's own or with rice

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        But then it would just be deep-fried salt and pepper cornstarch…

    • You can also mix the salt, pepper and 5 spice together and sprinkle on the tofu after its deep fried, really yummy !

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    I did pick up a packet of this on the weekend at the new price. I didn't even think to come here and add a post :(

    FWIW, I prepare my tofu by cutting into small cubes and coating with a soy sauce/vinegar/garlic powder/onion powder mix and baking on a sheet in the oven at 220-250 C for maybe 30 mins while waiting for other vegies to finish baking. Result is slightly crispy and tasty without oil.

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      Nice! Finally someone that doesn't deep fry it 😂

      I do cubes, soy sauce (low sodium) garlic, rice wine(Just a dash) and a touch of honey. Marinate for an hour or so, repeat if it soaks it all up for double flavour!

      Teriyaki sauce isn't too bad either. Just watch the salt content…

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    Recently, in a fit of laziness, I cut the remains of a block into the size of really fat chips and bunged then straight in the oven. Turned out quite crunchy and toothsome.

    I also highly reccommend the deep freeze and defrost method to make a spongy sauce gobbling mass of viseral goodness.

    Hope it's a permanent reduction, ALDI is my only decently priced source of tofu.

  • That's cheaper than even the local Asian grocery. Will give it a try.

  • Good price. Beats my local Korean groceries store which has been selling a Pulmuone brand for $2 per 290g.

  • Picked a block up a few weeks back, I believe this is the new price. Will encourage me to get in there a bit more regularly. They also have black beans tins at 75cents now which is awesome!

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    Firm tofu yum

  • +9

    I have my tofu delivered by some kid in a Toyota Trueno AE86.


    • +8

      I initially didn't get what you were talking about, but I think I get your drift now.

      • tofu is great. so versatile that its hard to tyre from it

      • Eurobeats intensify

    • +2

      I can read some Japanese, but had no idea about the manga association with that particular model of car. I just thought there was a tofu shop in my town that for some reason employed an enormous fleet of 80s toyota sh*tboxes to do their deliveries for them.

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    i like bouncy tofu , feels more natural when you squeeze it

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      Like bags of sand

    • Agreed! Thought I was alone on this one ahaha

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    Thanks for the info OP! It looks like Aldi has cut a lot of prices off their Organic range.
    For those that want a peek:

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      This October we’re celebrating our organic range by dropping the prices on selected organic goodness.

      Makes me think this is just a month-long sale and not a new everyday price

      • ohh, that's disappointing.

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        Yep month long sale only.

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    Weight the block! You'll be surprised, it's 500g (530g with water and package) :-)

    • You weighed your tofu?

      • +3

        No, he weight it

        • Wait for him to answer

    • This tofu block is an absolute unit

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    This is the best price on tofu at the moment, especially with it being organic. Better than the Asian shops now (equivalent blocks would be at least $3 in most Chinese grocers) and by far better than Colworths. Will be interesting to see if others follow suit.

    Prices for tofu in Aus are ridiculous, you can buy blocks for 50 yen in Japan. Somehow it manages to cost nearly as much as beef in Australia.

    • +3


      There's three major players and they all lose if they compete on price.

    • I guess demand isn't high enough that the production can't ramp up to the volume needed for smaller margins like in East Asian countries?

    • If you go to a popular Chinese groceries store, called TANG on Russell street in Melbourne CBD (China town), you will be able to buy a 500g Tofu for $2.7 (expiry date is about 2 weeks).

  • Absolutely loveeee tofu!!! But the supermarket ones have a particular feel to it that never did it for me. Idk its always like more dense
    There's one at the Asian shops I buy that has a clear packaging and "Transoya" printed in blue. I'd rate this one highly

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    Fresh Tofu has max.7days of use by date.
    Some has only 3days or so after manufactured.
    So I think lots of Preservative is in there.

    • I know what you mean. I lived in Japan and over there tofu had a shelf life of days. However the packaging says no preservatives

    • Preservative free, ingredients are only soybean extract and magnesium chloride. Shelif life probably due to refrigration and packaging. I am going to stock up a few blocks to freeze, makes a spongy chewy textured product (actually a thing in japanese shojin ryori cuisine "kori dofu").

  • Ozbargain often asked if I'd like steak or tofu while waiting for page to load. this just made my mind up

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      Steak for sure! :D

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      eating tofu instead would be misteak.

  • I do not like Tofu. But great deal who does

  • That's cheap

  • Makes this far close to my local Asian Grocer which sells 900g at $3.50

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    Aldi has the best firm tofu.

    My favourite meal is scrambled tofu (vegan version of scrambled eggs).

    • Drain the liquid and remove moisture from the block
    • Slice the block into strips/chunks
    • Place into a large bowl and crumble with your hand
    • Add a dash of black salt (gives egg taste/texture)
    • Add black pepper
    • Add a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
    • Add four table spoons of nutritional yeast
    • Mix until it looks like scrambled eggs
    • Add a little plant-based milk
    • Fry till warm in a frying pan (or microwave if lazy like me)
    • Add more plant-based milk if you prefer a less crumbly texture
    • Serve with toast, mushrooms etc.
    • Drown it in BBQ sauce


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