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Q Acoustics 3010 Bookshelf Speakers - $199 (RRP $399; Last Sold $299) + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ RIO Sound and Vision



Our last promo for the Q Acoustics 3020 speakers was so popular that RIO have decided to now drop the price on the Q Acoustics 3010 Bookshelf Speakers to $199!! This sale is only on for 3 days or until stocks last and expires this Sunday so don't miss out on this incredible bargain!

This is your last chance to get the 2017 Q Acoustics 3010 Bookshelf speakers- No rainchecks, No extended offers, No lay-by- it's first in best dressed once again!

Limited availability in ALL colours.

As a 100% Authorised Australian Dealer, buy from RIO with peace of mind with a full 5 year Australia-Wide Warranty.

When putting your order through online, specify in the 'Order Notes' your colour preference in order from 1-4 (1 being the highest). We will try to give you your preferred colour, however with limited stock left we may not be able to if you don't get in quick. If we have sold out we will give you your second colour preference unless otherwise specified.

Our last deal was so popular that we sold out of most colours so don't wait too long to grab these in your preferred colour while you still can!

EDIT: If you're having issues accessing our website please call one of our stores to arrange your purchase

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    • The JBLs would be more comparable to the 3020s than the 3010s when looking at the specs, however like mentioned below the JBLs use different inputs so not sure if that will make a difference for you :)

  • Hello, can anyone please share how does this speakers connected to tv or computers?
    I am interested but no clue how it works~~ a bit lost….

    • +1

      These are passive rather than active speakers.
      This means they don't have an amplifier inside them so you'll need to connect them with speaker wire to an amplifier/receiver.

    • As mentioned below, these speakers will need to be connected to an amplifier/receiver with speaker cable, and the amplifier will connect to your TV/computer :)

  • Hi guys, can anyone comment on how these compare to the pioneer SPBS22LR bookshelf speakers?

    • I'd rather not :)

      Not a fan of paying more for something with A Jones name on the rear,but that's just me.

      They are popular and Pioneer's specs look good.

      Suspect 3010 might be better constructed. Dunno.

      • Thanks Dave, I bought the pioneers at $119 and was wondering if these were a worthy upgrade.

        • You're laughing.


          • @Dave Id: Yep, I bought them brand new from this store actually at $119. I take it from your reaction, I'd be better off just keeping my current setup?

            • @iamblaq: Yep.

              Well done :)

              Edit. Ah …. early 2014.

              Used to recommend Rio on Whirlpool,mainly Pioneer AVRs.

              Still have one unopened myself :)

  • What is the different between 3010 & 3020? mainly just power/volume?

    • Pretty much yep. The 3020's have a bigger bass unit, slightly better frequency response, and higher sensitivity. Not a huge amount but can definitely hear the difference between the two models :)

    • +1

      2dB sensitivity is a fair bit.

      Purchased both as laptop PC speakers to play FLACs when online. Down sizing.

      Don't expect to notice a lot of difference.

      3010 @ $199 simply too good to pass on.

  • How does this compare to Edifier R1280T?

    • An amplifier is required for 3010,so you're looking at another $100 + roughly,making the R1280T around half the price.
      Depends what you have mapped out for the future.

  • Is the walnut one is not real wood right?

    missed last 3020 deal, might have to end up with 3010 :'(

    • +1

      The Walnut is the colour of the finish, it is not solid walnut wood. :)

      • +3

        Walnot :)

  • Got a reasonably steady setup that will last me for a while. But also read these postings to keep informed on HiFi trends AND the humour …. Ozbargain Audiophiles .. thank you !!

  • OzBargain strikes again, I'll be broke by Xmas at this rate.

  • Any special for the speaker and amp combo?

  • How do I hook up these and a active sub with stereo source? I mean what kinds of amplifier/receiver (typical or minimum) do I need?

    Edit: prefer simple setup, not full size 7.1 receiver system..

  • Hi,

    May I please ask if this loudspeaker directly connects a desktop?

    What does it use for connection? bluetooth or a plug-in cable?


  • price is still active

    • The price should have gone back up by now… it will change some time today (most likely within the next hour) so grab them while you still can at this price!!

      • Haven't got rid of them all yet :)

  • hi Rep,
    are you going to have a special for 3090c soon as well?

    • Not not until you eat all your ….. um,maybe when these are all sold :}

    • Shh!


      Link doesn't seem to work,however Radio Parts are selling the white ones on eBay @ $333 less 20% delivered.

      Dan doesn't price match eBay.

      • ha, thankx Dave. I knew about the deal above as well :), was wondering if they are going take another 100 dollars off the price haha.

        • Perish the thought :(

          Got 5 dislikes for a similar idea.

          What do you think this ….. OzBargain ….. or Funky Dan's Crazy Run Out Sale …..

        • Even Dell online store doesn’t price match their own Ebay prices.

          • @vooz: I noticed that when purchasing last year :)

  • i need some help please! could these be used as a second pair on a topaz sr20 receiver? the receiver says Note: When using two pairs of speakers, use speakers with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms each. my front floor standing speakers are 8ohm. does this mean i could only use them separately since these are 6ohm? also the receiver is 100w

    • +1

      I wouldn't risk it personally.

      You are no doubt running expensive floor standers that would drown these out.

      Might get away with A B switching if available.

      Not worth the risk.

      Congrats on your choice of amplifier :)

      • Thanks for the advice. There is switching but that seems pointless if the speakers are in the same room. Might have to get a new amp and use these on the tv. The SMSL someone posted above looks alright.

        Just got sent the tracking number for them

  • When will these start shipping? Can't wait to try them out!

    • They are pretty good and will email you with a tracking link.

      I'm in the bush and am expecting mine tomorrow,having been sent yesterday.

    • If you haven't received a tracking number yet you will receive one in the next couple of days :)

      As you can imagine we had a large number of orders to process so we are trying to get them out as quickly as possible

      • Still waiting for tracking. Are you still shipping?

        • You should have received your tracking number by now. If not please send me a private message with your full name and I'll locate the tracking details for you :)

  • +2

    Just received mine! The white looks really lovely. I just need a suitable amp to go with them.

    • +1

      Rigged 3020s up to an SMSL AD18 amp using an XDuoo X3 FLAC player this afternoon.

      Really sounds nice. Nice as in brings a smile to my face. Nice as in I want to just sit there and listen to music.

      Prolly rig the 3010s up to a Lepy amp that's been hanging around for several years. Bedroom.

      Both setups will mainly be used with laptops. Downsizing.

      Really very happy. Excellent detail. I'm not a basshead unless listening to movies so the AVR,etc will get a rest.

      Anyway,I'm going back out the sunroom to listen to my new toys :)

      Thanks FunkyDan!

  • +1

    Received mine, happy with the walnut colour!

  • Unfortunately I missed this offer ╮(╯▽╰)╭

    • Unfortunately we cant replicate this offer however we currently have a sale on where you can get a further 10% off the current price so you can get a pair for $269.10… better than paying the $299 price.

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