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20% off 43 Selected Home & Garden Stores @ eBay


Starts 10am Oct 23. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Participating Stores:

Allphones Online
Bedroom Direct
Chalet Online
Garage Remotes
GraysOnline Australia
Hobby Warehouse
Homeware Clearance
KG Electronic
Klika Living
Klika Trade
Knives online
Life AU
Linen Dreams
Lucky Pet Supplies
Manchester Factory
Mount Media Posters and Prints
No Frills
Outbax Camping
Ozplaza living
Planet Linen
Princess Trade
Sello Products
Shopping Express Outlet
Sony Australia
Tech Mall
The Climbing Fig
Time2shop Australia
Value Central
Victoria's Basement
Videopro Australia

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      That was blazing fast BlazinPast.

    • +13

      This man should be paid.

      • +31

        There's nothing stopping you sending him a pm & getting his bank details.

    • +10

      My man (Denzel style).

      • +2

        My man (I like them any style ;) )

    • get around him

    • +1

      Very impressive!

    • +1

      legend, the "I came here just for the search link comment" didn't even stand a chance!

    • -1

      how do you make the link?

  • +3

    Someone quickly whip up a search link. Need to add Shit to my cart. Shit I don't need.

    • +1

      they call him forumninja

      • +1

        crap I meant BlazinPast

  • +1

    Jack Sparrow has returned

  • +1

    Good chance to use the 10% gift cards from the ebay UK deal

  • +4

    When are we going to have "First Choice Liquor" listed? Awaiting desperately to get drunk

  • -1

    Hello Mr Jack… where are you?

    • +1

      how can i help you

    • +1

      Bottom of the ocean.

  • Well atleast Futu doesn't need to drop their prices :)

    • Well they can't raise them again.

      • From my memory, most of these sellers haven't jacked their prices for years…..
        Prob with all the 20% frequent promotions, no need to lower them to normal

  • Victoria's Basement

    No longer secret?

    • +13

      This one is more leather and less lace…

  • +1

    Is it the same sellers every time? Certainly looks like it.

  • Price jacking starts now….oh wait, not really since "PODCAST" will expire just today.

  • +3

    HobbyWarehouse is adept keeping their eBay prices 20% above their own website, you don't find any bargains.

    • Not always - but when they don't markup over their website prices they sell out FAST. Bought the Technic Rough Terrain Crane at 35% off RRP in one ebay sale, managed to unfortunately buy just after their stock hit 0, but kept it on back-order because the price was so good.

  • +1

    Yup, looking at unimac air fram nailer currently $149 at Edison's, wonder if itll get price jacked before this?

    • +1

      buy now and use coupon & pay when it's active

      • Wants immediate payment n check out.

  • +1

    Next code will be JACK-POT

    • And after that, WACKO JACKO pls.

      • he's dead Jim!

  • what should I buy?

    • Some pot plants?


    Assume someone has deals on Grow Lamps ;-)

  • I can set my watch to these sales.

    • +8

      What kind of watch do you own?

    • Wouldn't it be beeping everyday ?

  • -1

    Awww no airpods :-(

      • +1

        Does it work if I've already signed up for ebay plus?

        • Yep works fine. I ordered some this morning.

    • You could get OW to pricematch Umart for $185 :)

      • Ohhh I will try this OW pricematch, I haven't tried a price match with them in a while. Although now I hear AirPods 2 might be announced, the OZB in me is thinking I should wait a little bit.

  • Thanks TA. You did once again.

    Desperately waiting for Zzz Atelier Mattress sale for my soon to come father :) fingers cross. In hope for the sale to come before he does.

    • Is it good mattress?

      • +1

        I bought one for my master room. It is amazing and great value for money. Now looking another one for guest room and waiting for discount offer on them.

      • Yes

      • +1

        excellent, I have had mine for 7 months.

  • +1

    Very pleased with this, because the 28 degrees new price protection insurance kicks in this week also :)

    • cheers, waiting till tomorrow :)

  • For all the sous vide enthusiasts out there, there should be some good deals for polycarbonate containers (cambros) from Nisbets provided they don't price jack.

    • +1

      Better deals through their own site currently which I've posted.

  • +1

    Anyone selling google home hub for 20%off tomorrow?

  • Jack climbs up up and vows never to go down again…

  • +3

    Just the one “price jacking” comment.

    Either it’s a slow day on ozbargain or we’re so used to price jacking eBay sales we simply don’t care anymore…

    • We're used to it and don't care

  • +9

    Not the BS again… give us sitewide!

    • +1

      Agreed , however sadly eg. 10% sitewide only enough to cover GST jack .

  • +1
  • Checked the list but couldn't find any Iphone X, any of these stores sells iPhone X?

  • Good information OP.

  • +10

    I'm still waiting for 43% off 20 stores, and also for my dad to come back.

    • +3

      Keep checking Ebay - maybe your dad will turn up on Ebay too :D

  • +9

    Sydneytec Price jacking is jaw dropping….check their eBay store

  • +2

    141 likes so far without one bargain

    • +2

      Related deals cannot be posted before 23/10

  • Any Hero 7 Blacks from these stores

  • Hi all,

    Looking at getting a TV from one of the sellers, there's a great price on a 65 inch as it says it's Manufacturer Refurbished, but only comes with a 3 month warranty.

    Are manufacturer refurbishes pretty reliable generally? Also I see people often talking about how under ACL if anything major goes wrong within the first 2-3 years they essentially have to fix it if you press them about it, is this true of refurbished products?

    • I bought a refurbed monitor, some of the minor functions did not work, including USB ports, I worked around this but I'd rather buy second hand than refurbed now.

      • Yeh I was reading up on it a bit and it's sounding risky, especially because I was looking at an OLED, so just gonna buy one new.

        Thanks for your help though.

        • Buy one new mate, as you will get 1yr Manufacture warranty plus up to 4-6 years extra as part of ACL :) Heard some horror stories from Grays Warehouse selling refurb LG's

          • @solidussnake: Great thanks for the advice, assumed it was risky especially with something like a TV, so i'll just hold off until Black Friday.

            Also could you just clarify how you're able to get 4-6 years extra with ACL, as I'm not familiar really familiar with ACL and that seems like an insane timeframe to be covered for haha.

            • @Deal deGrasse Tyson: In a nutshell its the expected life of a product for how much you paid and that you have guarantees/rights as a consumer and that resellers will have to provide you with warranty/repairs that happen outside the 1 year manufacture warranty. Example say I bought a $15k tv I would expect at least 10 years of it working as for say a $200 tv i would expect 2-3 years thats kinda what they base it on.

  • -2

    Looking for External Hard drive above 2TB?

    • +6

      That's nice

    • I'm looking for a 3TB Hard drive. I got an External 2TB from office works last week for $70.

  • Can anyone recommend a decent phone in the 250-350 range?

    • +1

      Xiaomi Mi Max 3

  • +5

    Lately I have been ignoring all of the x% off selected eBay stores because of the rampant price jacking. Getting to be a bit of a joke and not worth posting.

    Have any stores changed their tune and providing non jacked deals?

  • +1

    Come on Ebay, just apply this to your permanent prices, it's 20% 2 time every month wth !
    Also just 10% all item every month….r u really in this hard situation?

    Soon that Chinese seller no more free ship to US , we will see more flooding AU market, wait for the price drop guys

  • So Sony only sell refurbished wireless Bluetooth nc through their eBay?

  • Is this the time when we see a price drop on the LG V30?

  • Not an mSATA drive in sight. Wasn't any on last weeks sale either. Damn.

    • yea out of stock @ Futu
      I need one to replace my XPS12 drive, keeps locking up and rebooting @ random

  • +2

    Lego 60197 Train 2018 city jack from $186 to $219.
    even $186 with 20% off is almost same price as Bigw ($149).

  • hey tightarse, any computer alliance deals coming soon?

    • +4

      wouldnt be tight if info leaks out

      • Lol yeah i suppose you are right

  • First post here…just a thought,
    Could you use this with the flybuys deal and then sign up to ebay plus and get 3 months of stan and $20 ebay voucher for a thirty day free trial as well???

  • Can someone check if this code can be applied to this item ?

    It tell me “this code can’t be applied to your order”

    Edit: my bad, figured out that my eBay account isn’t registered on

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