What Is The Most Efficient Way to Use QFF Points?

I am close to 150,000 QFF Points. I travel here and there and I am wondering what people found to be the best use of their points.

Everyone loves a cheeky poll so please vote

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    Flight purchases
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    Flight upgrades
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    Purchases (electronics, iPhones etc)
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    Other (please specify)


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    Business/First class flights tend to give you the best value for your points

    • Don't you have to pay a ridiculous amount of taxes?

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        It depends on which airline you are flying with and where you are flying to. Taxes on Qantas flights or flights to the US are always very high.

        They are much lower on flights with Cathay and JAL to Asia - as an example I recently flew Japan Airlines business class Sydney to Tokyo which I booked as a classic reward flight using my Qantas points - one way the flight cost me $136 in taxes.

      • Define "ridiculous"

        Business return MEL to SFO is about $1000 in taxes.

        Buying flights or upgrading is easily the best way to spend your points.

        Buying things from the Qantas store is a terrible way.

        Selling points is against the terms and conditions of QFF and many other programs.

  • Anyone ever bought a brand new iphone using QFF points?

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      You would get more value by selling your points on Ozbargain for a little over 1 cent per point.

      For example the iPhone XS Max is 276k points on the Qantas store and is worth $1800. Equates to you getting $0.0064 of value per point.

      Points on Ozbargain often sell for 1.3 cents per point, which means the same 276k points could have been sold here for $3,500 - almost enough to buy 2 of the same phone

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  • Last minute domestic trips for family emergency/flight cancellations etc. Costs around 10k points each way for flights that would frequently cost $200+ so can add up to big savings plus the peace of mind when you're in a stressful situation.

    • Would I be correct in saying that domestic Qantas points do not attract the same taxes?

      • Taxes are calculated by the airport you fly to not Qantas.

        International flights are much better value, but you need to choose where to fly.

        LHR, for example, has high taxes. Flying into CDG (if you are going to Paris on the same trip for example) doesn't cost as much.

        • Incorrect.
          I am with Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific), and when I searched for flight redemption last year to Tokyo, Cathay Pacific and JAL came in very cheap in taxes. While QANTAS was more than double.
          All were to arrive at Narita.

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    Would say flight upgrades but it's very dependent on your airline status + need to have at least a flexi fare (on Qantas).

    From what I've seen, purchases are by far the worst use

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    Anyone done the round the world trip with Qantas points? I think it was 140k using oneworld

    • 140k for economy or better value at 280k for business, plenty of info over at Australian Frequent Flyer forums.

      Last year, the missus and I went around the world in business class for 287k points + $500 taxes each (280k points + 2 x change fees @ 3.5k each)

  • 150,000 points can get you a nice Business class seat somewhere - Cathay Pacific has low taxes and you could go to Hong Kong return or one way to Europe, all in Business Class, plus taxes less than $100 per person each flight.

  • Thanks everyone. Has anyone had experience selling before?

    How does it work and is it considered risky?

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