Any Good Ps4/Xbox One Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle Deals?

gunna pick up a ps4 or xbox one for red dead, just not sure whats a good deal for it atm, any suggestions, ps4 seems to have the better games but xbox cheaper & has game pass so looking to spend like 550 give or take, no idea whats good tho, help please lol


    • thanks :) any ps4 bundles out there aswell?

      • JB also have a ps4 bundle with RDR2 for $479. Not a pro though. The Xbox one X is great value at $499 with the 3 games (doubles as a 4K player if that is any interest to you).

        Really is just what platform you want to invest in for any future game(s).

        • does ps4 now not work in australia? also is it north worth getting regular ps4 over ps4 pro?

  • If you can't think of what you want from PS4, then Xbox is the one to go, better hardware, more resolution support, Freesync if your monitor supported, PC Xbox dual platform on some games, better media player app, also can play 4k BD.

    • doubt i'll invest into a 4k tv and such for bit more years now, fine with normal tv, does the xbox x make games look better/ run higher frames then the xbox s?

      • Different resolutions depending on the console

        Xbox One - 864p
        PS4 - 1080p
        PS4 Pro - 1920 x 2160 upscaled to 4k
        Xbox One X - 4k

        • think i might get a ps4/ps4 pro then, any 1 have any good deals with red dead or ps4 pro thats cheap and i can get red dead on the side

          • @wahush: The cheapest pro atm is on amazon. With 10% cashback on cash rewards. No bundles. And there havent been any deals on the pro for ages. I just pulled the trigger yesterday because i got tired of waiting but there could be black sales in a month or so or wait until Christmas possibly

            • @Wildozer: thanks, i'll keep eye on site for a deal then, hopefully pro bundle around 500, appreciate the help guys

              • @wahush: The One X will run Red Dead at a super sharp 1080p on a 1080p screen.

                Much better value than any PS4 bundle right now unless you're desperate for the PS4 exclusives, but it sounds like you've convinced yourself you want the PlayStation.

                In which case, the Pro is possibly not worth the additional cost over the base model especially if you don't have a 4ktv.

                In terms of power and game performance/fidelity (for the same title across all platforms) it goes as such:
                XB1X >> PS4 Pro > PS4 > XB1S > XB1

              • @wahush: Also worth noting if you plan to use it as more than just a games console, the PS4 supports Blu Ray and DVD Playback, while all Xbox consoles support Blu Ray, DVD and CD. The One X and One S also support 4k Blu Ray.


    If there are, you can be sure they'll be posted here - use the search function.

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