Linksys EA9200 Won't Connect + Suggestion for New Router

Hi guys,

I'm having issues with my router in that my devices randomly won't connect to it. Some does, and some doesn't. It's not very consistent which one gets connected.
Not sure what is the cause of this. And it can happen to the one connected by Ethernet or WiFi. The only solution is to reboot it. And then it repeat after a few hours. I have about 10-12 devices at home.

Reading online I found other people with the same issue I had.
I haven't much experience with claiming warranty with Linksys. Would I have to spend out of pocket shipping costs?

If I decided to replace this router, what would be the best reliable option?
Not really after something super fast and cool, just reliable (last years and years). My budget is a bit tight: only $100.

Thanks in advance!


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