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½ Price Skype Gift Cards, 3 Month Xbox Gold Gift Card $14.97 @ Woolworths


½ Price Skype Gift Cards

  • Skype Gift Card $10 value for $5
  • Skype Gift Card $25 value for $12.50

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    Any more details on the Xbox Live cards? They seem like the cream in this deal.

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    How long do the 3 month passes last without being used?
    Can I buy 4 and use them over the year?
    Can I buy 8 and use them over two years?

    • They should stack if you redeem them all at once.

    • Xbox Live Gold cards don't actually have expiry dates. Apparently some countries have laws against expiry dates on gift cards, so Microsoft doesn't enforce that anywhere.

  • No doubt a stupid question but are you able to use these if you have a Skype subscription? If I have credit on my Skype account through applying a gift card to my account, would that then be used rather than a charge made against the credit card I added when activating the subscription?

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      It’s same recharge from gift card and credit card.

      • Thank you kind Sir! Looks like I'll be buying some gift cards then!

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    International calls sorted for Christmas and new year.

  • They used to have adrenaline cards as well. Haven't seen them for a while.

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    Great deal on both. Thanks to the OP for posting this.

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    Pro tip for those buying these today as well:

    Each time you redeem one of these 3 months XBL cards, make sure you opt to turn recurring billing on – you'll get one month extra for free.

    Turn it off after you redeem, redeem a new code and opt to turn it back on etc. With 4 cards (to cover a year), you'll get another 4 months worth of XBL for free. So that 16 months for $59.88. :)

    • Thanks for that!! Got 12 months for $45!

    • So where are you redeeming to get the extra month free?

      I'm asking as I just bought an Xbox One S for the kids for Xmas. I haven't unpacked the Xbox or activated my account on it.

      I have a Microsoft account where it looks like you can redeem offers or does it have to be on the Xbox?

      I have 3x 3mth cards and 2x3mth digital vouchers.

      • You redeem the codes through Microsoft's website:


        If you use the recurring billin trick, you will need to add payment details (PayPal or MC/AMEX).

    • $3.74 per month….awesome, Thanks OP

  • Tried two different stores. They don't have the Skype gift cards

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      I checked 3 different stores - no Skype cards at all. Had a chat with staff in 2 of them and they don't even expect to get them.

      • Thanks mate. The hunt continues

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          I found Skype gift cards in Woolworths Sydney TownHall.

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