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LG OLED55B7T 55" OLED UHD Smart TV $1299 @ Myer (In-Store Only)


Found it in store at my local Myer. Evidently there is a fair bit of display stock available around the country.

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    i think this might be the cheapest on record?

    • And maybe selling below cost.. reckon ?

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    Waaaait. A $1300 OLED? what's the trick?

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        Never had an issue with LG for few decades.

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        You do realise that LG makes all the OLED panels?

    • Limited stock. ;)

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    Display model?

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      If it is, I would NOT recommend it

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        Why did you upvote this?

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          Oled have burn in and other issues if not used 'properly', having them on display mode over a long period of time will only exasperate it. that's the down side to OLEDs amazing contrast.

          I suggest you do a little searching.

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            @Hashstrid: So why did you up vote this?

            • @spiff: It's a great price and I wasn't 100% sure it is/was display model

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            @Hashstrid: I think you mean exacerbate.
            But I guess it could get burn in(furiations)
            Thanks for the heads up with burn in. I’m still rocking a plasma.

            • @Filbert: you are correct sir, thank you.

              I have that exact TV myself and love it. I treat it nicely though.

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            @Hashstrid: If it is a display model you can check for burn in by simply (1) opening your eyes, (2) powering on your brain and (3) focusing eyes at screen.

            No guessing required, and best of all step 1 and 2 of this amazing technique can be used to diagnose many issues - electronic and non-electronic.

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              @Charity: Have an upvote from me.

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        Step 1. Ask them to show it on a completely red screen (any of the marvel netflix shows/movies have a red screen)
        Step 2. See if there are any burn in issues
        Step 3. Profit?

  • wtf OLED??

  • 100+ upvotes here we come

  • Can vouch that is is a very good TV

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    Almost too good to be true?

    May as well price match/pay less guarantee with Good Guys before these sell out

    • +1

      Anyone willing to give it a go with TGG?

    • +1

      Yeah this is last years stock any sane company would have cleared out by now..

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    Surely there is no stock left of this… right?
    Also display model OLED might not be the best idea. I suppose you can check for burn-in beforehand.

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    Definitely price error and is $2199 instead

  • B7 vs C8?

    • Bad image retention

    • C8 has black frame insertion. Check it out.

    • +1

      Not a fair comparison

      it should be B7 vs C7

      C8 is this year's TV and includes other features including Google Assistant integration

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    Surely this is a scam!

  • Not online ?

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    Just got a further 10% off the display one at Joondalup WA.

    • Anymore left?

    • Check for burnout as they are usually turned on 8 hrs a day for at least 18 months

    • Damn lucky you.. congrats

    • +2

      Can you post up your receipt please.

    • That's deal of the year right there.

  • Having purchased a display model OLED screen (65" Panasonic from Costco), please check for burn-in on static colour images. The one I purchased has '4K Ultra HD' logos burnt into the corners that's rather annoying, but livable for day to day watching. On whites and blues, it's not obvious but really pops on red/purple/green colours.

    I didn't notice it in store, as the looping footage had the logo on the footage hence it wasn't obvious at the time.

    (NB, I'll return mine when new models get under $3000 for a 65" thanks to the Costco return policy and not wanting to be too much out of pocket for a new tv).

    • The return policy does not work, they tell you to contact the manufacturer to get a refund authorisation.

  • https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-tv-575970670

    $2499 out of stock online.

  • Omg! Insane price if you could get one

  • +2

    Damn, wish this was the B6. I'd really like a 4K model that had 3D support and this was the year they stopped making them.

    • +14

      Mate, 3D died years ago.

      • Still plenty of 3D blu rays being released and lots of 3D being used with 360 VR content too, so it’s far from dead. I’d just prefer to have a TV that hasn’t gone backwards in its feature set; the B6 is just as good as the B7 with the added bonus of 3D.

        • That's why I've got 2 3D HDD Blu-ray players Samsung and LG (one still brand new in box ) from the Dick Smith liquidation sale I bought for $30 each

    • +1

      Same here passive 4K 3D would be awesome

    • B6 didn’t have 3D - only the curved C6 or the (E?)6

      • Nope, B6 had it as well.

        • Nope, it didn’t. I’d have bought it if it did. I got the C6 instead.

          • @bern1992: Apologies, just double checked you’re absolutely right. I don’t know why I was so sure it had 3D too; must have been confusing it with the E6 like you said.

            • +1

              @mr_me450: I just didn’t want you sourcing a B6 and being disappointed! I was torn about the C6 being curved, don’t even notice it now. Glad I didn’t spend the extra for the E6 just to have it flat.

  • That was quick, all gone in WA

    • How do you know?

      • Talk with the Myers sales person, last one sold in Joondalup

        • +1

          Lol, blame lansalot.

          • @HighAndDry: so basically it was the only one?

            • +1

              @chriise: Well, someone else might've gotten one earlier. But honestly this seems like an EoL clearance sale, so very likely only one or two units max at any location.

  • Unreal price! 6% off myer gift cards if you have RACQ rewards membership as well.

    Anyone know if theres a max number of gift cards you can use in one transaction?

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    Okay I rang my local the only stores she could find in nsw close to central coast were Sydney City, Liverpool, Dubbo and one more store I can't recall off the top of my head. Good luck to those who get one :)

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    That is an amazing price for this TV.

    But if this is a display stock, think twice about it. OLED's are fantastic. Picture quality, colors are next level. But one drawback is Screen Burn. If you leave a static image on screen for long hours, that will cause (in extreme cases) irrecoverable screen burns. Apparently, that is how OLED technology works. If it is a temporary screenburn, it kind of self heals (thanks to LG). But, in some instances Screen Burns are permanent. If showrooms keep them turned on for longer hours (which is true in most cases), it can cause screen burns.

    Source of information : I am using same model.

    • too late to think now. most chasing what branch has stocks.

  • So who bought $1k in gift cards from Woolworths in anticipation of something like this?

    • I bought 2k to use for Christmas pressies but now thinking should have bought more lol. Local Woolies had plenty of the $200 cards.

  • +9

    In the whole of Australia:

    • Ballarat
    • Hyde Point
    • Melbourne City
    • Marion
    • Petrie Plaza
    • Parramatta
    • Liverpool
    • Sydney City
    • Dubbo
    • Canberra City
    • +1

      Liverpool have none. Called them 20 min ago
      Parramatta have one display model, sales guy recommends you come and see it before you put it on hold

      • Their stock system must be slow updating to other stores. That was from a check about 2 minutes before I posted.

    • +1

      Sydney City only have one display model left.

    • Thanks - this needs to be in the description!

    • Melbourne is out too

  • Nothing left in WA not even display models.

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    Nothing stock in Victoria unfortunately

    • +1

      Just picked up the display stock from Ballarat

      • +1

        Wow what a sale! I was about to ring them up. Was that the last one?

        • Yeah unfortunately the last one! Been on display for 6 months so feeling a bit nervous about this one!

  • Love LG oled TV

    • +3

      u can rly see da blacks and gr8 4 cardoons

      btw let me back in da cricket team

  • can we price match ?

    • Without stock, probably not.

  • +2

    FYI no stock @ ACT canberra centre

    • Ta. Saved me even thinking about asking the wife

      • +2

        You thought about it. Don't lie.

        • +5

          At this price, i'm not asking

  • +12

    so who actually bought one? Or are we all getting in on the mindless positive votes like it's an ebay 'sale' :)

  • Sign of things to come?

  • +1

    Newcastle store dont have none either

    • +7

      So they have some?

      • Said they don't :S

  • insane price…

  • +8


    • I really thought they made up that word for Avatar. Sounded suitably lame.

      Nope… Check Wikipedia if curious ;)

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    Picked up the last display model from Ballarat

  • -3

    "Offer ends 2 December 2018" Maybe they'll get more in? :)

    • +2

      Get more display stock in? Unlikely… probably that's when they're shipping unsold units back to their distributor.

  • +5

    display stock for oled would be a NO

    • +2

      I'd just say no to any display model TV. Those things are on for 12 hours a day for how many months.

      • +1

        Even worse with these

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    As people have already mentioned, check for burn in, it is most visible when the screen is displaying white, so try and pause the screen on a white background and check the four corners for logo ghosting, the chances of being affected are extremely high for these display models. I have burn in on two corners of my 65" plasma, it is not noticeable most of the time, but when watching a movie set in the snow, or showing the sky, it pisses me off so much as it's quite visible.

  • +3

    FYI, No stock in QLD :(

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