Us $0.01 or Aud $0.02 Slashing Deals for Laptops and Phones Are in AliExpress 11/11 Sale

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Anyone interested to get freebies like phones or laptops? Aliexpress is having slashing deals for us$0.01 or Aud $0.02! They are having a wide range of items for the cheapest price ever including phones, robot vacuum, laptops. However it needs a lot of people bringing the price down together inorder for anyone to get the deal. I want to form an interest group to get the items together or you can share the items and get together with your family and friend.
All you need is aliexpress app on your phone, an register account and emails to share links with each other. But I have tried a few times to get with my friends but is not successful because you need a lot of friends to get it at one time in order to get the price down to $0.01, that’s why I want to get together with people who are interested in the deal and get the items together. Please leave your comment, the next sale start at 8am Australian standard time! P.s the sale only available on the aliexpress app on mobile phones, not available on computer or iPads. Thanks for reading!

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    Lol, it says $0.01 laptops but then the deal today is a girls unicorn dress. Brilliant!

    I bought 7 so that my son has one for every day of the week so apologies if there are none left for everyone else.


    Not really a deal, probably better on the forums


    I don't see the offer/promo page on my Aliexpress app. Tell us how to get there.


    Go to “our best deals! Add to cart “ right at the front page of the app. Also says 11/11


    Who is interested to buy together? When the deal start the only way to buy the deal together is via email, phone number, Watsapp.

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