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Vodafone TV - $72 Delivered @ Vodafone


Nice price on the Vodafone TV - going for half the usual price of $144.

Excellent bang for buck IMO:

  • FTA TV tuner (can record to USB)
  • Inbuilt ChromeCast (has been working great with Kayo)
  • Quality bluetooth remote (dedicated app buttons / tactile buttons / play and pause / numeric pad etc)
  • Ethernet
  • 2 year local warranty

Would snap one up if I didn't already have one ;)

Edit: Confirmed available in store too - thanks krouton24



Review (USB recording added since review):


Credit to MrSpeaker72 on Whirlpool

Mod Update 29/12: Still available.

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  • Just received this today. Any tips on how to sideload an app?

  • Is there a way to make fast forwarding and rewinding less tedious during Youtube/NBA League Pass and I assume many other apps? With Youtube I need to arrow up before being able to go forward or backward then press enter for playback.

    • Yes this annoys me too. One option is…..I turned on CEC control in the VTV and now my Hisense TV remote also controls the VTV. It has fast forward buttons on the Hisense remote that work on the VTV youtube app.

  • sooo many tv boxes lying around - but true to being an Ozbargainer, have ordered one now. =)

  • +1

    Hmm tempted to get this to replace my Telstra TV that I only ever use for Foxtel Now, but since getting the NBN and having a bridged modem in front of my router it constantly buffers (yet played on my phone it’s fine, same as casting it to my Shield TV.

    With the new Kayo Sports not yet supporting Android TV or Telstra TV, could be handy to get this so I can cast it from my phone till an app comes along and can change over from Foxtel Now to Kayo.

    • Exactly!!

  • Anyway to link Google assistant to Vodafone TV so I can switch on my TV using voice command?
    I could do it with chromecast and google mini

    • Haven't managed to get it to work with mine as yet

      • I worked it out, you need to turn on cec function in the vodafone tv settings

        • I cant get this to work. Google assistance doesnt recognise it as a tv and just gives a websearch result

          • @ChurchMouth: Got it to work… Had to change the name from Vodafone TV to just Vodafone… I think the TV part was triggering it because it technically isn't a TV

  • Does this do DVB-T2? Only see DVB-T mentioned

    • +1


      • Awesome! Thanks!

      • Is the VTV successful in receiving and playing the DVB-T2 trial signals?

  • +1

    Decided to grab one. In built tuner is a good bonus, as my old plasmas dtv tuner can't handle some of the new channels.

    Thanks op.

  • Scanning in at $72 at the Marion [SA] store.

  • Surround sound using kodi to a Receiver over HDMI does not work (v27.6 Kodi). Very bloody annoying…..

    • Yes I have been going mental trying to get audio passthorugh working with end result being stuttering and bad audio quality in Kodi, SPMC and VLC. I haven't tried another HDMI cable however I'm doubtful that is the problem. Would be great if someone here on Ozb could let us know if they have audio passthrough working (DTS, DTS-HD etc).

      • its not the cable, I have tried several. I think it might be a Kodi issue (for me anyway) as there is mention of it in later releases. Audio pass-through seems to work for netflix ok (well I get 5.1 anyways) so its not that the box cant do it….

  • When you say surround sound are you referring to the receiver decoding or Kodi doing the decoding? If I let Kodi do the decoding I get 5.1 (the denon receiver says 5 channel stereo). The issue for me is specifically pass through. Does Netflix have Dolby surround? I haven't tried that.

    • In Kodi, if I turn off all the surround options and just select 5.1 as the speaker config I just get 2 channel stereo on the Yamaha receiver. If I select 2.0 as the speaker config and click 'Enable Passthrough' it doesnt matter which option under that (eg DTS Capable Reeceiver etc) I select I get no sound except the occasional blip of sound. meanwhile the Amp shows no speakers at all except when the sound blip happens and then you can see 5.1 speakers for like a microsecond…

  • +2

    Didn't even know this was a thing! Sounds like a Mi Box but better. (And possibly more stable) Would make a great (hopefully foolproof) replacement for the Telstra TV my mum uses.

    (And might not be a bad idea to get a spare for myself, hmm.) Thanks, OP. Given me food for thought.

    • Sounds like a Mi Box but better. (And possibly more stable)

      So true. I was looking at getting another Mi Box for a spare TV, but this seems like it will be a better option.

      • Hope so. Bit the bullet and bought two! Shake my local had no stock, now I've got to hope someone's home when Toll rolls up.

  • +1

    Toll doesn't deliver to Parcel locker and somehow didn't make it back to the depot.
    Feedback: Why use toll and make our lives a bit more difficult?

  • +1

    Just bought 2 at Vodafone on George Street Sydney, shop assistant said there are only 5 left

  • i'm thinking of getting this now.

    will google assistant through this box work with the broadlink ir controller to control a dumb ceiling fan which has a remote. i own none of these things at the moment.

    if a vodafone store doesn't have to stock can they place online orders and process the payment manually?

    • Just order online. They offer free delivery.

      • i can get discounted gift cards for the shopping centre they're in.

        • Ah, fair enough. I see you’re a pro.

  • Can I use the windscribe app from the play store on this?

    • +2

      You certainly can. Just select your Vodafone TV as your installation device.

  • -1

    Does anyone else have the issue that youtube only plays in stereo on these boxes. Netflix will do dolby sound

    • That's because YouTube is only in stereo.

      • Thats pretty annoying

  • +1

    Has anyone found a way to get a DualShock 3 or 4 to work with the box?

    Would be useful for playing games.

  • I just picked up two from Geelong Westfield. Cracking little box and set up was a breeze. It works really well with Plex! They had another 8+ in stock.

  • +1

    Forest Hill Chase store wouldn't sell me one today, saying that he could only do it if I wanted a plan. I knew that was rubbish, but as I was on my way to pick up another deal before closing time I just walked out and ordered online instead.

    • Would have been interested to see what sort of plan is offered for a non-sim/non-mobile device…

      • Add it on to other plans I assume:

        "Accessories Payment Plan (APP) enables Vodafone postpaid customers to buy accessories and pay for them in instalments over 12, 24 or 36 months (Period). Your accessory price is spread in equal instalments over the Period (APP Instalments)."

  • By sideloading, does this mean I have to manually copy ".apk" files to the device? And that it doesn't have its' own "app store" so to speak?

    • It has the google play store, but because it's an android TV device it only shows programs that are known to be android TV compatible. It doesn't make sense to show apps that require a touch-screen, or that are only designed to display in portrait mode, for example. But if you really want, they can still be installed manually (sideloaded) using a PC or APK installer app.

    • -2



  • Can anyone confirm if SBS & Nine apps are available? If not can you sideload?

    • +3

      Both are currently being developed, and should be available early next year.

      For now, you can cast, and try the SBS one here:


      • Cheers for that!

    • +1

      I tried sideloading the SBS on Demand and it doesn't open.

      Aussieaddons for Kodi still has a working SBS on Demand that installs and plays

  • I would like to use this to watch US Netflix using VPN.
    Is this possible?
    Is there a way to watch movies that are new release, Korean tv, NBA, EPL, LaLiga etc?
    Thank you.

    • Yes to your 1st question - As long as your VPN provider has an android app that works with Netflix (e.g Nord works)
      How long is a piece of string to your 2nd question.

      • I am having trouble understanding the concept of android tv box.
        I am tempted as this has Chromecast as I was in the market for one anyway.
        Would I be able to stream directly using google chrome that is on the Vodafone TV?
        I have windscribe so that solves VPN Question and thank you for that.

    • I'm watching Korean TV using Windscribe VPN and casting from the streaming apps POOQ and Oksusu on my tablet.

      • is there a reason why you don't install the apps directly onto the vtv, if it's not compatible with android tv os? do a lot of apps have this issue?

        • Yeah, I don't think there're android TV versions of the apps.

          • @renarune: you can install normal mobile phone apps but some of them will have the screen sideways even on the TV, you need to get another app that will force it the right way up

            • @i7-2600k: I tried installing Pooq on Vodafone TV just now as you suggested. It works without rotating the screen but streaming quality is bad because I'm not a paying user. Quality is much better when casting.

  • Just a negative note here if nobody already mentioned it. The VTV never turns off, when on standby is always ready to cast. I noticed some interference while watching TV and went straight to get a new aerial cord thinking I had damaged it while moving it from TV to VTV and back. Only to find out that the interference disappeared after switching VTV off from the power point.

    • does that include them power button on top of the box or is it just an indicator light?

      • +1

        Hold the power button on the remote and you'll be given the option to power off.

        The button on the remote is like a standby mode.

        • Thanks for the info. Is there a manual where I can find other tips like this?

          • @Chridim: No idea. I'm not sure it is necessary though. It works very much like any android device, i.e. your phone.

  • Can anyone confirm that PVR Addons would work with Kodi on Vodafone TV? Suspect AMLogic Android Kodi Krypton doesn’t support.

  • Trying to cast Foxtel Go to this (rather than using a sideloaded apk) and it just continually stutters

    Seems to be latest chromecast built in version and android version.

    Works fine to Sony android tv and also chromecast, but vodafone box seems to have issues

    Any ideas?

  • That thing sounds kind of cool.

  • Hey guys, I'm trying to checkout through vodafone but it keeps coming back with 'issues validating your credit card'. Calling them didn't help much either, just saying I need an active plan with them to buy it. Can anyone help me out?

    • +1

      Post your credit card number here along with the CVV and I'll check if it works for me

  • Can it do Stan 4K?

    • -1

      I can confirm no. HD only

      • -1

        I can confirm it can.
        Make sure you actually have a 4K subscription, and the VTV is set to use 2160p as the display mode (in the system settings). Or it can be set to auto, as long as 2160p shows as available it will be used.

        • Really?
          I tested on my 4K tv and confirmed with Stan it isn't supported…
          Set to 2160p @ 60hz
          Can you confirm your resolution and name of a 4k stan video I can test with?

          • @lachhelix: Seems they've actually broken it with a recent update…
            The old version (before the skip credits/recap buttons were added and they made the text ugly) definitely worked, time to find an old .apk and disable updates.

  • The deal is still on. I bought one in store for $72.

  • Thinking of getting one or two of these while they're still $72.

    • +1

      They are pretty good, got one in the living room. The only reason I have kept my Mi box in the bedroom is for the optical out to my aging Logitech Z-5500's (which still kick ass).

  • Mine is screwed. Won't be buying another one.
    Reboots for no reason, gets very hot, Chromecast has never worked, reset it 3 times. Forget it. Dealing with Vodafone was hard enough trying to buy it, I can't imagine what it'll be like trying to get it replaced

    • +2

      guess it depends how much the $72 is worth to seek warranty service/replacement? If it was a product problem, likely others would have mentioned here too, in order to track issue trend. I'd be going ahead to get it replaced rather than wasting the cost of the unit..
      Good luck, whatever you decide!

      • That's very true….
        It is a waste, you're right!

  • Can anyone confirm that it will record to a hard drive, rather than an USB stick?
    There are some good deals on 2gb or 3gb HDs atm, combined would make a good replacement for an iQ3…

    • +1

      It does, but the recording feature is rubbish:
      - No extended EPG available to schedule recordings, only now/next.
      - Trying to play recordings causes the tv app to crash, have to use something else (i.e. KODI) to actually watch them.
      - Recording requires the HDD to be formatted securely for the VTV so you can't use it with anything else or transfer recordings to a PC.

  • +1

    Got mine today via toll and after adjusting the resolution and colour format it works on an old 55" Sony bravia rear projection tv(mwahahaha older than all those fancy plasmas ppl from 2008+ had :P )

    • -3

      why? Gumtree a used kogan tv if you are that broke.

      • Funny enough I didn't neg you :P This is my parents tv and it had a clarity that was better than many tv's that came after it (I'm not including modern tv's of course) and it's easy fixable and we have replaced the bulb once already, it also lacks the glare you can get from a tv being too bright in a dark room(the backlighting). My personal tv is a 60" samsung and they have a 55" inch hisense as well, so we arn't scraping the barrel just yet :)

  • They are all out at Voda Forest Hill (Melb) but I got one delivered, in 2 days, and Toll was fine.
    I don't want to sound like a noob but, any links to info on how to install the apps for Kayo and Pluto TV? I got it mainly as a future replacement for Foxtel, but without those apps running, it makes things a bit tricky.
    Any assistance welcome, ta.

    • They had plenty at Doncaster a couple weeks ago. Dusty boxes been sitting there a while

    • +2

      No Android TV app for Kayo just yet. They claim it will be released early 2019.

    • +1

      No Kayo app yet. Apparently people just Chromecast it to it while waiting for the app to come out.

  • They are still at this price and have stock in Brisbane

  • Still have stock in store at the pines Doncaster East.
    Got one there today

  • Wondering if the Vodafone TV can be used as a Plex server (like the shield)… For example I could plug a hard drive into my shield and use it to build a plex library - can voda do that?

    • I managed to run plex server on my intel compute stick (stk1aw32sc). Didn't do any transcoding though.
      I reckon those Android media boxes are similar in terms of specs.

  • Grabbed one of these today. Can’t get Chromecast to work, my iPhone and iPad both say no devices found. Anyone else having this issue?

    Other minor issues include; no timer viewing within the epg, no 9now or SBS apps, no DTS pass through with optical cable from TV

    • "say no devices found."

      Hmm - I'm wondering if it needs setting up on your own wi-fi first?

      • Tried a different router, at least the VTV appears as now, but casting from iPad and iPhone doesn’t work. From a Windows PC it’s fine.

    • Couldn't get passthrough to work on hdmi either. Can you let us know if you find a solution, perhaps it's the same issue with optical out.

      • Read the manual of my TV and it will only output 2 channel from a HDMI source, so it’s not going to work for me. I might get a hdmi audio extractor.

    • +1

      Got Chromecast working using a different router.

  • It's anyone having issues getting Netflix in 4k Ultra HD working?

    I can get YouTube in 4kn Ultra HD fine but Netflix won't display the Ultra hd icon

  • Can it cast 4K from desktop?

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