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Samsung 970 EVO M.2 (2280) PCIe 500GB SSD $126.65 + $15 Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Great price… Thanks to TA for this deal Computer Alliance 15% off Storewide @ eBay (Starts 10am)

Feel free to sign up ebay plus trail for 90 days to get free delivery- thanks to 🎧 headphonejack 🎧
Enjoy :)

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  • +1

    Cheers, got one

  • Used one of these along with a Sintech adapter to successfully upgrade the SSD in my MacBook Pro retina late 2013. Very happy!

    • Hi Hugo,
      Thinking of doing the same, did you purchase the sintech adapter from ebay? What did you use to clone the SSD? Thanks.

  • Got one recently for my laptop, to replace an existing M.2 SSD. I can feel the snappiness of it, my system runs so quickly. If your OS is installed to a mechanical HDD, I feel sorry for you, upgrade and enjoy the 21st century.

  • +1

    wow i paid double that for the 960evo 6 months ago

    • I paid just under double that for the 850 evo 3 years ago.

  • -1

    This seems very cheap for an SSD. Can this replace SSD in a Dell laptop ?

    • +5

      You need to be way more specific

      • +12

        Come on mate, a Dell laptop! All the information you need to know, cause Dell only recently started making laptops, and they only have the one spec for all of them.

        • +6

          It has a charger if that helps? and a trackpad also.

    • +1

      If your laptop doesn't have M.2 drive, maybe you could use a sata adapter?
      You may not get the full speed by using an adapter tho.

      • I would like to upgrade to a SSD Drive for my Dell Inspiron N5030

        I had a look online and Samsung SSD 850 EVO is compatible

        Can some assist and advise if this SSD would be compatible ?

        • +1

          This is a M.2 drive and looking at the Dell Inspiron N5030 specs you will need an adapter to run it. IMO, better off using the Samsung SSD 850 EVO or similar form factor option.

      • NVME PCI-E drives wont work with SATA adapter.

      • my yaris doesnt have a turbo but does this ferrari engine swap fit?

  • +1

    Cheap as chips now.

    I've got a code for Assassins creed Odyssey from the last deal which I don't have time to use. PM me if you're keen.

    • Pmd!

    • Sorry guys, gone now

  • These things seem to be the SSD to have.

  • The cheapest it's been?

  • +1

    Unbelievable how cheap this is now. Bought this a few months ago at 220, then again at 180 last month. I sure feel like a dope!

  • Getting close to that $200/1TB for a brand name NVME m.2, just a few more months maybe..

  • cry bought this for $200 in Sept.

    Prices on NVMe are plummeting.

  • Damm I paid 175 for a 256GB about 1.5 year ago… good to see prices come down.. pretty sure we won't need mechanical hard drives soon

  • I have a desktop with a Gigabyte X79 UP4 mobo which i don't think supports M2. Does this mean it'll still work i just wont get the added speed benefits? If i don't get the benefits should i look for something cheaper?

    • That mobo doesn't have an M2 slot so you'd need an adaptor. They're only about $40 and you'd still get the speed benefit but I think there's issues running Windows off of it.

  • Paid $106 in June for EVO 960 m2 250gb.

    4 months is a long time in the ssd world.

  • +1

    Can I possibly return the previous one that I bought from them through eBay Prime at $180 a couple of weeks ago? And then reorder?

    • Doesn't eBay plus allow you to just claim back the difference in price if you talk to them in online chat, or is the window less than 2 weeks?

      If it's past that window, contact the store and ask them. They may be accommodating.

  • Just ask for a refund. Good stores honour it. Nike did it for me just last week.

  • I have this laptop: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Predator-17-i7-6700HQ-GTX...

    This is the SSD Samsung SSD PM871 MZNLN512HCJH, 512 GB, M.2 Type 2280

    Would I notice a difference between that SSD and this SSD? I can't tell from reading online. I think its NVMe already.

    • That SSD uses SATA interface so as long as your notebook supports NVMe you'd get a nice speed boost.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, been eyeing these for a while. Grabbed one.

  • just bought 960 evo m.2 500GB for about $125 shipped… is this way better? cheers.

    • https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Samsung-970-Evo-NVMe-P...

      I'd say there's a noticeable difference. Make sure you read the returns policy of that place and whether you can still cancel the order. Good luck

      • +2

        not even close to "way better", totally unnoticeable difference in daily use

        • Sure, i have an ssd and it probably won't be noticeable in daily use. But the fact that he can get an updated model for like an extra 20 dollars is definitely worth it. Whether that be through its better endurance ratings or the fact that you're getting 20% extra performance overall regardless.

          • @steven231: plus you have to send it back which is a hassle in it's own right, especially if you need to pay for return postage.

            • @garage sale: Ik, thats why i said he needs to look at the return policy and such. We don't know where he bought it from and the level of effort and money it requires for a return.

  • Anyone tell me if my Alienware R3 13 can use this?

  • To those who missed out (as it's already out of stock on from CP @ Ebay), Other retailers' prices online are pretty close excluding shipping cost

  • Missed out, dang it, so got the smaller 250GB version (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/250GB-Samsung-970-EVO-M-2-2280-P...) for $84.15 ($99 less 15%) instead. Will use it mainly as the boot drive with a larger standard drive in my pc for storage….

  • I read somewhere that the ram in these dropped by 10% in a month. And the speed advantage that Samsung had is going as new controllers turn up in competitors. Samsung has some new tech to bring forward soon too, so they could be cleaning the shelves.

  • dammit missed out was only looking for one today and saw this deal posted a few days ago.

    anyone know of a similar priced deal? PC case have it for $139 but thats plus postage and out of stock until 23/11

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