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Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $304.76 + 2000 Points OR 54900 Points (Free Delivery) @ Qantas FF Store


Ozbargain favourite new noise cancelling headphones is now on sale at QFF store. Platinum Silver and Black available.

Additional Click Frenzy 10% off until Midnight Wednesday 14/11/2018.

Better price than TGG and best price ATM.


This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2018

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      • Thanks.

  • cant decide what colour to get. what colour did everyone choose and why?

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      Black…..because that is what Batman would have asked for

    • +1

      Once you go black, you never go back. Safest bet when it comes time to sell. Silver looks like faded gold.

      • +1

        Silver fashionable, I just saw one in real life. JB hifi want $499 for it. haha

    • Black it is, thanks peps.

      i liked the silver coz it was different but was worried it would get dirty easier.

    • Silver get dirty…

  • It is showing as $339.90 + 2000 points for me. Has the deal ended or do I need to use some code at checkout?

    • +2

      As others have already said, add them to our cart and the price goes down at the checkout.

    • Just noticed that it fixes itself when I proceed to checkout.

  • Just pulled the trigger on these, been watching for a while. Can't wait to get on my next long haul flight now :)

  • Well this sucks. I just got mine yesterday from them and now they dropped it even further.

    • If it hasn't shipped yet, you could call them and ask to apply the difference back to the account or cancel and re-order perhaps?

      • It has been shipped and they arrived yesterday.

        • +4

          buy another one so you can lower the average price.

  • Thanks! Just bought one

  • Can you use Amex Qantas cashback on top of this? Spend $350+?

    • It won't work. The Amex deal is for Qantas flights. Purchases on Qantas store comes up as Qantas Wines, which doesn't count.

  • Alright ordered, will see how they go. Came down to $282.87 using all my 5800 points.

  • Great post.

  • OOS now, missed it….

  • I was about to order one after work and just realised it's sold out. I tested it today in jb HiFi and I am impressed with the sq but it can be a bit hot to my ear after long hour of use.

    • Lol,just went back from JB and ready to order one too… But it's alright, I got some giftcards left from harvey norman amex $250-$50, if can pricematch with a cheap price it will work out to be cheaper than this. But to be honest, I think the qc35 ii sound better, really hate micro usb tho…

      • I was the opposite for SQ. The QC35s sounded really dry compared to the XM3s for me. Then again the XM3s are my exact kind of sound signature.

  • Has anyone had them shipped yet? Going overseas mid next week…

    • I was wondering this too. I ordered Tues and mine still has a status of "Processing" :( I wonder if they are struggling with the high number of orders they would have got Tue/Wed.

  • For those who have received theirs, how long did it take for delivery? (and where in Aus are you?)


    • I bought two, one for me, one for my GF. So far only one delivered (this morning) while the other is still being 'processed.' Located in Sydney

      • I take it the GF's one arrived first?

        • Fortunately she is away for the weekend……..

      • Thanks for reporting in. When did you order?

        • The day the deal dropped

    • ordered the day the deal dropped, arrived today, very happy!

      • Did you ever get notification of shipping/ tracking? Mine still shows 'processing'…

        • Does yours have an estimated delivery date? I also placed my order on the day this deal was posted. My order details screen shows "Item status: Processing" "Estimated delivery 21 November 2018"

          • @ak47wong: Mine says estimated 22 November. But still stuck on 'processing' too. Did those that received ever get shipping details?

  • +2

    The Silver is back in stock. If your birthday is in November, use BDAYNOV18 to get the same deal.

  • Ordered on the 14th (last day) and estimated to arrive on the 18th December anyone else?

  • I bought mine on the morning of the 13th. Apparently shipped on the 14th but no tracking information since the 14th. Might've gotten lost :(

  • Have just received mine, despite the qantas site still listing the order as 'processing'. I suspect they're probably shipped directly by sony.

    • Thanks for letting us know. I will continue obsessively checking my letterbox!

  • Got mine within two days of ordering.

  • got an email saying mine is shipped. wooots

  • Got an email a little while ago which said it was ‘in transit’ and provided a tracking number for the first time. Checked the tracking and it says it was delivered today (waiting at PO - rushing there now!). Qantas order was still ‘Processing’ this morning, now says ‘Shipped’.
    Ordered 13/11, estimated delivery was 23/11, located in Adelaide.

  • +1

    Just got bad news…

    We regret to inform you that there has been a delay in shipping order QA06256XXX

    The revised estimated delivery date is Dec 12, 2018

    We apologise for the inconvenience and will ship your order as soon as possible. For assistance with your order please contact us.

    I ordered 14/11. Hope it does arrive on or before that new date as I'm flying off a couple of days after that… whole point of the purchase was to use it on the flight and get the TRS…

    • +1

      I’m in the same boat as you with a revised estimated delivery date of Dec 12 2018. It was originally scheduled to arrive by Friday! Very frustrating. Are you in Brisbane as well by any chance?

      • Sounds like exact same situation as me.

        Ordered 14/11
        Original delivery estimate 23/11

        • Good to know I’m not the only one from brisbane that got the shaft. Hopefully it comes before the 12th or doesn’t get delayed any further.

  • For those who have been waiting wit the revised delivery date of 12/12. I got in touch with Qantas store and they offered to get in touch with the supplier (Harvey Normal Commercial) with an update. This is the reply I got:

    Dear Mr (benandfaith),
    I wanted to give you a quick update about your recent query.
    Please be advised that the order will be dispatched by tomorrow.
    You should see the order mid next week.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards,
    Qantas Rewards Store Contact Centre

  • Still haven't received mine even though it shipped on Nov 14. No tracking updates since the initial 'in transit' update. I rang Qantas and they said they'll send out a new one but a week since my last contact with them and still no tracking info or ETA or anything.

    • +1

      Sorry to hear that. I got mine today. It had been out of stock.

      Hopefully replacement will arrive soon.

  • The black version of these are back in stock on the Qantas website still on sale. Have at em!

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