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4x Jim Beam 70cl $80.65 | 3x Jonnie Walker Black Whiskey $75.90 Shipped + More @ Boozebud (New Customers) Groupon


This is slightly long winded but well worth the savings
Groupon code + onsite deals etc

New Customers Only


$50 Online Credit - $10 (https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/boozebud-4)

Coupon Code 15% - $8.50 (GOCRAZY)
Cashback 15% - $7.23 (https://www.cashrewards.com.au/groupon)


Jim Beam
4x70cl - $35.95 ($143.80)
Auto applied spend $100 get 10% off -$14.38 ($129.42)
Free shipping $80+
- Groupon - $50

$79.42 + $7.23
Total Price $80.65
Per Bottle $21.66

Jonnie Walker Black (Now Out of Stock can still get Johnnie Walker (finally worked out how to spell it) Red 4x for less than $80)
3x70cl - $43.95 ($131.85)
Auto Applied 10% on 2+ bottles Jonnie Walker - $13.18 ($118.67)
Free Shipping $80+
- Groupon - $50

$68.67 +$7.23
Total Price $75.90
Per Bottle $25.3

Also 7% Boozebud with Cash rewards
bringing the price to $75 ($18.76) for the Jim Beam & $70 ($23.30) for Jonnie Walker

There is a magnitude of cheap booze you can get from this deal you don't have
to choose the same brand. I just got these as an example.
This was a lot of maths I hope I worked it out correctly, let me know if anything is wrong

DO not expire once the 15% off & cashback is gone it only works out to 0.50c per bottle more or something hence the optional tag. Also once these are sold out there are heaps more bottles read the comments

$30 Credit (Min Spend $60) for $5/ $50 Credit (Min Spend $100) for $10 to Use at Boozebud (New Customers Only) @ Groupon

Referral Links

Referral: random (427)

Referee gets $20 off their first order (Min Spend $100). Referrer gets $10 store credit.

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  • Description Quantity Unit Price Total
    1 x Bulleit Bourbon 1 $42.95 $42.95
    1 x Cougar Bourbon 1 $32.95 $32.95
    1 x Canadian Club Spiced Whisky 1 $40.45 $40.45
    1 x Mount Gay Eclipse Rum 1 $41.90 $41.90
    Sub-Total $142.43
    Shipping $0.00
    Discount -$65.82
    Total $92.43
    GST Included $8.40

  • Thanks OP!

    Not a fan of your choices but got some laphroaig and talisker for nearly 50% when you factor in cashback ;)

  • you can pretty much get around 50% off, wish they had more stock though

    • It's valid for a few months stock will be back in

      • yeah I've got a spare voucher thinking the same, it did let me order out of stock scotch too ;) hopefully that'll work out as well haha

      • but maybe no 10% off $100+ orders

        • on my 2nd and 3rd "New Customer Order" on behalf of my girlfriend & housemate, the 10% off stopped applying I guess they saw a spike in new users from the Groupon and stopped it applying.

          Still, have one coupon for when they get items back in stock.

          • @glub: 10% applied for me just now, so could be hit and miss?

  • So much maths… makes my head hurt! Need a drink..

  • Groupon sold out of the 50% off vouchers :(

    • get the $30 one.

  • Groupon $50 off for $10 is sold out :(

    Does the 10% off $100 spend on boozebud count pre or post groupon discount?

    • post and only on spirits

      • Ta. While I missed out on the $10/$50 discount coupon, still picked up a bottle of the Balvenie 14yo Carribean Cask for $92.68 after discounts and cashback. Usually $138.99 at Dan's, so still a saving of $46.30.

  • Just purchased 24 x Stone & Wood Green Coast Lager for $42.91

    $30 groupon voucher for $4.25 ($5 - 15% GOFRENZY code)
    Stone and Wood $65 - $30 groupon voucher = $35
    $35 + $6.89 postage = $41.89
    $41.89 + groupon $4.25 then - 7% cash rewards

    Normal price is $65. So $22 cheaper and free delivery.

  • Thanks OP, picked up the $30 coupon for $5 instead (less 0.75c gofrenzy code)

    2 x bottles of JW black for $49.11 + $4.25 (groupon coupon) - kept refreshing website like a mofo.

    Can't argue with $26.68 a bottle! Maybe 7% cashrewards will kick in too.

  • Cheers OP. Grabbed 2 The Singletons and three cans of Woodstock to get over the limit. Comes down to ~$60 (Groupon voucher price inclusive). Down further if the cashback clears.

  • Groupon s o l d out….

  • 2 bottles of belvedere for 57 bucks ain't bad.. Half price Tuesday!

  • +2

    BACK IN STOCK & the GOCRAZY code is still on! How do I mark as unexpired?

    • Cheers. Created an account for my partner as she is a Vodka drinker (I'm Bourbon) and got her 3 bottles of absolute for $64 odd once cash back comes in.

  • People seem to be getting different prices for their johnnie walker red and black labels. I wonder if the prices have been put up since yesterday.

    • I think it's dependent on whether the 10% new customer offer is applied

      • I got the 10% off for johnnie walker bottles (2+).

        Also any way to use the referral system or does that then not make it into a new account and hence cant use the groupon voucher? Since the referral system gives 10$ credit to the referrer.

        • You have to input as a code and it doesn't let you stack

          I think I've figured out if you add over $100 to your basket then checkout as guest you get the 10% new customer promo but you don't if you create an account.

      • +1

        It’s 10% off if you order over $100 of spirits ?

  • +1

    Thanks. I got 3 cartons yesterday, worked out $28 per carton. Happy days!!!

  • +1

    Order out for delivery :)

  • Looks like 50 credit is back in stock.

  • +1

    Received my order.

    • that was quick!

      I got an order delayed message but atleast they don't cancel

  • How do I log out of boozebud? Can't find it anywhere.

    • +3

      Click on little yellow figure top right hand side to go to your account. Then click Profile left hand side. Then go to Your Details left hand side. At the bottom of Your Details you will see Log Out. Hopefully I've explained it OK, took me a while to find it too.

  • +1

    Does this win deal of the year award? Honestly so tempting to try this on twice. When groupon was sold out I got 2x XXXX gold 30 packs for about $33 each delivered. I should be upset that I missed the groupon coming back but I'm not even. $33 for a cube? Shoot me in the street. And no new customer shit - just a straight up order.

    Deal of the year. Thanks OP.

  • Had my order coming tonight and awaiting an update and the order has disappeared from my account. Has anyone else had the same issue?

    • Mine has not disappeared but just received this email:

      "snufl, your order will probably be delayed leaving our warehouse.

      You and thousands of others have gone wild for our shopping frenzy and our warehouse is working around the clock trying to keep up. Rather than our normal 1 day, it may take up to 2-3 days for your order to leave our warehouse.

      Once your order has been picked up by our couriers, you will receive a notification and link to track your order as per usual.

      We’re very sorry for the delay and we're doing everything we can to get your order to you as soon as possible.

      Enjoy the booze and the even bigger savings!"

    • +1

      My order due for delivery between 1-6pm today and still have not received it. Still shows in my account though, just says "in transit". I highly doubt it will be coming tonight. Also I did not get any tracking number, when I click "track my delivery" it just takes me to the booze bud page.

      • Thanks for the update guys. No email and present or past orders. Glad I used PayPal.

        • +1

          Friendly delivery guy turned up with my 3 cases not long after I posted my previous comment. Hope you get yours too mate.

          • @nubzy: My order hasn't arrived and was deleted from my account. No refund. Super dodgy!

  • 2 cartons of Corona, 1 carton of Pure blonde ultra low carb for $75.58 after cash rewards.
    $25 a case.

    Thanks OP, amazing deal.

  • I love Jim Beam so this is perfect.

  • Cancelled my order. Checked my work computer this morning and cancelled my order with no response. I sent a few supports last night and also a Facebook and no response. Any suggestions anyone.

    • Yeah, my order was cancelled without a notice as well.
      Have no idea why…

      • Mine too. Nothing arrived yesterday and no explanation. Dodgy arseholes!

        Also: no refund. Money taken.

        • -1

          Think it should be a neg and keep this running to see how many others got cancelled. Who do we contact to update the title?

          • @barblade: Yeah there should definitely be a warning in the OP.

            • @krunchymoses: What did you guys order? Mine came fine.
              Although I was one of the first before this blew up

              • @glub: 3 standard spirits with numerous in stock at the time. Ordered early as well.

                • @barblade: All is well. They sent me an apology email (because I commented negatively on their facebook) and gave me $10 in credit.

                  Beers came this afternoon. Left on verandah. All is well in the world.

          • @barblade: Edit. Arrived last night. Now the order is back in my account. Sigh of relief

    • -1

      That sucks. My order is being delivered next week.

      • Just got my order delivered (which was scheduled for yesterday), though it appeared as "cancelled" this morning and now disappeared completely from my order history. Very strange…
        Probably my cash-back amount is not going to be approved

        • -1

          I had the same issue. Order vanished with no trace of it yesterday. Shows up this afternoon on my verandah. Well at least it came.

  • -1

    Why is nothing in stock for me :(

    • -1

      Probably cos they went out of business

      • -1

        Not sure why I'm getting negs. The company didn't delivery goods that people paid for and they're curiously not replying to emails/messages … typical signs of a company going out of business.

  • My order is still on Accepted from Monday night, anyone else still waiting for delivery tracking? (ordered JW red label)

    • -1

      Yup - I have one order that's disappeared from their system and another order that's showing delivered, but not sign of it yet.

      No reply to my "live chat" message and no one is online all day.

      Anyone thinking these guys went bust?

      • My order was dispatched today and wife yesterday , still selling Groupon vouchers today.
        Noticed spirits have not been restocked but some beer has.
        One thing I noticed is if u place a product in your cart it pulls it from stock and can be held in u cart for a day or longer if u play with the order .

        • I got a dispatch notice for one order last night … saying delivered, but no sign of it.

          • @salmon123: Mine is via aust post with tracking , maybe if they use courier delivered means to courier as above was delivered next day ? Hope so for you 👍

  • My three Haigs Dimple scotch for $68 has been dispatched with tracking details.

  • Use TRY10 (or LOCALS) for 10% off the groupon code, since GOCRAZY doesn't seem to work anymore. I think it might be worth buying a coupon for later use, since stock seems pretty abysmal atm. What's everyone else think? Use by date is 07/02/19.

    • Yeah - groupon is a good deal, if they actually deliver on the gooods.

      Wait till black friday/cyber monday. Pretty sure groupon will have 15% sitewide + 15% cashrewards/shopback.

      I know it's only a difference of $1 between the two deals, but this is Ozb.

  • Boozebud were bought out by AB InBev, so zero chance of them going broke. Just in case anyone is wondering.

    • That's reassuring!

  • 3x Vodka O delivered for $60! I forgot to use the code at groupon, so spent $1.50 more than I had to. Will have to try again and get it right this time.
    edit: gocrazy didn't work for me at Groupon, only megasale, which gave 5%. So I saved 50c on the 2nd attempt. Should I try a 3rd?

    • Bu for a later date when more is in stock.

    • Free shipping over $80 and 10% deals now finished . Better to use new member 25BUD for $25 off and free shipping over $100 . Unless they have promo latter ?

  • My other order finally shipped, by AU post this time and not Star track.

  • Doink

  • Has anyone gotten their booze yet? My 4 bottles of Ballatines was expected to come on the 20th or 21st, still waiting. Still only says accepted, nothing shipped or anything

    • Yep, my lot arrived yesterday.

    • My girlfriend still hasn't received hers she was sent an email the smorning saying

      Really sorry for the delay massive amounts of orders coming through have caused delays and there have been issues with courier and packing process. (I guess this is why they are now using AUSpost. )

      we are striving to get orders out asap.

    • Mine supposed to come on the 19th and 20th but hasn't been shipped

  • Any one receive the wrong order? Hope their customer service is up to scratch.

  • Received my order today. Surprised to see it was just packed in a box without any protection.

  • shipping is not free now:(

  • did cashrewards reject everyone elses cashback too?

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