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Mobile Frenzy - 11% off Sitewide + Free Delivery @ Mobileciti


Hi guys,

lyl claims he has to "take exams" to get a "degree", but I graduated with honours from the TA School for Users Who Can't OzBargain Good And Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too and I turned out fine, so once again it's up to me to shower you with bargains.

Today we are running a 11% off sitewide with free shipping in celebration of frenzies. We have been reading that word so much you could say we have … lost our minds.

Starts today at 7PM, and ends midnight tomorrow.

As usual, you'll get 100% Australian Stock, Local Manufacturers Warranty, GST Invoice, and TRS eligible. Shipped same or next business day.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2018

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  • +10

    wow that sounds like a totally legit degree

    • +1

      "But why mobile models?"

      • +2

        Are you serious? I just told you like, a post ago.

  • any iphone xr 128gb?

    • Dammit that was my line.

      I tried applying the coupon in checkout but it said coupon code not valid.

      • +1

        Starts today at 7PM, and ends midnight tomorrow.

        • +1

          Found out I can't neg my own post due to stupidity. Got an Xs 64GB for $1,440 so with TRS this will take it down to $1,290. Was thinking about the X but its only $130 more so WTF.

          Saved myself $340 so not bad.

          Would have loved to get an Xr 128GB if it had been in stock and it would have ended up closer to 1k which is more comfortable as a price point but sometime you need to take advantage of an opportunity as it arises.

    • Did you even spend 10 seconds to look on their store ?

      • very limited stock.. :(

    • Where is the XR ? Can’t find any

  • +2

    There's no iPhone xr. I saw them at Costco for $1184 today

  • +1

    Any stock for IPHONE XS MAX 64GB - GOLD please?

  • Will you guys be stocking the insta360 one x any time soon?

    • Hi pepsicles,

      I've sent this to our purchasing team to see if we can get some, Insta360 makes pretty awesome products.

  • Thank you, just bought iPhone Max 64G Grey ++

  • -3

    Brings a Note 9 128GB down to $1,288.72 - which is good if it is the same as getting one from Officeworks etc… in terms of Samsung support: is that what " you'll get 100% Australian Stock, Local Manufacturers Warranty, GST Invoice, and TRS eligible" means?

    • +1


    • Hi,

      Yes full warranty etc etc, same as if you purchased from Officeworks or a carrier.

  • -1

    are you guys able to get any more iphone SEs? (i know they've been discontinued. i still see them at a few AusPost shops etc.)

  • Any more iPhone 64gb models?

  • I have many gift cards for harvey Norman for past years Amex promos . Trying to buy an xr 128gb but I can never find a better price to beat it with let alone my local currently has no stock -_-

  • +1

    iPhone only has max 512gb left.
    I want to buy one max 64/256gb as Christmas gift 4 my dad and one xs 64gb 4 myself. What a pity.

  • Pretty good laugh on the front page:

    Huawei Mate 20 $1,098.00 (RRP $1,099.00)
    Huawei Mate 20 Pro $1,598.00 (RRP $1,599.00)

    Wow, a whole $1 off…what a deal!

    PS Yes, I know there's a site-wide discount, I just thought it was amusing.

  • +1

    Aw, I wanted 256gb XS max and XS. Please bring more stock =)

  • +1 for Zoolander reference.

  • Have you determined if your batch of mate 20 pros are the faulty batch with LG panels? #gluegate

  • Are you participating in the free jbl headphones from Samsung?

    • As far as I am aware, the free headphones are through Samsung themselves, so you can purchase from any seller as long as they provide a receipt, and then claim the headphones from Samsung.

  • Any more iPhone XR or XS please?

  • damn, the Mate 10 pro would still be about $100 more than previous deals post on ozb.

    And before you ask - mum prefers the Mate 10 front camera more than say the P20.

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