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Macpac Halo Hooded Down Jacket - Men's $125 @ Macpac


The legendary Halo down jacket - now with a hood. The Hooded Halo is an excellent all-rounder - you can wear it when you're out exploring the city, travelling the world, or camping in the wilderness. Filled with 600 loft duck down, this down jacket will keep you warm in cooler temperatures throughout the year. The Hooded Halo comes with an adjustable hem and elasticated cuffs for functionality, and a separate stuff sac is included for convenient storage.

Women's Link - https://www.macpac.com.au/click-frenzy/halo-hooded-down-jack...

Update 26/11: Item Back in Stock

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2018

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    I have the non hooded version and can highly recommended it

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    Good price for hooded version

  • +1

    Does this deal end at midnight?

  • +2

    Looks nice, too bad there’s no cash back at cr or shop back.

    Any other way to save? Discounted Gift cards?

    Also any word on sizing? Do these run big or small?

    • dtpearson's comment sums it up well. Ideally, you wanna size down.

      That said, personally, I'm not a fan of clothing that sticks too close to my body so I bought my normal size anyway. That does compromise on the insulation ever so slightly but I'm ok with that (mostly gonna wear it in Melb) and you can tighten it around your waist to retain more heat.

      Best bet is to try before you buy to see what suits you :)

      Also, check if stores will give a discount on non-hooded one? Paid $100 for one of those recently. imo the hood won't get used much so not worth the extra $25

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    Just a reminder to size down with these jackets. I am a size medium in anything from Uniglo, Billabong, Ripcurl, The Iconic etc. But the size small in this jacket is perfect for me (possibly a bit big still) still with plenty of space to layer underneath if required.

    Great gear!

    • YMMV… I'm a medium in most other brands, and a medium was the perfect size for me (183cm, 83kg) for this jacket too. Not sure how everyone else likes their jackets to fit, as I know the general consensus is to size down.

      Head to a store and try it on if at all possible I guess.

    • +1

      Yep I downsized to a XS. 172cm and 72kg and normally a small

      • Good advice thanks

  • Before 99?

  • +1

    is that good for skiing?

    • +1

      Travelled new Zealand in winter and it was pretty good with cotton jumper underneath

      • Thanks!Did you ski as well?

        • I didn't skii but I did travel in the south Island and there was lots of snowy mountains :)

    • +8

      No good for skiing, if you get it wet , it will be useless. A great insulator for cold/freezing dry conditions. Can be used with an over layer in light rain .

      • Thanks. I won't get one!

    • +2

      Good for apres, not so much on the slopes! On a fine day and if your confident of not falling then sure it'll keep you nice and warm but down hates getting wet, ski jackets need to be waterproof and breathable. Plus if you go for a slide on an icy piste at any speed theres a good chance you'll shred the relatively fragile nylon outer.

    • +1

      Not ideal for skiing - you'll be a sweaty mess in no time. I took this jacket with me on a ski trip earlier this year, but wore a proper ski jacket when actually on the slopes, and wore this everywhere else.

  • I'm going Canada end of this year (Winter in Toronto), will this jacket suffice you reckon?

  • I wish they had pickup available, 2-4 days before it is dispatched, All orders are dispatched from New Zealand.

    • Any idea how long it takes once dispatched ?

  • +1

    FYI sleeves are super long on this model. I have long arms so it is perfect for me. I am tall and slim and size S is perfect.
    Can also vouch to the warmth of this jacket.

  • Trying to buy my boyfriend this jacket but i'm unsure with sizing. He's about 178cm tall and skinny. He usually fits M size. What do you guys think?
    Edit: hes about 70kg

    • I'm the same height but 110kg, a bit more muscular and mines large and fits a tad loose…

    • +2

      Small. I'm 180 and 75cm and have a small

    • sorry guys, hes actually 168cm tall. should i get a small or medium?

      • +2

        I am 176cms and wear medium in everything else. This jacket I wear a small and it's a good fit.

      • Xtra small. I'm 172cm and 72kg and normally a small. XS was perfect

    • +2

      My partner is around 170cm and he wears XS. So maybe go for XS or S (if he doesn’t like ‘tailored’ fit).
      Also make sure if he likes ‘hooded’ jackets because some don’t (like my partner). If he doesn’t, wait for the $99 non hooded deal.

      • Whats your partners chest size? I am 168cm so wondering if S or XS. Thanks

  • how does the 600-fill compare to another jacket which would have 800-fill down ?

    • 800 will be warmer

      • i knew this!
        but i just asked, to see if the quality of the down would make this warmer or not, etc.

        • It’s wrong to assume a higher fill lower will be warmer as it depends on how much fill there is. You can have equivalent warmth but the 800 would be lighter weight as it’s using less fill for the same loft, but cost more for the weight/compressibility advantage.

      • +1

        Its not that simple. The amount of fill will make a difference too.

        So this Halo with loads of 600 fill down is warmer than my lightweight 800 fill down jacket which is designed to be super lightweight but warm for weight… if that makes sense

    • Depends on the fill type too. IME goose down is considerably warmer than duck down for the same weight

  • Ok sorry for the dumb question

    I don't understand, is looks glossy in one version of the pictures and then matte fabric finish in other pic? which is it or is it reversible?

  • "We are excited to let you know Rays will become Macpac in early 2019. "
    Source: https://www.rays.com.au/customer-service/rewards.html

    Personally I really hope the quality of Macpac products doesn't the same quality that Rays products are these days…

  • +1

    Another sizing comment: 178cm and 81kg, usually medium for most things, but small is perfect.

  • +3

    looks this Macpac deal has expired now.
    the Halo jackets are back to AU$ 299.99

    • +1

      Still shows $125 for me just now

  • Just in time for summer!

  • +2

    back online now

  • +1

    buying down jacket at the beginning of summer. priceless.. ordered one anyway.

  • Everyone’s suggesting going a size down I’m 188cm should I go with medium?

    Also how cold temp can this take? Going on a holiday to -15 to -5 degrees Celsius will this work as a jacket?

  • Downsize it. I went into to store and I am very thankful I didn't buy it last night.
    Me: Small -> XS.

  • I'm 183 cm and 66 kg. Normally take an S rather than XS due to fairly broad shoulders (size 39 chest). Should I take an XS this time?

  • +1

    Missed it by 2 minutes. sad

  • Just received email saying the jacket has been dispatched.

  • Still has stock at the Melbourne CBD store at this price