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Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2080 8GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 Gaming Computer Desktop $1394.10 Delivered @ Techfast eBay


Base Specifications:

Case: Leaper PRO RGB Case (mid-tower with RGB front panel)

Case Fans: (1x) 120mm Front Fan

Power Supply: 550W Power Supply

Motherboard: A320 Motherboard

System Cooling: AMD Stock Cooler

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Hexa Core Processor (3.4GHz Base Clock - 3.9Ghz Max Clock)

Graphics Card: Single GALAX RTX 2080 8GB Graphics Card

Memory: 8GB DDR4 RAM (1 x 8GB)

Operating System: Not Included; see PC Upgrades section below

Primary Drive: 120GB Solid State Drive

Storage: Not Included; see PC Upgrades section below

Warranty: 12 Month Return To Base Warranty

Price changed from $1349.10 to $1394.10 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/416590#comment-6590759

Update: New URL for the same product

Original PLUGIT10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post
Original PUSH10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • +5

    It's back up.

    It's gone boonta, so straight up, this is going to take some time for us to build these systems. Handling time is 7-10 business days. I'm sure you all understand!

    • 3 guys in a basement kind of setup im assuming, all is forgiven.

      • A little bigger than that ;)

        • Hi, if i bought it from previous deal do i get it earlier? or is this for all systems? asking because i got an estimated delivery by next week Friday and i am going on a 4 day cruise the following Monday. Thanks

    • Just checking. Do you have an option to upgrade to better mobo with more USB ports?

      • Not for this build sorry

      • Just curious, but what would you need the extra ports for?

        • if i wanted to look into VR gaming with rift VR since i heard that it needs 3 usb3 port.

          also, wireless ac dongles , two external usb3.0 hdd, mouse keyboard, usb gamepad , and a spare for connecting my phones or usb stick

          • @paradoxez: Ah. Yeah you'd be running a bit short than. Believe it's something like 4 usb 3 ports with 2 usb 2.

          • @paradoxez: Do people know what motherboard ships with the PC? Because I'm pretty sure most of the A320 motherboards I've seen (cheap ones like ASROCK) have 4xUSB 3.1 ports on the back in addition to 2 x USB 3.0 for the front.

            The case itself has 1 x USB3 and 2 x USB2 ports at the front.

            Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm confused where people are getting the "3 USB ports only" number from.

            • @Subada: I got it from second image of ebay listing


              Perhaps the mobo does support more port but the case only has a few outs? I hope that's the case, less work to upgrade in the future that way

              • +1

                @paradoxez: Yeah at the top of that image in relatively obscure lettering is "Leaper Pro RGB Case" as a title, so I'm pretty sure that's just the spec sheet for the case by itself.

                So basically you can expect the case to have 1 x USB 3 port and 2 x USB 2 ports at the front which will be plugged into the A320 motherboard via internal cabling.

                In addition to that, at the back of the case you'll have the I/O panel from the motherboard itself which will look something like the 5th image from this website:


                Which as you can see has 4 USB3 ports.

                So if they use that mobo I linked I think you should have at least 6 USB ports at your disposal, of which 5 will be USB3 (4 at back, 1 at front) and 1 will be USB2 (at front) however I think 1xUSB2 port at the front will be wasted as the A320 only supports 2 front USBs? Not quite sure how that works.

                • @Subada: Wow that's good news to me!I'm dump with terms like I/O and whatnot so Thanks for taking your time to explain. 5+usb port Sounds like it's plenty to me either way.

    • +2

      Hi Rep - If I ordered, would I be able to request it be sent to me via parts instead of being built in one go? I wanna transplant my still good parts in my current desktop into it (eg. PSU, Cooler etc). Thanks

    • Just clone the ssd using the acronis or any software. Very handy

    • +1

      I bet half the buyers would still be happy if you just shipped the parts instead… and maybe not even all of them - personally at this price anything beyond the GPU & CPU would already seem like a freebie to me. ;)

      Have been eyeing your deals for a while and the price has always been good enough to make it tempting despite the off-brand parts, but most of the previous builds felt too heavy on the CPU and light on the GPU for my tastes. This one however I would have impulse purchased if only I hadn't bought a GPU literally hours earlier. Good deal and good on you for honoring the initial price too.

      • +1

        Appreciate it!

  • Its still available here guys :) .. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192724630853

  • I was tempted by this deal as well, then I checked their webpage, noticed a steelseries mechanical keyboard, which I bought for 170+ from another eBay seller, was labeled around 230 in their webpage, so I couldn’t help thinking there must be some proper reason to justify this low price and of course, they are not doing charities on eBay.

    • +2

      Our website is out of date and eBay is going too nuts to have time to work on it TBH

      • +2

        Not really sure why you guys don't put the same deals on your own website. Then there's no greedy ebay fees right?

        • +2

          We literally haven't had time. Plus eBay boosts stuff that goes well so it goes even better. We're working on it.

      • https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2736800
        Thanks for the clarification, I suppose this thread explains everything.
        For people who don’t want to read, this deal is real, there are some really good stuff with some unbranded/cheap components , which for this price, is normal and could be expected.

        • eBay listing says "brand new"

  • +2

    Got a build from them early and the RAM model is team group TED48G2400C16BK. If anyone got a similar one and want to replace it. I would be more than happy to buy it. PLZ PM me.

    • how is the build though?
      How is the GPU holding up on stress? i mean the temps ?
      have you tested it out yet?

    • You sir, are beautiful.

  • My only complaint is there's too little USB port (1x usb3.0 2x usb2.0)

    • What do you expect, the only good thing about this system is the GPU the rest nah.

      • +1

        Cpu is pretty alright too though. Figured it's time to upgrade from i7-950 & gtx460 combo. A shame about USB port still but for the price it's not bad

  • I can't see this so cheap. Price is good but far to be "unbelievable". Still being a nice deal for sure.

  • i am thinking that there is a catch on this deal.
    Its not believable at all man! 2080 lone cost 1400$

    • +1


      They start under $1200 and many available under $1300

      There was one under $1100 last week:

      • -1

        Yeah i can see that now. The motherboard is like micro atx which prob cost 60-90$. ryzen cost like 240$. and the case 69$ or approx.PSU 60$.ssd 30$ which does sum up to like 1560$.
        considering that, its an OK DEAL. I don't know why people went HAM on it.

        • +2

          Because it sells for less than $1400?

        • Prices from MSY
          GPU $1199
          CPU $259
          Mobo $69
          RAM $89
          Case + PSU ~$80
          SSD $35

          Total = $1731

          So you're saving $337 and it's prebuilt. That's not even including the extra labour cost for building the PC. Damn good deal if you ask me.

          • +1

            @Vert93: I don't see the point in running a high end GPU with everything else as garbage. Better off taking the GPU out and selling the rest and starting a new build from scratch with it.

            Problem is if you go that route you negate the savings you originally make when trying to sell everything else on gumtree/ebay.

            • @bert-lifts: I wouldn't call the components garbage, they're simply low end. However I would replace the PSU given it can take your other components out. Also the MSY prices I quoted are for similar parts.

              Given the GPU + CPU alone is $1458, I can't see how your second statement is true.

          • +1

            @Vert93: You lose 3year warranty on everything, the brands are dodgier and your warranty returns will be a nightmare (msy on the other hand have been good since being fined)

            • @takutox: 3 year warranty point is moot, after 1 year you'll be sending parts back overseas at your own expense and waiting a few weeks for return. I've dealt with Asus (a top tier brand) warranty, and both times it was a pain in the ass.

              Warranty returns would be the same as any online aus pc store, the rep is active here on ozbargain so I'd have a little faith in their warranty given they're bound by ACL.

              Would argue against brands being dodgy, more that they are unknown. I've bought 'dodgy' brands, ASRock, teamgroup, Galax etc and never had a single issue. Except for an Asus graphics card that had a flawed design and this wasn't even acknowledged, and an Asus monitor that shit itself.

              • @Vert93: not sure if srs

                msy handles warranty returns in store for you, and send it for you

  • +2

    Back in stock?

    • Oops bought, I have a problem. Only bought the 1060 i3 8100 bundle a month or so ago..

      • Now you've got something to gift a friend or sibling. :)

        I have a 1080 (laptop) and almost pulled the trigger on this deal. After checking out benchmark videos, the performance gains aren't good enough to warrant an upgrade. The 2080Ti is the one to get.

      • Hey vert, when you bought that i3 8100 bundle did they send through the invoices or receipts for the individual parts in case you need to do a warranty return to the manufacturer?

  • Dumb question but does this have an Ethernet port? I haven't upgraded my pc in years so am just checking.

    • I am 99.99% certain it comes with an Ethernet port. Does it have onboard WiFi? Now, that's the question one should be asking.

      • +1

        Ethernet yep, on board Wi-Fi no. We sell USB adapters. I'm not certain a PCE Wi-Fi card will fit with this card installed.

  • Tempted to get this for the GPU swap it in to my 2700x build and give the system to my brother's kids with my GTX 980. Just not sure I can spare the cash ATM.

    @luketechfast is there an option to upgrade the ram and SSD? Maybe giving up on the hard drive in the process?

    • The upgrade options we can currently offer are listed in the PC UPgrades section, but faster/different brand RAM isn't on the table right now. Customisable is not how we're setup.

  • +1

    You would want the 12 month warranty because the cheap ass power supply they provide will more than likely fry every component in the case along with the 2080. Dont be fooled by these deals, they use the cheapest components available, also the board is a very limited A320 board and to get maximum performance from Ryzen its better to have 2 x 4gb dual channel DDR4 sticks rather than a single 8gb stick.

  • I have sent a DM on Ozb :)

  • +2

    This PC makes no sense. Two good parts which you pay for, rest is junk you basically get free. Why not buy decent parts for the rest of your system?

    • +1

      Some people might want a second PC for free, some people might not have a PC, etc…

    • +1

      Plus lose the 3 year warranty on the parts and no way to check whether brand new or not. Not to mention its a gfx card that 99% of people in this thread would not ever consider buying or using.

      To put in perspective you can get at msy for $1700ish (and that's not even sourcing cheapest) at any time with no coupon with better brands and 3-5 year warranty on everything.

      I'd rather buy the parts sep, or even pay for a build for a bit more with the warranty and better brands, choosing a gfx card that actually suits the games I play. The most people play here are mobas.

      This deal is nowhere near as good as people are making it out to be. You may save $300 but you're losing a ton of quality and warranty.

      • -2
        1. I'm sure this is brand new. Did the rep suddenly come across a massive stock of 2nd hand RTX 2080's?

        2. I've had several Galax cards and they've been great with no issues. 2 year warranty and given its a $1200 graphics card you'd most likely be covered under Australian consumer law for longer.

        3.$1731 not $1700 ish. And that was with cheapest brands.

        Not even going to bother debating any further.

        • Don't bother debating any further then?

          You seem to be very sure of yourself, and nowhere does it state you get warranty past the one year for the system. If you're talking Australian consumer law, all I can say is, good luck..

          You can not request these items to be separate or unbuilt. Just something to think about.

          Also, apart from cpu and gfx the brands are literally no name compared to what you can buy at msy.

          Enjoy the impulse bought average deal I guess?

          • @takutox: 2 year warranty is manufacturer Galax warranty. You realize past 1 year MSY are going to direct you straight to the manufacturer for warranty issues.

            I will enjoy this impulse bought deal. Given the CPU and gfx alone are worth more than the total price of the PC you can't deny the value.

            I'm out, have a good weekend, buddy.

          • +1

            @takutox: Recieved mine somewhat recently. Note that this was a different deal (r3 + 570)

            CPU - AMD (dur)
            GPU - ASUS strix (as per listing)
            Mobo - ASUS
            SSD - Allied (no name, but unlikely to be any worse than a Kingston drive)
            PSU - Allied (would absolutely agree on a swap for this, if only for the sake of mind)
            RAM - Teamgroup. The Brand's on PCCG which is where I'd heard of them prior, but is probably relatively unknown.

            Out of all that, a whole 1 part is worrying. That's a $100 upgrade at most, which would still keep me about $100 clear of a similarly specced system (via pc part picker)

            *After ebay 10% discount mind.

            On the other hand, this deal… realistically you're paying for the card with a free system alongside it. Sell the r5, buy an APU and voila, second PC. Transplant the GPU into another system build. If you aren't doing something along these lines you're crazy. An SSD that small? a Mobo that meh? Who's running stuff like that with one of the best graphics cards on the market?

            TMK the manafacturer would still offer it's warranty by the way. None of the parts are proprietary, so I don't see why they wouldn't.

    • +1

      Yeah, cause no one on OzBargain ever bought junk just because it was cheap or free

  • +1

    Got the Rx580 package, slight buyers regret now that this popped up, but I used my ebay giftcards and that's that.
    Remember to take into account that they're delivering from Adelaide and Startrack doesn't update their tracking regularly.

    Ordered 7th, expected date 12th, now 16th, now Unknown.

    • I have a feeling it's shipping today, if not it will definitely be Monday. Check your tracking again in about 30 mins, or PM with your ebay username and I'll check for you.

      • Thanks for replying,

        It's just been updated to having come into possession of Startrack, interesting that you would add tracking a week prior to shipping out though. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2736800 suggests that this might be common.

        Alright, guess I'll prep the workbench for shuffling parts/breaking warranties by Monday.

  • Brand preference aside, isn't this now a better deal?

    $1400 - 10% = $1260
    i7-8700 is 17% faster: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-5-2600-vs-In...

    • It is an action

  • +1

    Luke, is there an option just to ship the parts unassembled?

    • +2

      Unfortunately not. We discussed it internally but shipping a system like this unassembled has complications for warranties, and we're not in a position (yet) to sell the components separately. On the agenda, but not yet.

  • And I just bought RX580 system for $750. That was with 5% discount code and not the 10% one.

    I should have waited :(

    • Connect to ebay chat support they will give tell them that you used 5% code instead 10% code they many issue you voucher for 5%

      • Alternatively you could ask Techfast for a "refund", but (assuming they'd do it) that could just be painful.

        • In the item description it says full refund if not shipped out. so you should be fine.

  • +2

    Which Galax RTX2080 is this exactly?

  • Anyone got photos of the case?

  • just got my pc from these guys and the graphics card wont display. any help please?

  • 550W? 8 GB RAM? oh lol….

  • +2

    Hi, Can someone recommend me a good power supply that is compatible with this pc and case? I am new to PC building and would like any advice…
    Thanks in advance!

  • +2

    Was going to pull the trigger however after pming Luke he clarified that
    "The 1 year warranty covers the system as long as it is in the original state and not modified; after that we are no longer in control of build or components so the warranty is void. After the 1 year period you would need to go to each manufacturer directly."

    I'm assuming that means installing any other components such as bigger SSD or replacing PSU will void the warranty?

    Like others have mentioned RMA would be a pain. My experience with parts is some do die within the warranty period.
    Had a ATI 7970 die on me after 3ish years and all I did was return it to MSY. After returning it to the manufacturer they replaced it with a ATI R9 290 which is still going strong now.

    Excellent deal for those that aren't going to change any parts.
    For those throwing in different parts I'd consider building your own from a local Umart/Msy.

    • This is my guess with nothing to backup but they'd hopefully be reasonable enough to accept warranty for minor additions with existing parts untouched, e.g. Added more ram, added HDD. I mean, I don't think they'd expect anyone to buy rtx2080 gaming machine to play games with just default 120SSD lol, that's like 2 AAA games max.

      While modification to existing parts would likely void the warranty i.e replacing PSU, replacing cases, etc.

      @luketechfast: clarification please.

      • Or just take the extra ram or HDD out?

        My friend just bought this and I'll be telling him to be ready with a new PSU in 11.5 months.

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