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[Club Catch] 50% off 365 Day Catch Connect Mobile Plans (25GB Data for $17/Month) @ Catch


$135 for 80GB data (6.6GB/Month for $11.25/Month)

$170 for 180GB data (15GB/Month for $14.16/Month)

$205 for 300GB data (25GB/Month for $17/Month)

You will get a voucher code from this deal to use on catchconnect website.

Club catch membership required.

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  • I came here for comments, found none. Too early?

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      Too late, mods deleted all comments.

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    25gb / $17 a month is a pretty good deal…

  • Definitely a great deal if you're part of club catch, nice work!

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      Worth being member of Club Catch just for this deal?

  • Once your SIM arrives, you must activate your service within 30 days of ordering your SIM

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      My current kogan 365-day plan expires in 3 mo. :(

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        You can purchase this up until 28 Jan 2019 :)

        If you are a Club Catch customer selecting this $99.50 Catch Connect voucher, you must add this voucher to your catch.com.au cart and purchase it by 11am 28th January 2019

        • Thanks! Missed this point

        • Voucher must be used by 11am 2nd February 2019. So be careful, it's not 30 days from 28th of January 2019.

          • @Bigboomboom: But then you get another 30 days to activate. So can wait until end of Feb.

            • @djlee: No you can't, you must use Voucher by 11am 2nd February 2019. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

              To be clearer, you can activate your SIM (NOT VOUCHER) 30 days from date of purchase. HOWEVER, Voucher (which is the entirety of this deal) MUST BE USED BY 11AM 2ND FEBRUARY 2019. The SIM alone does nothing, it will not give you any plan, it's just a SIM. The Voucher is the plan, the deal.

              • @Bigboomboom: Read my comment carefully. I said nothing about the voucher. You don't activate a voucher.the whole point of this particular thread is that mrhorse's kogan plan expires in 3 months. So he can purchase the plan end of Jan, then activate the service end of Feb, so he doesn't waste any of his kogan plan.

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                  @djlee: You can't activate the service by end of February, because the SERVICE ACTIVATION expires after 11AM 2nd Feb 2019. Read carefully. The SIM is not the service, the Voucher is.

                  You kind of forgot these kind of deals come in two: SIM + Voucher, and the Voucher which contains the code to activate the service is the deal, not the SIM.

                  Let me rephrase it:
                  You can activate the SIM by 27th of February 2019. However it will be useless if you do not activate the service/voucher by 2nd of February 2019. If you haven't activated the voucher, it expired. You forfeited the 365 days plan. You however, has a active SIM, which you can recharge or taking call but not making call without an active plan.

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                    @Bigboomboom: The voucher is not the service. The voucher allows you to purchase the service for 1/2 price. Your service doesn't activate until you receive the sim and go through the process of activation.

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                      @djlee: With respeCt to both you guys,
                      So wtf is the final result?

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                        @lovepub: From what I can work out…

                        Step 1: You have to PURCHASE the voucher from Catch by 11am 28th January 2019 (Catch Club)
                        Step 2: You have to USE the voucher to order the SIM / Service by 11am 2nd February 2019 (Catch Connect)
                        Step 3: You have to ACTIVATE the SIM within 30 days of ORDERING the SIM.

                        So the theoretical latest date you can activate the service would be Monday 4th March.

                  • @Bigboomboom: Thank you for attempting to warn fellow ozbargainers Bigboomboom :-), although in this instance djlee is correct. Thanks also to phluffed for clarifying the steps involved.

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    For those with no club catch membership you can get 3 months for $6.50 a month ($19.50) and then cancel - add that to the cost of these plans and you still get a good deal + 3 months club catch membership

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      • Wonder if you can buy these with discounted Catch e-gift cards from RACQ (6%)
        Would make the 300gb plan $192 or $16 per month, very tempting!!

    • Didn't it used to be a free trial?

    • can you cancel the membership after 1 month?

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        Minimum 3 months I believe

  • $8.30 for 3.3G mth, $11.25 for 6.6g mth. Great deal and on the Optus network too.

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    Great deal @OP - much better than the 30% saving last time, which I bought 2x 42GB SIMs for $139 each … could have saved $80! Good find tho! Well done!

  • If someone could generate me a voucher, that would be great ;)

  • if anyone has a spare voucher for the $410 plan, i would greatly appreciate it :)

    • The deal says only one per customer.. you can't buy 2 $205 vouchers

      • i know, its only if they aren't gonna use it

    • Plus 1 if anyone has a voucher :) pm me please!

  • This is pretty good alternative to kogan as it has global roaming. Just don't want to get club catch.

  • Hi guys do you know how many you can get? I need 2 of the $99 and 2’of the $170.
    Also it says that sale ends in 6 days. Does it mean I need to add to cart before that date, hence start a membership soon?

    • +1

      1 of each I think

      • Thanks mate I’ll get different ones then.

    • Where does it say sale ends in 6 days?

  • Would like to receive spare voucher if anyone has. As I don’t have a club catch subscription

  • Can existing users change their plans to these? Or do they have to port out and then in again?

  • Aiya signed up to club catch and found out I was already on one of these plans :(

  • If anyone is willing to share their Club Catch with me,

    I’m after the 100 dollar one,
    I have a 15 buck voucher for Catch
    Use the 15 and this becomes 85
    I PayPal you a hundo

    15 bucks for your effort, and my gratitude, which is worth about 60 cents when sold separately

    • The value of the voucher on catch website is $0 so no coupon will work

      • Would it not work like this,

        Buy coupon for 100 off, for 0 dollars.
        Use coupon on 200 dollar phone deal, need to pay the 100 left over.
        Use 15 dollar coupon to bring 100 buck cost down to 85.


    • PM me I might be able to help you

      • Username checks out

  • Anyone know cost of data top up if you use it all up?

    • +1

      Found this:

      There are two Data Extras packs available:

      Your unused data rolls over for future use **

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    Now the KOGAN's main competitor is Catch Connect.Probably KOGAN will take action immediately.

    • +1

      Waiting here too

    • And Lebara, which offers intl calls too.

  • One question. Can I turn off the auto-recharge at Catch Connect? Previously I can't do it at the Belong mobile, then I was forced to lose my credit card and claim a replacement.

    • Yes you can

  • Does someone have an extra voucher that they won’t use?

  • How’s the coverage with Optus?
    Anyone already on catch connect here?
    Also how much extra for roaming overseas?

  • Never mind.
    I found my answers.

  • Great deal. And with 20% gift cards will be even sweeter

    • +2

      Don't think 20% catch cards will work as the transaction will be on the catchconnect website

      • +1

        i realised that now when i wanted to make a purchase. still a good deal though

  • +10

    I used to be with them but after they stiffed by some $60 me on the last 'special' over July (and then attempted to change their T&Cs), I found out the following:

    • They are NOT correctly registered with the TIO - any complaints get sent to Optus. Optus however, has no ability to fix the Catch issues.
    • They have been reported to the ACCC for misleading advertising and to the ACMA for failing to the registered with the TIO in their own right.
    • The TIO seem to think it's not their issue and attempt to send it to State-based fair trading or back to Optus.

    They may be cheap, but for your own protection, you need to be aware that the TIO still have Optus as the listing for their Membership even though Optus cannot see the Catch account and therefore, cannot assist you should something go wrong.



  • +3

    Thanks for sharing Willowtea
    I’ll stick to my Kogan 365

  • Id like a $170 plan voucher if anyone with club catch can help?

  • Come on Lebara

  • +1

    Cheap but kinda risky. All the data is available from day 1. Don't use it all up in a month.

  • Does anyone know how to get a SIM card for catch? Does 365 day voucher come with Sim card? Can I buy a promotional 15$ 90 days Sim plan and then use the voucher later? Or can I just get an Optus 2$ sim from supermarket? Will it work? Thanks in advance

    • After your purchasing, the sim will be free sent to you, just like KOGAN mobile same rule. What you need is just waiting for the sim receiving. The Catch Connect is VNO, it just rents the Optus network. But its sim is different from the Optus ones. You absolutely can't use the optus sim for Catch service.

      • Thanks a lot

        • Ndeo, did you figure out if you can do the $15 90 promo then do this deal? I’m thinking of doing the same thing.

          • @twodollah: Not yet. Hopefully someone has an answer to that on this forum

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    Thanks Jimmy!

  • +10

    If anyone wants a code, PM me and specify which one. I have 10 of each immediately available:

    42GB - $99.50
    80GB - $135.00
    180GB - $170.00
    300GB - $205.00

    • +1

      Sent you a PM - thanks

    • I sent you a PM to thanks

    • Hey mate, i'm unable to message you for some reason… What do you mean by you have codes available? Im after a 300gb and a 180gb plan.

      • Turn on your PMs and I’ll message you. Go to profile > edit > messaging > Tick Allow private messages > Save Preferences.

        The codes discount the plans by 50%.

        • Legend! Would you have 2 x codes for $99.50 plan? Please let me know. Thanks

    • Can you help me for 180gb $170 plan.

      • Please PM me and I’ll be happy to help.

    • +2

      Quantities remaining:

      42GB - 0
      80GB - 11
      180GB (now 205GB) - 7
      300GB (now 375GB) - 13

      I am unable to obtain any more codes after this, they closed the loophole.

      • What was the loophole?

  • Does anyone know if this is for new customers only?

  • New services only

  • Just signed up three of the fam to this. My brother got the 300GB and my parents got 80GB. Switched them from Telstra, $120 a month bill should be around $41 a month now.

    I got myself 3 months of Club Catch for free, haha.

    • Edit: This deal has not expired…. it seems to be ongoing…. I'm with Catch on the 90 days for $15 deal which expires tomorrow, I'm going to switch to Optus for $10 SIM at Woolworths today, then order a 300GB SIM through this deal in late Jan for 12 months as I can't find a better offer.

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