This was posted 2 years 11 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Plus a Bonus $10 off for Purchases Over $50 @ Booktopia [HCF Members]


Save 10% on books, gifts and more from booktopia.
To help celebrate the Thank You program's first Birthday, for a limited time members can receive 10% off PLUS a bonus $10 off for purchases over $50.

Offer ends 2 December, 2018.

Visit and enter the promo code HCFBKT10 during checkout.

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    Was sitting on a cart for about 4 weeks waiting for a deal, this is spot on what I needed. Cheers!

  • Any way to get free shipping?

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      Search for the book on and you get free shipping. They normally still pay out on cashback too (not sure whether that will apply with coupon too).

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        Also free with shipster

        • Great - maybe I can finally make use of my shipster membership! From memory, that one's a $25 minimum spend.

        • Ah, thanks

        • Any idea how this works? I can select the 'free shipping with shipster membership' option but there's no way to enter my shipster account info? Is it going to sign me up to a new account and charge me or something?

  • Bloody hell. Just ordered from book depository!

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    In case anyone tried to check out with a cart just over the $50 mark - the additional $10 won't come off until the discounted cart (after 10% discount) is above $50. So you need a cart of at least $55.56 to take advantage of the extra $10 off

  • That shipping kills it :(

    Bookrepository ended up a little cheaper for what I was after

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      Read above ^^ use booko or shipster. Free shipping :)

      • Oh I thought that was just a price comparison site

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          It is, but when you find the book you want and click through it makes shipping free

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    Worked great through booko's free shipping offer! Selected two books via booko and got extra 10% off, free shipping and also got the $10 off, for over $50 great deal.

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      Interestingly I just tried again and it now saying only one voucher per transaction so not free shipping.

    • Do you have to add each book separately through booko for this to work? I added my first, then 2 more once on the booktopia site and it applied free shipping but wouldn't take the 10% coupon.

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        Think they may be applying a one code per transaction rule now to this offer. can't seem to make it work with booko offer now.

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          Agreed - Same error on my screen. They seem to have closed this loophole…

        • Yeah I think so. I tried using the 10% discount code then and got "Only one Promotion Code can be applied." message. This was after I gained the free shipping by going through booko. It sucks, but for what I wanted it was not that much cheaper anyway compared to the book depository, even with the 10% off + $10 off + free shipping.

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    Not seeing the $10 off now, 10% off still working. Was working about an hours ago. Anybody else experiencing these issues?

    • Yeah me too I don't see the additional A$10 off.

      For my permutation of books, it made no sense to use this HCFBKT10 code.
      Better to take free shipping.

  • I decided to wait till I got home to order and now you can't get free shipping + 10%. It only works out $2 cheaper (compared if I just used free shipping). I'm going to do a price check on other sites.

  • 10% off doesn’t appear to be working. It only shows me the $10 discount with my Shipster free shipping option.

    • That probably works out cheaper they stop letting you stack the 10%, $10 off and free shipping from Booko.

  • Just tried and I get no discount at all just a "Invalid Code" error. The cart total including shipping was $84.

    • Where do you enter it? I can't find it anywhere

      Edit: Oops I see it. There's a massive "Gift Certificate, Store Credit and Promotion Codes" at the bottom of the order list

  • Code was applied until I went through afterpay, then after the transaction went through discount was taken off. So no 10% off, no free shipping from booko, no $10 discount, and books cost more than elsewhere. Booktopia won't refund the difference because they say the code was targeted, feeling pretty PO'ed right now.

  • Tried checking out with this promo code unsuccessfully and Booktopia support told me that the discount is only available to HCF health fund members.

    • How do you prove you are a HCF member? My partner is so I should be able to get the discount.

    • Also getting invalid code

  • They changed it.

    New code is HCFBKT50

    • says invalid code for me

    • Unfortunately they have changed the code again. Would someone be able to provide the new code? Cheers.

  • New Code?

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    • Thanks, only the 10% off but appreciated

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    Code doesn't seem to be working

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    anyone know what the new code is?