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PS4 DualShock 4 Controller $49, Xbox One S 1TB + Fortnite + Gears of War 4 $279, Hisense 55P6 $795, 20% off Blu-Ray @ JB Hi-Fi

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • All colours?

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    no ps4 deals and is this online/pick up and collect as well

    • any ps4 console deals ?

      • id like to know this too!

      • No console deals. Game deals that are cheaper then BIG W: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Tomb Raider for $49 each

        • sweet do you even know if you can buy the console target deal online/pick up at collect?

        • can you post the game deals ?

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          AC Odyssey and CODBLOPS 4 are $49 at JB on Friday?
          Will be biting at those prices

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        I think I saw a ps4 with the new spiderman for $319 in the Big W catalogue

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    Anything for switch?

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    Lucky the sunset orange ps4 controller went out of stock during the sony click frenzy sale. Now I can get it for $7 cheaper.

    • Potentially, this is the "berry blue" pictured

  • In ppls opinions is this a decent Xbox one s deal or do I hold out for Friday deals?

    • Spend the extra money and get the x
      The difference is night and day.

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        completely dependant on the situation. He might just want it for the kids to play kids games on a HDTV. No need to buy an X for that.

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          Even children need a proper HD resolution

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            @iamhurtin: Some people have more important things to spend their money on than pixels. The S model is fine.

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              @PainToad: Have you actually seen the digital foundry tests on the various consoles?

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                @iamhurtin: a minus for that comment? Cheers for that…. :(

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                @iamhurtin: I certainly have. What's your point? Obviously the X is better. But it's certainly not a necessity. Again, there are more important things to spend money on, than video games.

      • Agreed. Life is too short to play Xbox One s when x is only a few hundred more.

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        A slow internet connection coupled with a cheap TV means an Xbox One S is better for me - cheaper and all I need.

        Didn't see the sense in paying more than double for the One X.

    • depends how much hassle you want to save $20 …..it’s a 1 tb xbox …gears of war is $20, and fortnite depends if you play battle royale or the other version which is $40 ….. how handy a store is can be enough for a saving on petrol and time vs longer drive for slight saving.

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      there have been better deals, id wait if you want a few extra games bundled.

    • I have a friend that wants to get an xbox S for backwards compatibility and master chief collection. Is this xbox one s a good deal?

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        Wait to see what Amazon do on friday

    • They were going for closer to $200 last year, but that was a 500GB model and this is a 1TB. I'm hoping we'll see something better, maybe on eBay if there's a 20% off code or something. I'm after an XB1S as a cheap 4K Blu Ray player with the occasional Game Pass game here and there; I already have a PS4 Pro as my main gaming machine.

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    Any Hisense 65p7 deals?

    • Only 65P6 $1,196

      • Damn! Missed the HN deal :( hope something similar pops up

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    The 65” for 912$ delivered was much better.

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      And this is only the 6 series. 7 series has 16 individual backlight zones, which makes a big difference on low end tvs.

      • I think it's got a lot more than 16 backlight zones actually, maybe 64 or a few more. It's hard to tell from their promotional material.

  • Xbox One s price drops begin. After Xmas they were around 280, last week they were closer to 400.

  • Does anyone know if JB will price match the Target / Big W Black Friday PS4 + Spider Man bundle?

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      they should

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    Can you upload the whole catalogue? Pretty please πŸ˜€

    • All the catalogues you want at Shopfully.

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    That samsung gear S3 looks tempting. Any feedback for it?

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      I have the S3 Frontier version. It's a great smartwatch. Battery life varies with what you're doing of course, but I usually get around 2-3 days on a charge. NFC is handy for payments at EFTPOS terminals, saves me having to get my wallet out all the time.

      It tracks steps and distance quite well. If you have location enabled, then its built-in GPS is pinpoint. Pairing it with a set of bluetooth earphones and leaving the phone at home is handy for walks/runs outside.

      No real issues with it.

      Is there anything specific that you want to know?

      • Mainly how is the battery life compared to the Galaxy Watch (which states that it can last up to 7 days) but you answered it already. Does it also get updated to the latest Tizen OS or it stays the same? And I was planning to replace the straps with something sturdier like metal, how easy is the process in doing that?

        Sorry, never owned a smartwatch before.

        • Does it also get updated to the latest Tizen OS or it stays the same?

          The current version is 3.0.2 which I believe is the latest and possibly one of the last updates - No point in updating something that isn't broken.

          And I was planning to replace the straps with something sturdier like metal, how easy is the process in doing that?

          The box comes with a small band and a large band. I'm still using the large band, it's well made and doesn't show any signs of fatigue or wear in the last year of use. It's simple to change the band though, push two tabs to the side and the band comes off. Then pop the new band on. I'd say, try the band the watch comes with first and see if you're happy with it before buying another.

          Other than that, there are, obviously, many different watchfaces you can download for free or pay for the premium looking ones. My current favourite is the free MD89 that shows all basic info at once

          Sorry, never owned a smartwatch before.

          No problems. Let us know if you need more help.

          To expand a little on pennypincher98's comment about battery life. I get Pushbullet alerts every ~30mins, so my watch never really gets a chance to sleep. Using that throughout the day and about an hour of treadmill later in the night, I quite consistently end on 80% battery for that day.

    • My experience with the S3 Frontier (which I got on almost launch) is much the same as Goldfire.
      Does everything I want it to do without any problems. It's great to alert me on my wrist of new messages/emails because I don't always see/feel them on my phone. Battery still lasts 3 days (power saving can last probably a week).

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    Anything on Xbox one controller?

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    Wasnt the Sony XM3s suppose to be going on sale for $299 ?

    • Hope so, Jb did it last year for XM2 and we saw many price drops recently on XM3

  • What's the fine print for the cameras? Is the Sony Rx100 vi excluded?

    • yes, you can see it in the picture if you look closely.

    • You can get the VI via Sony's eBay store for $1,239.20 with discount code PEPPY (20% off RRP).

      • I asked them to list the RX100 VA, they refused too -_-

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    I wish these retailers would stop advertising fortnite as a bundled game :/ it’s a free game for christ sake.

    Might as well advertise game pass and say you get 110 games bundled.

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      No you wont

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      If it's the Deep Freeze Bundle that just released, it holds a 45 dollar RRP, which means you can flip it to a fan.
      If it's the OG version, it still holds a decent value (60 odd digitally, in store copies are very hard to find as well) too.

      Both can be flipped, both have monetary values.

      If it's Fortnite content, like exclusive skins or whatever sold only in console bundles, they too, hold value (and quite a bit) to the hard core kids.

      But if it's strictly just saying you can download the F2P version then yeah, that's dumb. May as well also say it includes the first episode of a bunch of Telltale games.

    • That fortnite code sells for $100. You can sell it for more money than any game :)

      • BShandy - really? I can see fortnitw codes on eBay but not for that much.

  • Oh wow, even the JB-exclusive Berry Blue controller will be the discounted price.

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      Shhh, I want to actually get one before some prick buys up bigs to flip them

    • Where did they say it's exclusive? :O

      • Google it, you cant find that colour at anywhere else

  • Is this only in eastern states

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    The Dualshock 4 controllers also come with a 3 month Stan code!

    • That's great. I think EB accept trade-in of used PS4 controllers for ~$30, so that's $19 for a refreshed controller and 3 months of Stan.

      • I checked Friday and it was $23 for a trade-in.

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          They trade in for $45 at CEX store credit.
          If you want cash they will pay you $35.

          • @riddick4: Seems like a very good deal, but there are no stores near me. Do you have any experience trading stuff in with them?

        • Do they take them with thumbsticks worn off?

    • Anyone knows if this is only for in store purchase?
      Because I don't get mine when I ordered online, but get one in store

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        You asking about the Stan code? Mine came through the next day via email after I made a purchase online

        • Yeah, stan code.
          Just picked it up and got no code.
          I guess I'll wait tomorrow :D

  • No love for XBox one controller..

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      Minecraft wireless for $59 or wired for $29

      • Dont have the catalogue, so cant see that. will appreciate if anyone can upload pic

  • Hey OP, any other TV deals?

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    When is this deal available? (especially the ps4 duel shock controllers)

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      πŸ‘€ 0_o

  • The 55P6 TV is available now, just popped up in an email from JB.
    End date for the TV is 28/11/2018 and there are some other TV's in there too.

  • Considering Xbone S bundles were $199 a few months ago, I'd be hesitant to buy that.

    X was $499 bundle.

    Need to beat these prices.

  • Thanks OP. Was just wondering when 20% off Blu-ray is coming back. This is exactly what I need.

  • Any idea this will be available online for C&C?

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    It's active now!

  • Any existing Stan Premium users tried the code?

    Thinking of getting a Dualshock 4, but wondering if the Stan code is useless to me as I already have Stan Premium

  • I ordered the Berry Blue Dualshock 4 at 7:40pm for pick-up, and JB Dubbo just emailed me that someone picked it up 2 minutes before closing. It wasn't me, and now they've turned off their phones. :/

  • Got a Berry Blue for $46.55 C&C :)

    • How?

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        5% discount on jb Egift card through rewards programme. Already got the notification it's ready for pickup

  • Any other stores in melbourne has model 7200 for ps4 pro, as Springvale has out of stock for C&C?

  • They are $45 at Amazon?

    Minus the 20% shopback = $36

    • Yeah better deal at Amazon, some might prefer JB though as there are more colour options and can avoid delivery fee by getting in store if no Amazon prime.

      20% shopback cashback ended just over an hour ago, now 8% 12%. Keep in mind cashback on amazon purchases excludes gst, so you don't get the full 20% or 12%.

      • 12% shopback cashback

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