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Yamaha NX-N500 MusicCast STUDIO Speakers (White Only) $499.50 Delivered (RRP $999) @ Yamaha


BLACK FRIDAY SALE – 50% off Yamaha NX-N500 multi-room speakers (white model only).

Use code BLACKFRIDAY18 upon checkout. Was $999 RRP – Now $499.50 plus FREE delivery within Australia.

Offer ends 11:59 pm AEDT, 25 Nov 2018. While stocks last.

Best deal for these model of speakers on Ozbargain to date.

Active speakers, MusicCast, Bluetooth, AirPlay, hi-res DAC, Spotify Connect, optical input for TV, etc

Highly rated speakers - online product reviews below:






This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    Comparison price from a quick Google search: Black $679 delivered from Clef Hi-Fi

    • HS8 is monitored passive speakers, built specifically for music creation. They are amazing for what they do but not really suited for leisure music listening. Very different types of speakers.

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        I still don't get why people say this. Logically what is the reason for why music would sound worse on a speaker that is intended to show accuracy?

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          It's not worse, it's just different as it has a different purpose. Which is to highlight flaws as much as possible for the purpose of recording.

          Some people don't like the complete lack of colour(subjective, i think the opposite personally) these speakers present. Most consumer grade speakers will add certain touches to it to make the sound more interesting. It's entirely a taste thing. I have the HS7's myself, and I love listening to music through them, but they are extremely flat and can absolutely grate on people that don't like that and are used to your standard style of speakers.

          • @ONEMariachi: A friend is looking for monitors for a home recording studio with a small footprint. Are these to colored to be used for mixing?

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              @elektron: You can use them, recording generally is always a matter of knowing your speakers. The more you mix on them the better you will understand their flaws and strengths.

              Personally i’d go for the Hs7 or 8’s. Depending on room size. If the purpose is music creation. Monitoring wise you generally want it to be as flat as possible. And you want them to be directly plugged into the audio interface rather than into the PC in order to limit input lag as much as possible. Audio interfaces tend to only have a TRS input for monitors. So something like N500 will have trouble interfacing with that. Though this does depend on your interface, something like the Apollo Twin(my current obsessions and next purchase), has your optical input too.

              In terms of mixing and final stage mastering. Having two types of speakers, cheap and high end headphones and then putting it in a CD and in the car is always the way to go(expensive I know) but you want to vary the options as much as possible to understand it’s sound in a way your audience will end up hearing it- which is most people won’t be listening to them on $500+ devices.

              My set up, is the HS7and Creative T40 speakers. Sony 7506 for recording, Sennheiser HD600 for mixing, then shove it on the phone and use the iPhone headphones to test them on cheap headphones- as well as the QC35’s.

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                @ONEMariachi: Great advice, thanks.

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                  @elektron: You're welcome. I've been doing this for a number of years now. So if you need any further advice. Feel free to shout out.

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          I've had plenty of speakers grate on my ears due to inaccuracy (too much bass, too much high frequencies), and I prefer flat/accurate speakers for that very reason.

          Most of the 'color' comes from just altering the frequency response slightly. If that's the case, you can probably apply an EQ to get a similar sound on the 'flat' monitors. If the color is from a spiky frequency response or poor transient response, I would consider those deficiencies in the speaker rather than 'color'.

          It also depends what you listen to - if you're listening to heavy metal, and it's being accurately reproduced, it probably will become annoying after a while due to being reproduced with the proper transients etc. But if you're listening to classical music you probably would prefer the more accurate speakers.

          So, I'm not trying to say that one kind of speaker is better - you might very well like one speaker which measures worse than the other one. However, monitors are intended to be used for professionals, so at the very least you're guaranteed to get a certain frequency response when you buy the speaker. If you want a particular tone, you can apply EQ to your taste afterwards.

          If you want to 'study' a bit on the matter, I would highly recommend this: http://noaudiophile.com/reviews.php

          The reviews take actual measurements of the speakers, so you can understand in a more logical and visual way. He not only has super expensive speakers, but also some very cheap ones, so you can see the difference.

          All that said, bad speaker placement/having a room with excessive reverb can make any speaker sound bad. Room size heavily impacts low frequency response, too.

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          Speakers made to show accuracy show sibilance. Depending on what equipment a song was mastered it may not be fun to listen to.

          Eg senheisser headphones. 95% of the music you listen will sound good on it, no complaints. Now listen to a pair of beyer dynamics, sibilant, very sharp. It's made to elevate nuances to make you hear everything when mastering

      • HS8 is indeed a powered speaker. Are you thinking of NS10s?

        • Sorry, that was my bad, confused my terms around there as I was thinking of how they have to be plugged into an interface in order to work, as they only have a XLR, or TRS outputs.

      • Looks active to me.

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      NX-N500 is very similar to the hs5.

      I own both the NX-N500 and hs8 and find them to have a very similar sound.

  • Is there a mailing list for these offers in future or do you usually just post to OzBargain?

  • Great price - I have a pair of these (in white as well) and they are excellent (I paid $565 for mine and I though that was a great deal) - I do however have other Yamaha MusicCast gear so that's also handy (e.g. for playing audio from source equipment in one room to speakers in another or for synchronised music in multiple rooms, etc)

  • I’d love to get these as PC speakers for a clean Desktop rig work setup. Can anyone tell me if it’s great for literally- turn on pc instant no effort or selecting wireless pc connection ?

    • Standard YouTube + IKEA studio setup? Lol

      • +3

        I'm an influencer RESPECT ME!

        • Hahaha. This.

    • They have a USB audio interface built in.

    • I got a pair about a month ago, they have been flawless and bulletproof connection wise. Everything just works.

  • 5600bmk2 at 50% off would be nice :)

  • Noob question, since they are individually powered and I can't seem to find a power button on either, does this mean it's constantly on until unplugged?

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      the power button is on the remote control. Just like your tv, you can put it to standby, but not 100% OFF.

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      They are individually powered and one speaker has a power button on it. The two speakers connect to one another via an Ethernet type cable and XLR then the unit with the power button controls the other.

      They automatically sleep after a period of no signal and you can define the timeout period. They automatically turn back on when you send signal from Bluetooth or Airplay and probably other sources as well.

      There is also a remote control included.

      • Thanks sounds good.
        Finally replacing my Audio Engines A5 as one side has died and now it also picks up interference from my Logitech mouse scroll wheel.
        Strange I know but scrolling with the wheel will induce sound from the speaker.

  • I assume these won't work as surrounds even with the latest musiccast receivers?

    • would like to know this too

    • Doesn't seem like they would work with MusicCast surround. Still a good price though.

  • -1

    Latest Blueteeth 5? Or compressed low quality music via Blueteeth 4?

    • Yay to airplay

      • Airplay uncompressed?

        • Good point. Hope its Airplay 2 compatible.

        • Airplay is uncompressed up to red book, which is absolutely fine.

    • +1

      I think's there's only one chip so it's bluetooth.

    • +1

      I think you're getting confused by marketing.

      There is no lossless Bluetooth. They do claim the best quality compression is "almost lossless" (which is a meaningless phrase since no loss != almost no loss).

      You will have almost CD quality if you listen to FLAC (which is genuine lossless) but you will have significantly less than CD quality if you listen compressed music and then compress it again over Bluetooth.

  • Could i put these outside under the patio?

    • Nope, they're not weather proof. Though it could work if they're covered/in a cabinet, but each speaker requires power and there's 2 other cables that need to connect both speakers.

  • Nice!

  • Why white Only? I prefer black or wooden color….:(

  • Airplay 2?

  • What speaker stands would you guys reccomend for this?

  • -1

    Amyyy amps on special?

  • +1

    I've been thinking of buying these speakers for almost 2 years…..

    • Same here for over 5 years, but not the white color…

  • I love music and I am new to music production (and audio) and was wondering if these would be a good long term solution? Do I need extra equipment like an amp, subwoofer, soundcard etc. to fully benefit from these? Sorry for the rookie Q's.

    • +1

      these are great standalone units. shouldn't need anything else unless you wanted to add a sub which isn't really necessary for computer use as the bottom end is solid.

  • Ugh I had these, sold them after a month.

    They require a stupid amount of cables, Spotify playback was constantly stuttering and the app is awful. I ended up getting some non-smart speakers and pairing them with a Chromecast audio.

    I'd stay away.

  • Is this speaker smart enough to detect the input? Or do I always have to select the input from the remote?

    • +1

      you need to select the input from the remote

  • Very attempted.
    If I need to play music from my PC wirelessly, the only way is via Bluetooth?

    • If you us a mac/iTunes, you can Airplay to these speakers also…

    • You can use a music server program called Minimserver, there is a source selection on the speakers called 'server' which picks up my music drive and can access all my music that way. Also Apple music from laptop or phone with Airplay.

  • Was seriously considering it at my local Harvey Norman closing down sale. Seems like a great set. Really versatile.

  • -1

    Dali Zensor 1 are better and cheaper.

  • VS Elac UB5?

  • Yeah, bought one, somehow I was thinking Speakers like HS5 HS7, this one looks nice.

    Also it seems like the link is gone, I googled it and placed the order.

  • Thought them overnight and ordered them this morning.
    Now to see how long delivery takes.

  • Just bought a pair. Looking forward to getting these in and setting them up!

  • I am thinking of Denon HEOS 3 HS2 …better reviews.

  • Anyone else have any issues placing an order? I clicked place order and I just got a spinning wheel. I got an email in plain text with an order number but the amount showing was $0. The last time I ordered something from them (the $150 wireless headphones) I got a proper email from them so I have no idea whether it worked or not. Their website's kinda hot garbage.

    • Didn't get that problem.
      Had to use Chrome though.
      Maybe you got lucky and it's $0.
      I've just received mine today and am using it out.
      Won't be able to know how much better until they wear in.

    • Gave them a call and they confirmed that the order hadn't gone through, so I just placed the order again and it looks to have gone through properly this time. Looking forward to getting them! I've done well with Yamaha audio products over the years, so I'm expecting good things from these too

  • Worth every penny. They sound noticeably better than my Kanto YU6 for desktop PC use. Cable management is a pain though
    I would highly recommend it at $500

    • Those XLR cables surprised me.
      Really thick but looks sturdy.
      Now that I have new speakers, my RCA cables looks old and cheap because I'm using these free ones from 90's VCRs.
      So off I go and got $150 Oyaide ones.
      Damn I hope I'm not going to start with amp then headphones upgrade.

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