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Aqua Systems 20m Wall Mounted Auto Hose Reel $38 (was $57.90) @ Bunnings Warehouse


The Aqua Systems 20m Retractable Hose Reel is the ideal garden hose accessory, allowing you to maintain a tidy garden, without worrying about the clutter of a garden hose. Sturdy and durable this hose reel makes life easy with the easy retracting system. Ideal for all gardens!

Includes 12mm adjustable nozzle
Sturdy and durable design
Easy retracting system

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    If it's not a Hoselink, you're the trailer trash of the neighbourhood.

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    Why does the hose flop down like that?

    • +9 votes

      After 3 minutes of use…

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        Lasts longer than me :-(

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      Is there one that sticks up?

      • +3 votes

        You have to turn it (the water) on.

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        Hugh's on first.

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      Because it is kink free?

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      Depends on how and who is holding the hose




    Anyone with experience with this/similar product? Got a cheap retractable one from Kogan in the back garden and it seems to go OK, looking for a replacement for the front as well.

    Not particularly minded to spend the Hoselink asking price.

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      I've been using one in my garden for about 12 months. Going strong so far, I changed the end hose fitting to a trigger type one though.

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        same. had mine for maybe 24 months and not a single problem. also changed the nozzle to a better quality one on day one.


          Yep another happy user here, I don't recall paying $60 though I'm thinking this has been on special before?

          Anyway works a treat, worst case I figured I could take it back if junk but its been good, takes some getting used to making it 'lock'but you'll figure it out after swearing a bit!

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      I bought one of these to service my front yard and I have a nylex for my read yard. I can definitely notice the difference in quality between the two hose reels but for the average user it should do the trick. The only real issue I find with it is because the quality of the hose itself isn't the greatest often it flattens out when its rolled up which reduces the pressure. If i haven't used the hose in a week or so I have to pull the entire length out so that it springs back to get the full water pressure.

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      I bought one of these on special, after reading positive reports from other people on OzB.

      Unfortunately my experience wasn't as good. Installed the thing, only to find that water pressure was very poor. It didn't matter if it was wound / unwound. After a few tries of winding / unwinding it failed to retract and there was nothing I could do to get it going. Was a bit frustrated with the experience so I returned it for a refund.

      I bought a Holman 10m as a replacement. I don't know if the internal mechanism is any different, but surprisingly the wall fitting was exactly the same as the Aqua Systems one - I suspect they come from the same factory in China.

      All up, I'm guessing I was just unlucky and got a dud, but that's my experience.

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    I returned both the ones I had. Hopefully they have fixed the design but if you pull hose all way out then it starts leaking and also wouldn't recoil after a few months. I used it fairly regularly so might be ok if an occasional hose.

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      but if you pull hose all way out then it starts leaking

      That's your fault, you should never fully retract the hose.

      Even Hoselink warn you not to and suggest you put some electrical
      tape at a foot or two before the end.

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        Ouch, sounds like a hideous design fault - especially since I may be something like 20m away from it when I need to see that tape!

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          It's not a fault it's a limitation, you can't pull the hose all the way out of a reel, regardless of brand.

          And you can see the tape easy from a distance, just use a contrasting colour.

          My Hoselink hose is beige and I use black cloth tape, can easily see it.

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            @Scab: It would be easy to rectify by design though…

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            @Scab: If the manufacturer suggests that the customer should put tape indicating when you should stop retracting the hose, when that should be done by them to cover this issue, it's a flaw.


              @redpen: It's not a flaw, it's using a product within it's limitation.

              No different than any other product.

              Guess what, pulling a hose all the out will rip it out from it's connection.


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                @Scab: Neg away armchair hose experts who hate hearing facts.

                Hope you don't drive if you can't handle a hose.


                  @Scab: I put a bit of electrical tape on the bonnet though so I'm good.


    Hills auto reels also on sale I believe.

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    So I bought one of these 3 months ago at $43.90 sale price - mounted it, sprayed it, and retracted in repetition daily over the last 3 months. I had not had any performance issues like many others did, even posted the deal on OzB. 5 stars.

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    Just make sure you keep your receipt. I’ve bought a couple of cheapies like this and a few not so cheap and only a few have lasted more than a couple of years.

    Bunnings at least are very good on warranty returns. I had a Holman that stopped retracting one month before the warranty ran out - full refund with no argument.

    Now trying the Ho$elink.