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SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC 400GB with Adapter $122.78 + Delivery (or Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


I was a bit hesitant to get it from Joybuy as I have doubts if it's genuine. Now that Amazon US (via AU) have it for $123.63 (with Prime), which becomes about $113.74 with 8% cashback, it's a no brainer. Except for that Joybuy deal this is the cheapest price ever.

Combine with Amex $15 credit if you're targeted and haven't used it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • Tomorrow is going to be exciting, so many deals already!

  • Been waiting for a deal on this, was about 159 earlier… Bought.. Now to hope it doesn't drop further!

  • I need one for my walkman. Thanks OP.

    • 400GB of songs?

      • Hi-Res Audio takes about 1GB for an album.

        • So 400 albums then? You need that big a library on one PAD?

          • @lostn: note 9 128 GB and 256 sd card still struggle sometimes ( $K videos from the camera, HI-Res songs and 4k movies.

            • @DisabledUser247630: If you try to bring your entire library with you, I can imagine you will fill it up.

              For a portable device, you need some self restraint. Just grab the very best albums you listen to the most.

              backup your videos to the cloud.

              • @lostn: while I want to agree with you, 1 4k movie with atmos = more than 12Gb, 1 Hi-Res album = 1GB or more, and 4k movies oh God! When you have that much space you wouldn't be compromising.

                • @DisabledUser247630: I'm not arguing 400GB is overkill for your phone or tablet. I myself bought two of these.

                  But PlushToys is getting a 400GB card for his walkman, which is not going to play 4K videos. 400GB in music is a lot. You're giving examples of 4K video which of course are huge, and I'm not going to argue with that. But 400GB in albums? That's a hoarder who doesn't know how to wisely choose what to take and what to drop.

                  • @lostn: you are right regarding the music!

                  • @lostn: Some people like to just dump most of their collection onto a card so they don't have to think about what they may want to listen to. Some people listen to music all day every day, and that makes it even more annoying having to swap things in and out.

                    • @nmartin84: If there's enough hours in a day to listen to it all, sure.

                      You still have to think about what you want to listen to. The more you have, the harder it is to sift through and decide what you want to play.

                      It's called choice paralysis. I experience it with video games. When I was younger and had few games I played a lot. As I got more and more games, I couldn't decide what to play and ended up playing less games.

                      If I had 400 albums on the card, it would take ages to decide what to play next. You could go random, but rarely is every song in your 400 albums one that you want to listen to. An album normally has a handful of good tracks and the rest is filler that you skip.

  • +2

    I have the one from Joybuy. Took only 7 days to arrive which is fast by CN standards.

    They are genuine. On the back is a scratchy with a security code you can use to check if genuine, similar to Xiaomi products.

    The packaging has some Chinese on it. But you are still covered by Worldwide Lifetime warranty.

    I have dealt with Sandisk before. It is relatively painless. I gave them a faulty Ultra MicroSD, and they replaced it with a brand new one that is the updated model and faster.

    • +2

      Ok fair enough.

      But I'm just wondering how can they check if it's genuine only by entering a security code? I mean, counterfeiters could simply duplicate the same numbers over and over again. They probably have a few sets of numbers available.

      • +1

        When you check it, it will tell you how many times the code has been checked. If someone else has checked it before you, you know it's a duplicate.

        Every card would have a unique number.

        I just tested it. Scratching it off reveals a QR code which takes you to a website and pre-enters the unique code. Make sure you visit the site on Chrome so you can auto translate because the site is Chinese.

        When I did it a second time, it said the code is correct (also shows a photo of the expected card, including the class and capacity) but it has been queried before. If unsure, contact the number they provide to manually query. They will provide info on when was the first time that code was queried and the query method.

        • -2

          and why should we trust what the chinese site saids?
          it could be setup to be part of the scam.

          • @pinkybrain: Sandisk China makes things for the Chinese audience, thus their checker is chinese.

            But if you want to be that way, suit yourself. Scams like that would not be limited to Chinese in any case. An english site could just as easily be set up as a scam.

            • @lostn: you didn't mention it was sandisk china in your first comment, you just said a chinese site..

              how would the english site be a scam, if it is a legit https://www.sandisk.com.au/ site etc..

              only way is if they hijacked the domain

              or ppl didn't check for the official site and just blindly accepted what the QR code site launched.

              • @pinkybrain: I didn't mention it because it was obvious. Stating the obvious is an insult to people's intelligence and I don't like to do that.

                If you have a Sandisk product from China with Chinese packaging on it, of course it's going to link you to Sandisk China. Why would you assume otherwise? No professional company would outsource their online verification to a third party.

                how would the english site be a scam, if it is a legit https://www.sandisk.com.au/ site etc..

                The url is verify.sandisk.cn

                If you make the assumption that Sandisk China's site could be a scam, then so could sandisk.com.au. Obviously the former is not true for the same reason as the latter.

                • @lostn: It isn't obvious if you consider that there is many counterfeit memory cards sold in china..
                  Therefore it is safer to be skeptical.

                  The assumption wasn't sandisk official china's site is fake..
                  The assumption is the memory card is fake,
                  so if the sandisk product you bought is a fake in the first place
                  then whatever site the QR code launched is fake as well..

                  There is way too many fake memory cards sold in china
                  so it is safer to assume most of the cards are fake..

                  I bought brand name memory card from china site before
                  and it turn out to be fake
                  so I would never trust buying any memory cards from china again..

                  At least if I buy on ebay
                  there is paypal buyer protection etc..

                  The difference in price after coupon code is not that much
                  and I can receive it much faster..
                  and any problems occur, I can use paypal buyer protection.

  • +2

    Worth considering whether you need 400GB. Its an awesome price for that, but the 200GB units are $46 so you can save money or get 600GB across 3 units for just over $135. 256 GB is $61 so 512GB for $122, slightly less than this.

    In many cases a single card is way more convenient so this is still a great buy, but if you're happy to swap cards check out the lower capacity ones too. As long as you meet the $49 min spend for Amazon US free shipping there's some amazing deals there.

    • +1

      Well most devices only have 1 slot available and they're designed to be difficult to swap, not to mention the risk of losing that second card.

      • +1

        the same could be said about a single card getting data corruption…

      • Don’t get me wrong, my pick is the single larger card. The crowd that favours GB per $ though and who are happy to swap cards, or don’t really need that 400GB, might get more bang for the buck from the smaller ones.

        • It just depends on the usage purpose/requirements

          If it is for a game console e.g. switch
          then a single card is better,
          but if it gets corrupt, then that is a lot of data you need to reinstall.

          I like the 512GB
          but right now that is too expensive.

    • My 200gb in my switch is full… I need this… Haha

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up with the 12.5% Cashrewards for Black Friday.

  • Just saw that Amazon AU have dropped their price to $121.99, slightly cheaper than Amazon US. Link https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B074RNRM2B/, but I can't switch the deal's store to Amazon AU.

  • What is the price if you don't have a prime subscription?

    • +1

      Buy from AU site, see my comment above. You don't need prime subscription.

  • Thanks! :)

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