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Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Vacuum $585.75 + $76.44 Postage (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Shopback Cashback 10%

Animal has bigger bin & Torque Drive Brushroll over Motorhead version

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +7

    doh … i got the motorhead version. and now i have buyers remorse.

    • I am on the same boat. Does anyone know whether we can cancel our Motorhead order and order this instead?

      • Check your amazon order. If it’s not shipped usually you can click cancel

        • +1

          Same as above but mine says "Shipping Soon" and there's no cancel :(

          • +1

            @GTR12: Contact live chat. They will help you.

      • If it's shipped (like mine) you're outta luck. You'd need to pay return shipping back to US

        • Thanks for the feedback.

        • I have cancelled my v7 order after it was delivered. They cancelled it and already recieved refund.

  • -1

    Too bad its US version, long wait and needs adaptor.

    • +2

      I have it, no issue.

      • You own the us version? Do you have to purchase a aus adapter separately?

        • +5

          You just need a US to AU plug adapter, you can get one for $5-$10. The charger itself is universal voltage.

          • +1

            @qwertimus: i dont' get why some people made this into such a big issue….I thought they were talking about a stepdown transformer; but no it's literally just a plug adapter….

            • +1

              @mbck: @mbck you are right its only a plug adapter $1 each from ebay

            • @mbck: Warranty issue? Can you register it in Australia?

          • -1

            @qwertimus: How about the voltage , would that be a issue of using the us version directly to the aus household?

            • @helloeatty: its just a AC-DC plug, much like a laptop charger. it should take a range of input (say 100-260v) and output the required DC for charging the dyson

  • Awesome, now just need to find the hard floor head, then it's absolute deal!

    • Patiently waiting for V10 absolute deal.

      • There is one at Bing Lee ebay for 800.
        But I'm hoping for 700ish

    • Can I use hard floor head from BY or V8?
      Very tempted at this pricing. How the warranty claim please?

      • I think u can use v7 or v8. They look the same.

      • Apparently Dyson don't recommend interchanging the motorised heads as they are different voltage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIHirwmIqfI

  • +1

    Taking all my will power to hold off on this. Hoping it means that local stock will drop in price soon…. Just finding excuses to not buy…

  • What`s the difference between this and the absolute+?

  • $600 for a Dustbuster?! :)

    I keep seeing this dyson stick vacuum icon on OzB , and have finally clicked out of curiosity.
    What is the big deal over a regular Hoover?

    • +13

      They are the most powerful handheld, and can replace your regular cabled vacuum.

      Trust me, they are one to have, replace your robots too.

      Just pick up and vacuum, and recharge.

      The missus is addicted to it.

      Then get one of those noise-cancelling headphone.

    • +5

      I was once like you.
      It changes the way you vac.
      Rather than lugging out the Hoover getting the connectors out, continually unplugging the unit to switch plugs to complete the house.
      Youve got something at hand to quickly vac something up and rather than a big clean, you just clean whenever.

      Happy convert via a v8 animal. Had a corded Hoover now gathering dust. Got it for sub 500, that was my max heh. Although that's a joyous price.

      • -3

        and I got downvoted for stating this opinion on the Miele deal.

  • great price, I picked up one a few months ago from an ebay sale for 764, Its bound to come down soon here

  • +1

    I am not saying that vacuuming has become a joy, but the umph this thing has, and the sound it makes once you disengage the vacuum button… pure SF magic!

  • +1

    Is that price in AU or US

    • +1

      AU price including GST

  • what are their differences btw moterhead and animal in V10? And which one is more pricy in rrp?

    • +1

      Bigger bin and better brush bar motorised head. For the extra 40 dollars (pre-cashback etc) I would get the V10 animal.

      I have the V10 absolute I got as a product tester. Just bought the motorhead for a family member as a christmas present but wish I waited an extra day for the V10 Animal!

  • +6

    Dyson are dropping in price and it may be because of the release of the new Bosch unlimited stick vacuum. According to reviews it performs better than V10 and has an exchangeable battery for limitless running

  • +1

    Anyone else waiting for a LG A9 multi/Master under $500?

    • Yeah where? Noone seems to sell it nor having that price

    • This post is going to sound like Dyson fan boy propaganda, but is the reason I ended up going for the V10 instead of the A9 (haven't got it yet, still waiting on delivery).

      1. The filter on the A9 only filters down to 2.5 microns whereas the V10 claims 0.3 microns. Since the exhaust vent actually points a bit towards your face on the A9 rather than out to the side on the V10, I was worried about my face being blasted full of dust mite feces that are smaller than 2.5 micron.

      2. The V10 has been proven to be a totally sealed system with no air leaks before the exhaust vent. The A9 may be just as well sealed too, but I couldn't find any actual tests confirming it.

      3. The filters seem to be more work to clean on the A9 (see maintenance section of this review: https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/product/lg-a9master2x-cordzero-...). Basically the A9 has the metal filter plus 2 other filters to clean, whereas the V10 has a self-cleaning metal filter, and only 1 other filter to clean (the one at the top). Also the A9 having a smaller bin adds to the work.

      4. The cleaning power of the new torque drive brush head on the V10 is supposed to be the best of any stick vac and I seriously doubt the A9 would be better in that regard. But again, no testing of the A9 to prove it.

      However the A9 is much better priced and comes with 2 batteries. Dyson really should offer the same thing.

      Also Dyson fails on large solid debris like Froot Loops which if you suck up too many get stuck in the motor inlet.

      edit: and now I just found out Dyson are shafting Australian (and UK!) customers by not giving them the new Torque Drive brush attachment. They are instead giving us the old one that was on the V8. Thinking of cancelling my order now…

      • Just get the Bosch unlimited. Which is more Dear than dyson v10 but much better just a bit heavier

  • +7

    Everyone weds to know that Australian stock of the V10 comes with the old Direct Drive Motorhead, not the new Torque Drive Motorhead (US Animal & Absolute use the new Torque Drive head).

    • +2

      Wow that is a great point!

      • +1

        I had no idea until I was chatting with a couple representatives the other day. It's confusing and somewhat disappointing given there are multiple benefits to the Torque Drive head. Crazy!

    • +1

      WTF! I just bought one thinking I was getting the Torque drive.

      Actually a not-insignificant part of the reason I went with it over the V8 was that attachment.

      I am extremely annoyed now.

      Because I thought it was only the UK that didn't get it. And Dyson is a UK company! Shame. Really annoyed. Maybe I will cancel the order.

      • This one has the torque driven head.

        • +1

          I didn't buy it from Amazon, I got it from an Au seller on eBay last week. But it hasn't bee sent yet so maybe I can still cancel it and order one from US instead.

    • +1

      Before I read your comment I was thinking about waiting for the Australian stock to get to this price. But since the new Torque Drive Motorhead is indeed an improvement I decided that this is a really good deal.


      P.S. Dear Dyson, it should not be a pain in the arse to figure out which model of your top vacuum cleaner I should buy. Seriously, studying the difference between Motorhead/Animal/Absolute and then accounting for different appliances in different countries is not fun at all.

    • It's actually not a matter of old and new head, the Torque drive is just exclusive to the American Market.

  • +3

    Personally I think Absolute price will come down in the coming days…

  • Being holding out for a v10 animal or absolute to drop this low since the eBay sale all those long months ago.. happily pulled the trigger on it!

  • Can u buy the fluffy head on its own? Surely wouldn’t be more than $100?

    • I saw ebay is selling over $150 AU cos Dyson doesn't sell them alone.

  • +1

    agreed with amazon to cancelled motorhead over chat and ordered this. thanks OP

    • Where and how?

      • +2

        Asked them via chat. My order was at ‘advanced shipping stage’ so they are going to try and cancel by asking shipping company. If it gets delivered they said refuse delivery or if that doesn’t happen; return and give them invoice of charges, they will refund order amount + shipping.

        • I just did that too but now holding off on buying Animal for now for Absolute.

        • Really stupid question, but where is the chat located? I cant find it.

        • I did exactly the same, since mine was in advanced shipping status they will contact the carrier directly to return it to Amazon with a refund. Ordered this instead, cheers!

          • @yanivsr: I have tried 3 times contacting via chat and they can’t see order as it was placed via Australian site.. and just tell me to contact Australian amazon grrr

  • Can we sign up for Prime trial to save on shipping?

    • Of course. At worst pay for a month’s worth $5 fee and get prime for the rest of the month. Just remember to cancel

  • +1

    Will i get aus warranty on this one? what if the product is defective?


    • +2

      Dyson has international warranty, so it doesn't matter if its Australian stock or not.

      • +1


        • Yes, i spoke with them today, the warranty is international. If i am not mistaken its up to 5 years.

          • +1

            @yanivsr: You better double check your data.

            Warranty is only 2 years: https://shop.dyson.com.au/vacuum-cleaners/handstick/dyson-cy...

            I have a v4 which was bought from UK failed within 2 years but it was not covered under Australia warranty.

            And my locally bought v6 failed within 2 years also but was covered under warranty.

            • @iamcoke: That's make sense, i wasn't sure about the length of the warranty but its definitely covered under the international warranty. According to their site, it is covered for 2 years.

              • @yanivsr: Can you point me to the page where international warranty is stated?

                It can't be just a verbal.

                • @iamcoke: Could not find official statement over the website, but Dyson representative have registered me to their portal and sent me a text message with direct link so i would be able to enter the serial number once arrived. He was well aware that it was purchased from Amazon US and also he recommend purchasing Australian charger and i agree (although you can plug it by using US/AU adapter only). You can call them tomorrow or search the web, there are many users reporting that they were able to register their units over Dyson portal when purchased from official international seller.

        • There are two register websites. Australia one is separate from the International One. You wont be able to register on the Australia webiste but of coz you can register on the International website.

          Pretty sure someone from another post said that they cant register their Internation Dyson on Australia website.

        • How will my guarantee be affected if I move abroad?

          The guarantee provided is applicable to the country in which the product was purchased. If the product is taken abroad the guarantee may not apply outside of the country of purchase. However, we will always endeavour to assist you in your new country of residence. For advice please call our customer service helpline on 1800 239 766.


  • Thx op. Bought this and will return V10 motorhead when it arrives for a refund.

    • Hi drezy, can you explain what and how you are doing this please?

      I only ask as I ordered the V10 Motorhead too and the order now says that it has just shipped. Is there a way that I can cancel that order and get this one instead? Or will I have to pay for shipping to return the first order?

      I would really appreciate your advice.

      • +1

        Asked them via chat. My order was at ‘advanced shipping stage’ so they are going to try and cancel by asking the carrier to ship it back directly to Amazon. If it still gets delivered, they said refuse delivery and then it will be send back for them for refund processing or accept the package and return to them while giving them invoice of charges, they will refund order amount + shipping.

        • Hi yanivsr,

          I have looked everywhere - and done the Google search too - but cannot find the place to chat. Can you help me with a link or directions please?

          • @d123: Go to Amazon, click help and then contact us, then you can choose specific order that you need help with and choose the preferred communication option - chat.
            I just talked with them again and the representative sent a request the the carrier to return it back to Amazon for refund, still if it will arrive to my address he suggest me to refuse delivery and then it will get back to Amazon for refund (without the need for me to accept it and paying for the shipping cost).
            I read about it and it is official Amazon policy for cancellation and refund for packages that already shipped and cannot be canceled over the orders list.

            • @yanivsr: yanivsr thank you so much. We are thrilled to get the upgraded model. THANKS

              • @d123: Yow welcome! im also excited to get the Animal instead of to motorhead for just ~$40 more. Amazon are very helpful and easy to dealt with in regards to returns and refunds.

      • +1

        Hi d123,

        Mine had already been shipped, so I simply went into "my orders" and begun the refund process. As soon as I receive the V10 Motorhead I wont even open it, place the return label on the box and take it to the post office and ship it back to Amazon. They will refund any shipping costs incurred. I've returned a few items already back to Amazon AU so I am quite familiar with the process! It's really quick and easy. You should get the refund back within a couple days of it returning to Amazon.

        • Hi drezy,

          Thanks so much for your message!

          My item has also been shipped (only just), and if I click on "return item" it asks me to give a reason (eg Bought by mistake, better price available, etc, etc). Which one did you choose?

          Secondly, since the V10 Motorhead is being shipped from the US, are you confident that when you return it, you won't be charged the ~$80 for return shipping?

        • Probably cost $200 to post it back.

          • +1

            @Roobarb: I just talked with them again and the representative sent a request the the carrier to return it back to Amazon for refund, still if it will arrive to my address he suggest me to refuse delivery and then it will get back to Amazon for refund (without the need for me to accept it and paying for the shipping cost).
            I read about it and it is official Amazon policy for cancellation and refund for packages that already shipped and cannot be canceled over the orders portal.

            • @yanivsr: Thanks, i will call again and see if they can do the same

  • what will be the warranty on this one?

  • Waiting for absolute.

  • I pulled the trigger on this one; with Prime delivery and Shopback's credit the final price works well for me!

  • +1

    FYI. The 3 versions of Dyson V10 are described here:

  • I just got one from Bing lee eBay.. anyone know if I can cancel and still get back my 5 $100 gift cards?

    • +1

      Just send a message to Bing lee eBay and they should cancel and refund your vouchers.

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