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[PC, PS4, XB1] Fallout 76 + Fallout 4 GOTY Edition $80 @ EB Games


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Link available after 12:01 on the 29th

Not a personal buy for me but Fallout 4 GOTY is well worth a buy

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  • I'm actually contemplating getting this deal.

    I know fallout 76 got bad reviews, but it really does't look that bad as a game to play with a group of pals.

    • +20

      Oh wait. It'll be $20 in a month. It is really bad btw, friends or not, it's a travesty.

      • I've got a few friends playing it currently that enjoy it as a time filler.
        I agree it looks like a mess. But for that price I'm not really risking a lot. Worst case I play fallout 4 a lot instead.

        • +1

          $20 I might consider buying this game.

        • You can get fallout 4 for $5-$10 now. Check a cash converters or the used section of eb games.

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        Will get it when its free in Jan then ;p

      • -4

        I don't see how it's bad. Iv played all the fallouts since 3 and seriously it's a good game to play with friends.

        I've got my money's worth 10xfold with the price from Amazon. I guess it just depends whether you like playing online or not.

        • I guess Its just because its more a game we enjoy.

          I'll probably buy it regardless soon enough.

        • +1

          Yeah the reviews speak for them selves

          F04 is the last game I will own and no more with bethesda

    • A lot of people are bad mouthing it without even playing it or doing any research on it. I haven't bought it because to me it seems like a half assed game they were thinking people would see 'Bethesda and multiplayer' and jump on it. If they sold it for $20-$30 straight up no one would whinge about no NPCs and enjoy it for the multiplayer experience it is supposed to be. I would say if you have at least 2 friends playing with you, you would probably love it.

      • +1

        Watch this review by Angry Joe:

        People felt they were lied to. This game over promised and severely under delivered. The worst part is how buggy it is.

        Some of AJ's comments: It's got so many technical issues it's astounding. This is one of the most boring, undercooked, bug filled, lazy efforts by Bethesda.

        • shit that was soo funny and true haha

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      Games are supposed to be fun. You could do anything with mates and make it fun. Sitting out the back by yourself is boring af. Bring some mates and it's a party. Get r6 siege of something for you and your mates

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    Calling all money wasters. Lol

  • +8

    Is this a Joke ?!?!

  • No deal.

  • Man that’s amazing value

  • Does anybody know the average sale price for FO4: GOTY? I think this might make it easier to decide for some people who are on the fence about 76.

    Assuming ~$40 mark?

    Personally, I'm going to wait until it drops in price (and is a little less glitchy), or in an ideal world goes onto game pass.

    • +3

      and is a little less glitchy

      They transferred bugs and glitches from FO4 to FO76, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to fix anything.

      • +1

        Haha what I should have said is

        until a third party modder fixes all their glitches for them

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      I literally just got FO4: GOTY for under $25
      You'd be a fool to pay $40 for a 3 year old game like that.

      • Yeah, I wouldn't personally - I bought the standard version for around $10 on an Xbox sale about a year ago, but wasn't sure about how much extra the GOTY version would be.

        That bargain looks like it's a potentially grey market seller though, which you're less likely to find for consoles.

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    Lmao they're bundling it with 4 to sell.

    • +1

      They are even more prominently displaying FO4 in front of FO76 haha

    • Well i is the F04 expansion to online multi player lol

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    Lol need to recharge your battery op.

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      I like to live dangerously ;)

  • Anyone crazy enough to be defending the atrocity that is Fallout 76 needs to go and watch Angry Joe’s review on it.

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    I know this is a controversial opinion but I actually really like it. Play it with my missus and her son (who is in NZ) and we have a blast. We haven't really experienced any major bugs, minimum disconnects and are enjoying exploring the wastelands together.

    Probably 50 hours in and this point and we are all around level 40 and still a whole heap of the map and missions to do.

    Yes the game doesn't have human NPCs but there are a wide variety of missions some of which are pretty scary and entertaining. Some of the locations are absolutely amazing and love the fact the map is so geographically diverse.

    Hopefully when some of the annoyances have been fixed it will be even better and some of this recycled hatred will die down.

  • Note that this is the tricentennial fallout 76 not the base game and has rrp of $129.95 supposedly.
    Yes it’s no doubt dropping and just some dlc but combined with fallout 76 goth selling for roughly $40 it’s a pretty good deal.
    Or wait till feb 2019 when f76 might b games with gold lol

  • +2

    $40 each?

    I got FO4 last year + season pass + history of fallout book for $24…from EB!

    FO4 "goty" is not worth more than 30. Especially on console.

    76 will easily be $30 very soon. Saw it at $35 a few days ago.

    • +1

      As I said selling for not worth $40. Just because you got something cheaper ages ago doesn’t mean it isn’t a bargain at current prices. Besides u r just focusing on the old game not the new one. It’s a good deal at current prices but if u. An wait both will b cheaper in 2019 I’m sure

      • Well then $40 is definitely not a bargain for FO4. It is just the retail price. Same thing goes with 76.

        • Realistically RRP for Fallout 76 is $69+ apart from Amazon AU so it isn't actually a bad deal at all if you haven't got either and want them. I have no doubt fallout 76 will lose value extremely quick with its reviews but currently it isn't bad of a deal. RRP for Fallout 4 GOTY seems to be around the $40 Mark not on special.

  • I'm guessing a LOT of Fallout 76 copies from EB Games have been returned.

    I have the game on PC and am really enjoying it co-op, might consider a copy on XBOX (for kids) when I can buy it for $20.

    • Defintely. A while ago all power armour copies were completely out of stock. After the beta, MANY of them (preorders) were cancelled.

      So now EB has a lot of power armour editions lying around. Watch them get dropped to half price (or less).

      • I preordered just for the helmet. Didnt get a chance to do the beta. Only limited times

  • +2

    played it extensively, its garbage compared to fallout 4, the glitches/bugs are rampant, storage is a constant issue which goes against the core of the game, loading screens go for ages… This game should have released 3-6 months from now.

    Plus 76 was 49.76 (45 with cashback) at amazon on release also.