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[NSW] Free Hunt and Brew Coffee outside Central Station


Hey guys they are giving out free hunt and brew coffee outside central station. Personally i didn't like it doesn't taste great but hey its free so why not grab one.

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    Central where ?

  • Central as in Sydney? (add to title perhaps)

  • so why not grab one.

    because it doesn't taste great.

    • You don't need to drink it yourself, pass to a friend/enemy

      • You don't need to drink it

        Face scrub perhaps?

        • Use it for enemas. Whatever floats your boat. We dont question it.

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    I quite like these, especially considering they have no added sugar.

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    I really wanted to like these but I'm so used to skim milk that these are too rich for me. They're a great option if you like iced coffee though!

  • I tried this a couple of weeks ago. Love the eagle one.

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    They were willing to give two if you asked. I got the Columbia and the Honduras Single Origin ones.

    Review:: Its a bit too milky for my taste.

    Still better because it was free :)

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    It felt meh. But no sugar so I guess it's okay for me.

  • I had this as freebie yesterday and for someone who prefers coffee with 2 sugars, I was surprised it tasted well without the sugar