This was posted 3 years 7 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Buy 3 Tyres and Get The 4th FREE (Ecopia, Potenza, Turanza Serenity Plus or Firestone Tyres) @ Bridgestone Tyres


Spotted this deal on Facebook.

  • Get 4 Ecopia car tyres from $249 (based on RRP of 175/70R13)
  • Get 4 Ecopia SUV tyres from $507 (based on RRP of 205/70R15)
  • Get 4 Potenza performance car tyres from $435 (based on RRP of 195/60R15)
  • Get 4 Turanza Serenity Plus tyres from $345 (based on RRP of 175/65R14)
  • Get 4 Firestone car tyres from $267 (based on RRP of 185/65R14)
  • Get 4 Firestone SUV tyres from $477 (based on RRP of 215/65R16)
  • Get 4 Firestone light van tyres from $285 (based on RRP of 185R14C)

*The 4th tyre free offer is valid on purchases of four Bridgestone Ecopia, Bridgestone Potenza, Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus or Firestone tyres in one transaction between 01/12/2018 and 31/12/2018 and is redeemable in store. Offer excludes wholesale purchases and all other tyres manufactured or distributed by Bridgestone. Not available with any other offer and while stocks last. +Available on Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres, only at Bridgestone stores.

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    Also note Kmart Tyre and Auto will be $20 less than whatever price you get elsewhere.

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      Kmart doesnt seem to stock bridgestone?

      • My bad. Seems they may have dropped Bridgestone since Wesfarmers sold KTAS to Continental AG in August.

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      With Bridgestone you also get free rotation at 3 month and every 6 months after that. Not sure if you get it at KMart. Also they have kilometre warranty for Serenity Plus tyres I believe. Also tyres are covered under road hazard or something. I just changed tyres and went with Bridgestone in the end.

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        Kmart have free rotations, hazard warranty and 30 day satisfaction gurantee and were $20 cheaper than the lowest i could find. Bridgestone are limited in options. Where as Kmart, you can get nearly all brands.

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          But as masster said, if Kmart don't stock Bridgestone, this entire point is moot.

          • @fuzor: I have previously got Bridgestone from Kmart, Bridgestone are overpriced and limited range.

            I got 4 Continentals for a better price than i could RE003's, even with the 4 for 3.

            They matched the Jax $100 off and gave another $25.

            PS: As Kmart are switching over to Continental ownership, they are flogging off other brands they have in stock for really good prices. Check with the store, not the call centre.

            • +1

              @askme69: I usually just phone around and get the best price, then phone Kmart and tell them the best price I can get minus about $20. They then better that price by another $20 no questions asked. Just don't tell them too big a lie as a best price you have received

              • @testeagles: Kmart has Bridgestone but not all range just called and confirmed. They even bit the price for me.
                185/60/15 Ecopia 300 4 tires for $432 at Kmart and $435 at Bridgestone.

                Can someone answer this, please?

                Are Kmart and Bridgestone provide same support after and during tires fitting? such as rotation after certain km.

                Which one should i pick if i can get same price at both places Kmart or Bridgestone?

            • @askme69: How did you get Jax $100 off and $25 another?

              can i get this deal for Bridgestone ecopia 300 if you know?


      • +1

        why is that a positive? it takes 10 minutes to do and everyone should know how to change a tire.

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    Where is the Amex deal with Bob Jane, waiting on that to combine with 4 for 3 offer.

    • Or Jax. Used that last time for my car. Now need an Amex deal for the wifes car!

    • Yeah I’m waiting for that too. Jax and Bob please show us some Christmas spirit lol.

      • still waiting.

        • last years have been in November. I guess it's not happening this year :(

  • So same deal last month. Okay.

    • Slightly different. They had Supercats last month which have been replaced by Firestones.

  • Thanks op. Just in time when I was planning to change my cars tyres

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    Here's how I play the tyre game (and I've always got Bridgestone from Kmart so unsure if that's a new thing (maybe call to see if they have stock)).

    • Call Costco for a price. They do the 4 for 3 deals and are cheap.

    • Call Kmart and apply price match.

    Got my 4 x Potenza Adrenaline 225/45/18 this way for $672, plus some Ecopia's for my wife's Kluger recently.

    Jaxx and the other online can sometimes be cheaper, but imo more hassle and usually odd sizes / limited stock.


    • Can you enter without membership on tyre shop?

      • Not required, just call them up for a price, they give it with no membership questions.

    • Any reason why you don’t buy off Costco apart from the membership constraint ?

      I think Costco 4 for 3, includes fitting and wheel alignment. Not 100% sure though.

      • Nah they don't do alignments but filled the tyres with nitrogen.

      • I don't recall alignment being included, otherwise I'd consider using Costco. But not before I try and get Kmart to price beat with alignment first.

    • How are the Ecopia's? Any feedback regarding wet weather grip or emergency breaking from high speed?

      • keen to know as well.
        Received a quote from Bridgestone for ecopia 195/60/R16. 4 for $447. Includes fitting and wheel balancing, not alignment.

        • stivo.. yes, i would like to know as well.. are the ecopia's long lasting? and fuel efficient?

          spk.. are those ecopia ep150 or ep300 tyres?


        • My ecopia ep100s I think they are, which need to be replaced asap have been noisy from day one. It is a screeching noise that they make when turning, specially around round abouts. Almost like someone is doing a deliberate burnout.
          The guy at Bob Jane told me he is noticing the same thing on his car.

          I am not sure what to get this time around,ep300s or other models. Hoping that 300s would be better due to different threads to channel the water better. But the noise is due to soft wall and may be present in the 300s too.

      • I had ecopia 195/65 on a corolla 2006 (no ABS). They managed to skid at a very low speed around 30-40kmh and it wasn’t even hard breaking. No grip whatsoever. They are hard wearing. I don’t know why they sell for about $110, definitely not worth it. I have turanza serenity plus ll on a corolla 2010 with ABS and Stability control. They are similar to ecopia. Very hard wearing and don’t stick, obviously. When i had them fitted, on my way back home I managed to activate the stability control warning sound, first time in 45000 km and at the same roundabout I drive every day - no speeding or any spirited driving at all. At least you get value for money as they don’t wear, but you loose on comfort. I might try porenza next, if they aren’t any better, I’ll be switching brands for sure.

    • i bought re003's at 225/45/r17's for $445 for 4. 672 seems a bit high but probably because of the extra inch.

  • Wonder why Dueler is never on sale like this.

  • Anyone tried the Potenza S007A yet?

    • Yes, just had S007A installed on my Mazda6 in 225/45 R19. The size is expensive regardless of tyre model and brand for the main brands. S007A was cheaper for me compared to RE050 and other OEM equivalents but still ended up over $1000 fitted. Grip in wet and dry are good, but I am not using anywhere near the potential of the tyre because of the soft suspension. Ride is just as comfortable as the original tyres that came with the Mazda6 from the factory.

      My other car has proper 2 way adjustable coilovers, and I'm looking forward to trying the S007A on it, especially since this car could easily push the limits of the older RE001 and RE002. It currently has Yokohama AD08R's on it.

      • Since you have it installed, can you tell me what the treadwear rating is on the tyre? I can't find any references to it on the internet.
        Look around the tyre for "TREADWEAR" followed by a 3 digit number eg. 240, 300, 320. TIA.

  • I've not done this before, so , does that mean the price is all tires fitted?
    Will they upsell Wheel alignment etc etc?


    • +1

      With the serenity plus 50K mileage gaurantee, you need to purchase the wheel alignment-usually 65 AUD wth the tyres and need to get the 3month review

  • -1

    I got 4 Potenzas about a month ago for $500 plus they do try and sell you the wheel alignment for an extra $45 I believe it was.
    The Potenzas aren't great though, very bumpy. I'd probably recommend the Turanzas as I previously had these on my car.

    • Where I got mine the wheel alignment was included in the price.

      Is it really a deal if they do the same this month as they did last month?

    • Potenzas have been the best tyres I have driven on, don't know what your talking about. Wet grip is excellent also

    • +1

      I am not sure what you mean by tyres bring bumpy? Did you have lowered car and got more profile tyres? I am currently using Potenza RE003 on my Commodore Ute and I get amazing grip on the wet.

      • +1

        Dudes got no idea, I recently put re003's on my car and will never look at another tyre again.

        Wet grip is great and that's flying through corners during heavy rain, these tyres made my car feel like it was AWD the way it stuck to the road. Perfect for Melbourne weather as it's rainy.

    • Have you checked the tyre pressures? I've had some really interesting tyre pressures set by tyre shops…

      • this. had to buy tires before going on a 600km road trip, got new tires and then went for a drive and the front end felt really hard and bumpy, etc. checked the tire pressure and it was at 42psi. dropped it back to 30 and it was good.

  • Is the Bridgy Ecopia SUV tyre any good?

    • Check out Pirelli Scorpion Verde. I got a sensational discount via a Kmart price match for a set of 225/60 X 18 for my GFs XTrail.

      • hi. Can I please have the price you paid and where you got the comparison price for the Kmart price match please.

        • I price matched Costco’s Bridgestone Eco 4 for the price of 3 at Kmart for the Pirelli Scorpion.

      • yea can get a price as well? need 4 for my CRV soon on exact same specs.

  • +1

    Great, I need 4 new tyres on my Falcon this month…now to decide whether I go 4 for 3 on RE003 or $100 off Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

    Any suggestions on the above?

    • +1

      Personally I'd go the Pilot Sport 4. Overall, I've heard MUCH better feedback about the PS4, particularly in terms of wet weather performance and longevity.
      Lots of complaints about later-production RE003s in the wet as they supposedly changed to a harder compound to make the tyre last longer.
      I've got RE003s now, heaps of tread left, they were good for the first 12 months and have gone noticeably off since then.

      • When did they change compound?

        • I think it was late 2016 but don't quote me on it.

    • pilot sports. re003's aren't as good as the older range (re002 and re001) tbh.

    • Where is the pilot sport deal?

      • Pretty much everywhere, but only certain stores will offer it as a discount as opposed to a redemption. "Instant Cash Back will be applied at TYREPLUS, Michelin Service Centre’s, Bob Jane T-Marts and JAX Tyres Dealers"

  • +1

    I got Kmart to beat Bridgestone offer $864 total for 235/45/18 Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 if anyone needs to know :)

    I've had RE003 for years and it's very good tyres for its price for both dry and wet.

    • Awesome I might do the same. Currently have pilot sport 4 and while a good tyre, don't seem to have lasted as long.

    • I was quoted similar prices for our Passat at Costco. Ran out of time to get them so very happy to see they have extended

  • +1

    Since no-one has already asked;

    "How's the Serenity?"

    • I got the serenity plus a month ago for $450. Havent looked back, if u habe a small to medium car it's their best wheel

    • Serenity now!

  • Are these prices supply and fit? Or is that extra?


  • +1

    I got this deal for our Mazda but seems a waste of money.

    Just went Kuhmo for Outlander, Bridgestone were around 300 got Kuhmo crugens for 140 fitted at Kmart and seem good.

    I cannot see the point paying those prices for car Tyres.

    • +3

      You will see the point when you have to do an emergency maneuver in the wet.

      • Do you have evidence that would be a major factor when they all have to meet certain Australian standards?

        Not marketing rubbish but proper scientific evidence?

        • +1

          What does meeting a minimum benchmark have to do with the performance of different tyres? Just my 2c but I don't think this is a very good place to save money just because you "can".

          • @tromboc: If Hyundai and Kia use Kuhmo they should be fine, there are so many factors in an accident or avoiding one than just Tyres. Of course tyre manufacturers like to share people into spending $$$.

            • @OzBargainologist: buy good quality tires you numpty. it'll save you and your families lives. most accidents can be stopped or lessened by having good quality brake pads & tires.

          • @tromboc: this. tires are the only thing that connect you to the road so an overkill tire on your 50hp shitbox will save your life. when you're dead or badly injured you'll want to go back in time to spend that extra few hundred on good quality tires.

        • Look at the many tyre tests published in magazines and you’ll see there’s a vast difference to the best gripping tyre, shortest stopping distance etc, and those are usually the better tyres. Now imagine adding the crappiest tyre on the market and imagine the performance difference and you see why good tyres are important. Sure, you might not have an exotic performance car, but when there’s only 4 contact points to the road I’d want the best tyres I can afford keeping my family safe.

      • @andyhui01 I agree with you in general but I've never seen a Bridgestone Dueler tyre with overly positive reviews for the ones that suit our car (225/65R17).

  • I have a Mazda 3, what sort of tyres can I get away with?

    • Just put some potenza adrenaline re003 on one of ours.

      Fantastic to drive on, need pressures at 36-38, not the rubbish low numbers on placade. Great in wet and dry.

  • Just got back from a trip to QLD (2000kms) and the Continentals (MCT) i got from KTAS are chalk and cheese compared to the Pirelli P zero's that were on it. The ride quality is so much better.

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