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10% off Instore & Online @ The Good Guys


Link received via email directs to here for further details: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/instant-deals?utm_source=Expe...

The Good Guys Instant Deals –10% off In-Store and Online

Full Terms and Conditions
1. To be eligible, customers must purchase any product, excluding those listed in the table below, in-store on 4 December 2018 from any The Good
Guys stores or online from 12pm 4 December to 11:59pm 4 December to receive the offer.
Brand Exclusion Details
Stonewell Applies to VHGVACIND1037, VHGVACIND1036, VHGVACSET0216, VHGMNCIND0032,
SUNBEAM Applies to FP5910, PU5201, GR6450, KE6310, EM0405, TA4540, GC7850B, GR8450B,
CO3000,TA2340,CP4600, SR6250,PU6400,KE7110,KE0100,VS0520,SR0300,
HG6600B,KE1900B,TA1900B,DF4500,SM7200, JM5900,HP8555,EM5300,
VS0310,KE6451,BT2600, SK4200P,VS0420,JM4000,CPE200,KE3560,SB4400,
80, MX7900SC,SR6585,BM0550,BT5350,EM0440, WW7500D,VS0640,LC6250,
, FP6000,SM9000, RC5600,MX7900R,LC6500, KE2600WS,CHP450,EM0100,
BT7100,TA2640WS, SB7400,KE6350K, SK6000,EM0480,EM0260,FP8950,VS6100,
TA6344K, PB8080,ES9600,BM4500,MX0500,MX9200,PB9800,SR0300,SR0400,SB4400,
SR6585,SR6851,SB7400, SR6250
APPLE Applies to Apple iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches
Applies to all Microsoft Surface Products
LA GERMANIA Applies to all La Germania Products
Betazzoni Applies to all Bertazzoni Products
ASKO Applies to all Asko Products
Miele Applies to all Miele Products except Vacuums
FALCON Applies to all Falcon Products
AEG Applies to all AEG Products
Smeg Portafino Applies to all Smeg Portafino Products
NEFF Applies to all Neff Products
2. Excludes purchases from The Good Guys eBay store.
3. Excludes products which are not in stock. No rainchecks.
4. In-store, customers will receive the discount at point of sale. Online, use the discount promo code at cart to have the discount applied.

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  • Thank you <3
    LG Cordzero A9 here we go!

    • +2

      We are very happy with ours.

    • +2

      The a9 is my fav purchase of 2018

    • Life's Good!

    • Try Harvey Norman, I managed to get the LG A9Master2X for $642.
      I said I could get it for $642.88 delivered from Ebay ApplianceCentral with the 20% off Prizer code, they checked confirmed and did it for $642.00

      • What’s so good about the 2X? Is it just an extra battery? I think I’m just going to get the one for $400

    • +1

      Love this vacuum, one battery does the entire house with carpets if I do normal setting, otherwise if I use higher settings for carpet it needs two chargers, second battery would be useful there.
      I haven't yet found anywhere to purchase a battery separate.

  • +5

    far too many exclusions

    JB [Brighton Vic.] have 10% off all Apple products, good for your parent company, but not you??

    betazzoni, still on the market….lol

    • Does that include their ipads? Do I go to the store? Please provide me details here.

      • -2

        Or.. go to the JB website yourself?

        • +1

          Its not on the website, the OP make that clear.

      • Sign on the front outside wall said 10% apple products

        just phone JB Brighton and confirm

        • Ahhh. Thanks, will do that but there is usually an * with exclusions.

    • +1

      All Apple produts?

  • +3

    Unfortunately, the picture/image is cropped so it looks like it is advertising 0% off.

    • +14

      Yeah it’s on the exclusions list.

  • Bought a fridge in store from them last week.
    Will they apply their 120% price best against themselves?
    (I bought a $1999 fridge for $1899, which today will be selling for $1799.10)

    Cheers for any tips!

    • I think their policy is no. But I have managed to get them to price match depending on the store.

    • From website:

      We do not Price Beat for advertising errors, prices which include bonuses, limited or group buy offers, clearance products, promo code and finance offers, or cash backs and discounts including where offered directly by a supplier or a third party. It does not apply to items sold on marketplace websites such as eBay, The Good Guys own pricing or any brand it sells on behalf of a third party supplier under an agency agreement. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

      But there is no harm in trying though :)

    • Price beat does not apply to themselves, however I have successfully got them to refund the difference in sale price within the 30days multiple times. If not just buy the new item at the sales price and "return" said item with previous receipt.

      This does not get you 120% difference, which in this case is $120, but at least you get the $100 back

  • +2

    please update link to point to actual website and not image.

  • I am assuming cash rewards won’t apply since using a code?

    • +2

      Starts 12 for online.

  • +2

    online from 12pm 4 December

  • +1

    Meh. Got my new dishwasher via the eBay 10% off the other week, and a few extra $ back with cash rewards…

  • Somewhat unrelated to this but but does anyone know how easy/possible it is to cancel an ebay order from good guys for a fridge that has yet to be picked up? Bought a fridge on their 10% off sale a week or so ago but bought it from one of the few stores that still had stock via ebay but need to cart it to geelong. They wont let me change pickup store so wondering if it's just better to cancel this order and buy again direct from good guys and get it from geelong. Any chance?

    • You can check the return policy on eBay, usually 30 day returns. I recently bought something from their store via Click and Collect on eBay and returned it without a problem three weeks later. I don't think you'll be able to process the return online though as eBay tells you it must be done in store. Worth calling the store if you don't want to trek it over.

      • All good. Price of the item i bought had gone up by 200 so better off sticking with my original deal. Thanks for the info though.

  • Can anyone recommend a coffee machine in the sub $250 range?

    • I've got the model before this one and love it:
      Small form, quick start time from cold, makes a great coffee. Just over your $250 limit but worth it I reckon (use mine 2/3 times a day, 7 days a week for the last 2 years and it's still going without a hitch).

    • EM4300. Cheap, reliable, measures the shot (you don't have to wait and watch), good coffee (some of the smaller machines are utter garbage).


      The DeLonghi looks okay, but that steam wand is a bit weird. Is it one of those auto-frothers? They make terrible foam…

      • Great machine, but after checking the OzBargain history it seems it's been lower in price before than just the current 10% off.

        • May never get back there again, the cheapest price seemed too low a year or so ago.

  • Is their website down? I'm getting an access denied error (possibly because in Mexico).

    • It's TRUMP.

  • Do they occasionally do a 15% off or am I dreaming?

    Binglee with 20% occasionally as well?

    Trying to pick up a air fryer for mum for Christmas.

    The waiting and gamble is on!

  • Local store has no stock on a electrolux fridge, so this is useless, ebay has 10% off, and also $200 cash back from electrolux, not sure if cashback still applies if bought online.

    • +6

      So just because your local store has no stock of a particular product you're after it renders this deal "useless"?

      Well how very thoughtful of you.

    • Maybe you could go to puts sunglasses on another store?

  • +1

    I can’t see anything on their website promoting?

  • Any fridges your guys recommend?
    Wanted to spend sub 2000 and need 600litres minimum

    • Not sure you'll fit 300 x 2 litre coke bottles in any fridge at that price.

    • Not sure what type you want but Westinghouse WQE6060SA 600L is currently $2487.00 - 10% and - $200 cash back would be hovering around 2k.

  • Working now

  • Can you use this code with gift card?

    • I have a concierge code, and I can use it with this.

  • +1

    Very annoyed. Fetch TV Mighty was $399 (cheapest advertised price online) yesterday at GG and is now magically gone up to $449!!

    • -2

      Hit the road jack, don't you come back…

    • +1

      Yeah same with the Hisense 65P7 TV that’s been $1895 for last few weeks & today all of a sudden it’s $1995! Price jacking their web store items..

      • Should of bought this a month ago it was $1100 everywhere

        • +1

          Yes I missed that sale but I’m in no rush to purchase so that’s why I’m waiting & have been watching prices online

    • +1

      If you've got an amex. They have $50 back on $350 with HN.

  • -1

    Working now

    • Yep I'm working too.

  • Sony A7III comes to $2879 + $55 delivery

    +1.75% cashback

  • How does it work instore? Is price already deducted?

    • +7

      You have to lean in real close to the salesman's ears and whisper 'sales10'.

      • +1

        I heard you have to lean in real close and scream SALES10!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Op. Save $9 from a rice cooker that I bought! ozbargain rules!

  • +1

    Looking to pick up a chest freezer.

    Haier 201L
    Comes to $310.50. Hmm.. wondering if I should wait for a eBay 20% deal

  • +3

    Watch out for price jacking.

    I was following the TV prices waiting for a special (TV broke a day after the last sales) and this morning when I refreshed the GG page the price was up $100 (Hisense 55P7). I knew straight away that the sale was coming and I then I saw this.

    This is not even on ebay but directly on their webpage. If I had the old page still open I would have reported them.

    • Pretty sure they just finished a sales cycle. A lot of items had been part of the black friday sale deals that went for a few weeks. They had deals on all Hisense fridges which finished in the last day or two.

      • Maybe but I don't think that applies to the TV I was following the pricing for:
        1. The price was already raised the day after Cyber Monday and it was in-line with the competitors up to today.
        2. Now it is $100 more than everybody else.
        3. Coincidentally they just started the 10% off on the same day.

        If it looks like a duck…

    • And to confirm the price jacking, now that the deal is over the price is back to normal.

  • duplicate

  • I used a $20 concierge credit and grabbed an Echo Plus + Philips bulb for ($69 - cashback) very happy. :)

    • What cashback?

  • Am I able to pay with giftcards and still receive 10% off?

    • Yes however there is a limit to the number of giftcards used iirc.

  • Used this deal and a $20 concierge credit to get a Fitbit Versa for the wifey for $176! BOOM!!

    • I just got a JBL flip 4, came down to $69 with the $20 credit.

  • Hi guys does anyone know how long ETA for a backordered items is usually from goodguys?

    Looking at Sony A9F 65"

  • Looking to buy a Haier 7.5kg front loader washing machine to replace a dying 15 year-old F&P top-loader. I can get it for under $400 after discount.

    Any Haier owner/user who can comment before I make the jump?

  • https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/apple-airpods-mmef2zaa?VS=tru...

    This brings Apple Airpods down to $197.10 with code, but then possible OW price beat for $187.25

  • Absolutely stoked with this deal yesterday as I had just received my $20 concierge credit the day before. Our long awaited Hisense 50P6 was already on sale for $795 (Videopro had it at $695 until it went up to $745 yesterday) so all up managed to have the TV loaded in the back of my car for under $700 from GG by the arvo! One of the happier days when leaving work!!!! :-)