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20% off Blu-Ray 4K, DVDs, CDs, Vinyl @ JB Hi-Fi


20% off All DVDs, Blu-Ray & 4K @ JB Hi-Fi

Wait till you get the coupon if you are a subscriber - additional 5% off on Wednesday only

CDs and Vinyl ends on 5th Dec (ie one day only)

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    Already started online as per usual

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      I am waiting for the code.

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        I have got mine! check your mailbox maybe…

      • My code wound up being hidden by gmail as the newsletter was too long, had to hit "View entire message" at the bottom to see it.

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    Waiting for amazon to under cut them 😂😂🙏

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      It’d be nice if they just had their own damn sales instead of undercutting for very short periods of time then price jacking again.

      Almost nothing on there is of any value except when it’s on sale for somewhere else.

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        You mean like Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and all the other countless specials they have???

        I've bought new release pre order movies from them significantly cheaper than JB's price even after a 20% sale.

        They don't need gimmicky sales they are often priced better anyway.

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          But Amazon super dooper specials are literally once in a blue moon. JB bring the goods literally all the time, and Amazon simply follow. Amazon are basically a follower in the Aussie market, not a leader at least when it comes to physical media (which is what this thread is about).

          • @sparkles: Purchased Supernatural Season 13 on Blu-ray this morning, $24.99, delivered from Amazon, also 5% cashback, I WILL get it Friday unlike typical eBay delays….

            JB's sale price after 20% off? $31.98 (plus delivery).

            Amazon doesn't need 'wicked Wednesdays' they just have better prices.

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        Yep Ive been thinking that. They dont make any of their own sales, they just match others when they do and steal their sales because their sites so easy to buy online and most here have Prime.

        • Amazon are bringing the prices down which is good for the consumer.

      • They did have like their own B1G1F and $20 off. Amazon been in US for so long and they usually have better price then their competitors still

      • Don't feel bad for JB just remember what mob it was that put all the record stores out of business.

        Now an even bigger fish is doing the exact same thing to them.

      • Exactly and all the lightning deals, deals of the day etc. If you think Amazon don't have some of the lowest prices you're looking at the wrong products….eg: Bose QC35s for $299 (when JB have them on "special" for $449?).

      • Been saying this for ages for gaming products. Initially I got negged to oblivion. Now people are turning around and seeing the truth.

    • yes please!

  • I saw black panther and new star wars 4k were in the 2 for $40 making it $32.

    Not bad.

  • Seems to be 20% off music too.

    • I'll add it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Recommend me some 4K movies. Have an have yet to experience any on my OLED.

    Think I might snap up the Harry Potter collection to begin with as I've never watched them. Can sell off the blue rays to bring price further down.

    • +3

      Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the Shell.

    • +2

      Matrix looks amazing. Thor Ragnarok too.

    • +3

      Infinity War!

    • +1

      Pacific Rim (the original) is amazing in 4K HDR

      • I feel like the dialogue between battles in that movie was so bad they would have been better off just cutting it out completely

        • Skipping between action scenes is perfectly acceptable if you’ve seen it before!!

        • It's kind of like an anime. If you like (or used to like) anime, then it's good. Borrows a bit from neon genesis.

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      Not a movie but Planet Earth II looks nice

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      Yeah get nolan collection too, 20% should stack with the get hooked promo so 25% + 20%

      • I presume the 5% aswell

        • I think one of them says cant combine with other promotions but you can certainly try I guess

      • How did you get that other 25% off?

        • +3

          was from JB email bout 2 weeks ago, it expires tonight. Heres mine I dont need. First in best dressed


          • @xcess: Cheers. Claimed. Your were right on the 5% not stacking.

            Scored Harry Potter collection and Batman Trilogy for just under $130. Even more savings when I sell the blurays (why do they even bother?).

            Thanks again.

            • @nexus444: hrmm should it not be closer to $100 each if you do the 25% + 20% off?

              • @xcess: It was $130 for the both of them in the end. Marked prices (already 20% off) $127.20 for Harry potter and $45.58 for Dark Knight trilogy and then a further 20% on each title.

                • @nexus444: ahh yes sorry for some reason i was thinking nolan boxset

          • @xcess: What was the email title? I'm subscribed, but can't seem to find one.

      • Sweet, extra 25% off! I totally overlooked the email and just found it in my inbox. Cheers buddy.

      • +1

        Read this at about ten minutes to midnight. Not enough time!

      • Also stacked the Get Hooked Deal last night. Got 4K Harry Potter Complete for $95.20, and 4K Matrix Trilogy $41.98.

    • Blue Planet II.

  • Stacking 20 + 25 definitely works online. Trouble is I bought the box set I wanted on Sunday !

    • Return the original receipt and buy new price?

    • You don't have pm's turned on or I'd pm. If you're not using the code, could I please have it?

      • Too late, it ended last night

        • +2

          There was only about a four hour window where the older Get Hooked deal overlapped with the new 20% sale that started early.

  • This looks great, I need new vinyls.

    • +2

      PSA: "Vinyls" is not a word. The plural of vinyl is "vinyl".

      • So what's the plural of "Divinyls" then ? :-)

        • There is only one.

        • Divinylses, obviously.

  • If you're after vinyl, you can usual email vinyl destination and get a 10% off coupon. It might be cheaper than 20% off rrp at JB.