Amex Travel Credit - Ability to Cancel due to Weather / External Conditions

Hi guys,

I've been thinking to use my Amex Travel Credit to book for Melbourne zoo & Legoland experience; during the booking, it asks for a specific date.
Consider I'll be going with my kids and consider it is summer (weather could rise up to 40 degrees); does anyone has any experience in requesting for a reschedule?


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    Perhaps you might want to check with the operator directly(in this case Melbourne zoo & Legoland) whether they allow rescheduling. Once the travel experience is booked and paid for Amex has very little do to with it and you deal directly with the operator.


    It would depend on how bad the weather is. If it's just rain, even heavy-ish rain, and you just prefer to go when it's sunnier, then asking nicely might be the best you can do. Likewise with heat - just hot? Eh - ask really nicely. It'd have to be "so hot the govt puts out a heatstroke warning" kind of thing.

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    its Melbourne, it will rainy, sunny, snow, cloudy, hail, foggy and windy with temps ranging from 10 to 40 every day!


    And Legoland is indoor.. how's the weather going to affect this? if anything, you'd want to stay inside Legoland when it's 40Degrees outside NO?

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