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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 6GB /128GB - Black - $354 ($15~ Postage) @ eGlobal AU (HK)


I ordered one last week for $380 + $21 insured shipping.

I got a global rom version which I have rooted (72 hours) and installed lineageOS onto.

Note this is the 128gb (not 64gb base version).

Sells for $510 at most competitors.

eGlobal has a bad reputation for warranty, but they do sell brand new phones.

Use coupon WELCOME for $6 off.(ozbargain wouldn't let me add the coupon)

The phone is in Hong Kong, takes around 4-8 business days to ship (mine took only 4 days)

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    You mean 72 hours of mucking around to root it?

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      No that's how long it takes to unlock the bootloader from Xiaomi Servers.

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    I think the Mi Mix 2S is worth the upgrade just for the camera

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      Lot to do with software these days. Google Cam Mod does some amazing things to a pretty basic cam.

      • But the hardware is lacklustre itself. Even with gcam, it takes a few seconds to take a shot at night because it struggles to focus

  • Is the Mi Mix 2s worth getting over this, especially at the price difference?

  • Would you get this and sell my 1.5years old Mi6? Is it worth it?

    • let me know how much you sell that for ;)

  • will GST be charged?

    • Site = no gst, it's a Hong Kong site.
      eBay = gst

  • Just bought this yesterday from eBay from the same vendor and got charged GST. Looks like if you buy from the website they don't charge GST.

    • In theory customs are supposed to inspect it, send you a notice, and (I think) not release it until you've paid the GST. In reality they don't have the manpower so it doesn't seem to be happening.

    • DWI who are also in HK seem to be doing the same thing. On Ebay they charge gst but many buyers report that buying from the DWI site they get their item with no gst.

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    Stay away from these jokers… currently having to deal with HUGE hassle with an RMA… spend a little more and get better service!

    **note haven't logged on for ages, wanted to log on to warn the fine people of ozbargain.

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