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[WA] Seagate Expansion Portable 1.5TB $49 @ Officeworks Malaga


1.5 TB drive on clearance at Office Works Malaga until stock lasts

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    Cant imagine theres many of these around.

    • You're an employee. Can't you tell us how many there are?

      I'll go for a drive for one tomorrow. If there isn't, like, two of them left.

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        Or none. I'm betting none.

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          Especially after it’s been posted to ozb

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        Salesman said not many of them are left.

        • Outside chance of getting one versus trip to Malaga? OK, I'll pass.

          • @DonWilson: May be call them

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              @Aaksays: I mean, I will. But it sounds like odds are they're going to say "nah mate, we won't reserve one for you, 'not many of them are left'".

        • +2

          No, they certainly don't. They work for Officeworks. Who have an inventory system. That they have access to.

          • +1

            @DonWilson: The same inventory system we have access to… Had the OP provided the Product Code!

            • @parad0x: Yeah because that's always accurate.

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      Indeed, that is the packaging they were selling them in when I worked for Dick Smith in like 2011…

  • Anyone know if i can use this as extra storage for a ps4?

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      1.5TB SSD for simlar price? Sweet. Please link!

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      toasted cheese better

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    Good first post OP.

  • Really nice deal

  • TIL 1.5TB drives existed.

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      Yeah, they were an oddity from the start and quickly forgotten. Old stock indeed.

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    I bought a 1tb drive from Officeworks one month ago.

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    • +1

      Good story. Thank you for sharing.

      • I can't beat that story, I only got a 2tb like a year ago from officeworks. I was tempted by the 1tb and I missed the 500gbs, they had all gone.

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      I bought a 1tb drive from Officeworks 29 days ago. Mine's newer than yours :P

  • I bought a 2tb 2 years ago for 99$

  • Has anyone shucked one of these? What drive is inside?

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    Is it this one?

    Belconnen: 14, Gregory Hills: 27, Greenacre: 44, Liverpool: 5, Mulgrave: 16, Punchbowl: 19, Rutherford: 12, Wagga Wagga: 6, Warners Bay: 5, Browns Plains: 4, Milton: 9, North Lakes: 19, Mitchell Park: 9, Airport West: 2, Box Hill South: 12, Campbellfield: 15, Dandenong South: 2, Frankston: 8, Pakenham: 2, Ringwood: 29, Vermont South: 20, Albany: 13, Cannington: 6, East Perth: 26, East Victoria Park: 8, Morley: 2,

    • That link redirects to the generic Portable HDDs page for me. But thanks for the list, I might try East Perth tomorrow.

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        when the item is no longer advertised it will automatically go to the item's category.

        Only way to tell what the item was by looking at the url and the item code sgexp1500
        I thought someone might be able to confirm.

        but someone should ring up and confirm the price first.

        edit: i called east perth and confirmed $49

        • edit: i called east perth and confirmed $49

          You're the real MVP.

        • +1

          Picked up two this morning.

          None on display, they've got them all behind the counter so you have to ask.

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