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Hyper X Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset $69 + Free Shipping @ Mwave


HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset for only $69 with Free Shipping (Usually $179).
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Offer ends Monday 17/12/2018 or While stock lasts

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Update: App is not needed for the discount code - Credits to Johnnyrunabout

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  • THis has plug and play surround sound for ps4?

    Edit: looks like it may only b the S version that does that

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      I don't believe it has 7.1 surround sound, the s version does though

    • Still works great via Windows Sonic, or via Dolby Headphone if your soundcard supports it.

      At this price, your only concern is if they're too heavy for you to wear for a few hours.

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    holy shit that's a good deal

  • +5

    Don't need the app can apply the code at checkout via the website

    • Thanks for the heads up

    • legend!

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    FYI. I had this headset earlier this year and sold it in favour of the Cloud Alpha. Sound is OK but microphone is terrible. Definitely don't recommend picking this up if you intend to use it for comms.

    • Just read a review that said the Revolver has better mic than the Alpha..anyone else care to chime in with a 3rd opinion?

      • Mine's great… guessing they had a faulty device?

      • -2

        Nope the alpha is the winner hyper x product rn hyperx themselves are saying the cloud alpha has dual chamber tecn

      • Yeah mine has been solid. Got it when they were first released. But use it through a soundblaster E5 and don't ever feel the need to switch to the E5's internal mic.
        Sound quality is pretty epic too matching Revolver with E5. Have been tempted to try the alpha's but I can't really comprehend how it could sound much better for the price.

      • Be careful because there's a few versions of the Revolver. I'm not trying to bash the headset but my brother had the same experience.

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    Pair with this and you basically have the Revolver S for $148

    • +1

      Why would you pay an extra $80 when windows 10 can now do virtual sound for free?

      • Because apparently $10 USB external audio adaptors are valuable when branded.

      • Was just putting out options for the people that think the revolver S is superior (it's not).
        Same headset, gimmicky amp added. Still $148 for the same thing is way cheaper than $229 or whatever most places want for the S.

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    tks, grabbed one, probably not as good as the alpha but alpha is discontinued, and for $69 delivered and extra head set will keep the kids happy over school holidays when friends come over.

    Only down side to these is non-replaceable cables to the head set, so once they die it's bin time, alpha is replaceable.

    USB dongle for surround …. there are some no name ones on ebay …not sure how good they work due to drivers, if surround becomes an issue I will check what deals are going or get the Hyper X adapter.

  • Was looking for a gaming headset for myself for xmas…perfect timing!

  • out of stock, just missed it :(

  • Is it sold out - can't find a way to add to cart.
    Dammit looks like it is… ughhh missed by a few minutes.

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