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4G Japan Travel SIM Cards $10 off ($19.95 for 7 Day Japan Travel SIM Card) Free Shipping @ NorthSIM


Hi Guys,

Heaps of people have been emailing us for more Japan Travel SIM cards.

Same deal as last time for those who missed out $19.95 for a 7 day Japan Travel SIM Card.

Our SIM cards use the Softbank 4G LTE network and can be bought for 7/14/21 days, meaning you don't need to bring 3-4 SIM cards and swap them out. The SIM cards come in a Triple Cut SIM which will have standard, micro and nano sizes. APN settings are usually not required - however if you run into trouble we've put up guides on our site. SIM cards come with data only (no voice).

All our SIM cards come with, a SIM card sleeve and SIM ejector tool. Activation is a matter of plugging in your SIM card once you land. No personal identifiable information is held on these SIMs so you can dispose of freely. Our SIM cards will still work even if you go over your daily allowance (albeit at slower speeds), meaning you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere without data.

Prepaid Japan Travel SIM Card

  • 500mb per day (resets every 24 hours)
  • 4G Softbank Network
  • Data service only - no voice
  • Unlimited 3G data afterwards (OK for browsing OzBargain/Reddit/Google Maps)
  • Cheaper than the SIM cards from vending machines or BIC/Yodabashi Camera in Japan
  • Free Regular Post via Australia Post for all orders
  • Ships from Sydney
  • Make sure to take a look at our SIM guides before you fly out -
  • This offer is for SIM cards which have an expiry date of 20/02/2019
Days Inclusions Price
7 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $19.95
14 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $29.95
21 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $39.95

Previous deal:
4G Japan Travel SIM Cards $10 off (Unlimited Data on 3G) Free Shipping + Bonus 4G Data @ NorthSIM

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  • Thank you all for the amount of support from the last deal. As always here to help and answer any questions.

    [email protected]

  • +1

    I fly there on the 17/6. This sim won't work?

    • Activate before 20/2/2019

      So that’s no

      • I noticed from the previous deal that it could be extended.

        • That's correct we offer a free extension for those travelling closer to February.

    • Hi @chibot, this SIM card should be activated before 20/02/2018. We will have more deals for in 2019 for those heading out mid-year.

      For travelers who are heading out in Late Feb or March/April - we offer to extend the activation date of this SIM card at no extra cost.

      [email protected]

  • If my girlfriend and I are travelling together, can we just buy one sim then use personal hotspot to share the data?

    • Hi @damoss,

      Absolutely - you can setup and share the data via personal hotspot.

      [email protected]

  • The expiry date on these cards is very soon feb next year?

    • Activate before 20/2/2019

    • Hi @woodfox

      For travelers who are heading out in Late Feb or March/April - we offer to extend the activation date of this SIM card at no extra cost.

      [email protected]

      • I leave the 23rd of April and get back the 8th of may will this card be any good then or should I wait for your deal next year?

        • @woodfox, we're more than happy to do an extension until your April departure date if you do decide to purchase now. If you decide to take this up PM me your order number and I'll extend it for you.

          [email protected]

          • @northsim: okay got 3 and sent you a pm about the order and dates

            • @woodfox: Thanks for the support woodfox - I'll put through an extension for your order.

  • Just ordered 1

  • Would these work on the slopes in Niseko?

  • There is a possibility that I might go to Japan for business just after the new year for 3 weeks so the 21 days option will suit me perfectly, my only problem now is I don't know whether I will go until after boxing day or late December, is it too late to buy then? How long is the delivery to NSW? Or do you have pick up option? Thanks

    • Hi @bto

      We send out our SIM cards from Sydney.

      Delivery via Australia Post is 2-5 business days for Regular, and 1-2 business days for Express.

      Our SIM cards can be activated anytime between now and 20/02/2019. Activation of your SIM card only occurs when you plug it into your phone.

      If you're heading out late December it's a great time to buy now, before Australia Post starts getting busier with Christmas deliveries.

      [email protected]

  • "Unlimited 3G data afterwards"

    Is this statement means once you've used up the 500GB on 4G network allocated in a day then it will automatically fall back to 3G with unlimited data access?
    Please confirm if my understanding is correct.

    • Hi @bto

      The allowance is 500mb (megabytes).
      After that is all used up, data usage will be capped to 3G speeds.

      [email protected]

  • Hi OP,

    I have a couple of potentially Noob questions:

    1. We are heading out mid-Feb and returning 3 weeks later in early March. As long as we activate the SIM before 21/2, would the 21 days SIM be best for us?

    2. Noting that it's only for data usage, could we still use it to make voice calls via WhatsApp or FaceTime?

    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Hi Skinny Mocha,

      1. Yep - activate the SIM card before 21/2 and you're all set.
      2. Absolutely - we strongly recommend that you use WhatsApp/FaceTime to make calls.

      [email protected]

  • too bad I see this too late, flying out coming Friday, I live in Sydney delivery could be risky before I fly.

    can I pick up from Sydney?

    • Hi fl360,

      Unfortunately we do not offer a pick up service. Express Post usually will reach Sydney metro by Tuesday.

      [email protected]

      • I work in Sydney CBD until Friday, so if I place an order now, will you post by express post on Monday ? I know express post is usually guarantee 1 BD delivery.

        Please confirm.


        • Hi fl360,

          Absolutely, we'll send it out first thing Monday.

          [email protected]

          • @northsim: great, I will give it a go. I guess I still have Vodafone $5 roaming to fall back on.

            the 21 days one averages about $2 a day, cheaper than vodafone.

            will report after my holidays… my Japan trip is 21 days !

            • @fl360: Thanks for the support fl360!

  • I going to Tokyo and osaka for 14 days can u extend for activation, I arrived 28 April 2019.

    • Hi joefan88

      We'll have more deals next year for those travelers going closer to May.

      [email protected]

  • Hey, thanks, do you guys have anything for South Korea?

    • +1

      Hi offal spokesman

      We haven't launched our South Korea SIM card yet, because we haven't written up the guide.
      However if you'd like, PM me your travel details and we can work out a deal just for you.

      [email protected]

  • Just bought your sim for Japan. Any deals on China? I think I missed the last one. Thanks

    • Hi Truarn,

      Thanks for your support!
      Unfortunately nothing for China at the moment - if you're interested in Hong Kong/Macau or Taiwan we can help you out.

      [email protected]

    • It’s very difficult to get a SIM card in China. Need a local to buy it for you as there are strict government requirements.

  • Hi Tony

    I'm arriving in Japan 19/3 and departing on 3/4.

    Would you be able to extend the activation date or will there be another deal for those dates i've listed above?

    • Hi stooamire,

      We can extend the activation expiry until April for you.
      Feel free to PM me your order number and I'll put it through for you.

      [email protected]

      • Thanks for your prompt response Tony.

        Ordered and PM sent.

        • Thanks stoodamire - thank you for the support!

      • Hi Tony,

        I've just joined Ozbargain and I've just bought a Sim (#951) which I'll need an extension of activation.

        Couldn't PM due to new Ozbargain account, but I've emailed you.

        Can you confirm if extension of activation will be applied to the order?

        Thanks so much.


        • Hi LC,

          Thanks for your support!
          I will put through an extension for order 951 for activation before end of April.

          [email protected]

  • I thought Japan already has 5g.

    • Hi hopper,

      I believe 5G networks are being trialed/being rolled out soon. 5G capable consumer phones are also on their way.

      Exciting times ahead!

      [email protected]

  • Hi rep,
    Will you be doing any specials for Hong Kong/Thailand/Singapore/Vietnam? WILL Be travelling there in Feb!

    • Hi ericshurn,

      That's quite a lot of places you're going to there!

      We're not ready to launch the product for your travel destinations just yet (still need to write the documentation for SIM guides).

      If you'd to like PM how long you will be at each destination for, we can work out a deal for you!


  • $6 for shipping in title please. Makes this deal a bit less appealing. Why is shipping not free?

    • +2

      $6 is for express shipping.

      Standard shipping is free.

  • Hi folks,

    We are SOLD OUT!

    All orders have been packed tonight and will be lodged with Australia Post Monday morning.
    If you've made an order with Express Post - your tracking number will be sent separately.

    Thanks for all the support!

    [email protected]

    • Damn I missed out. Any idea when you will get more stock?

  • Anyone know how often these deals appear?

    I'm flying out February so just missed out.

    • you need to check OZB frequently…

      but for me my default is Vodafone $5 / day roaming, I got the 21 day Japan northsim one which averages about $2.19 per day including express postage.

      these cheap pre-paid sim has its benefits, however Vodafone have its advantages as well, such as pay by day per location.
      all prepaid sims has a set date range - which can leads to wastage if your travel dates does not match perfectly.

      for example if you are going to Singapore for 4 days, then HK for 4 days, then China for 3 days, then Japan for 5 days… in that case Vodafone $5 is the best solution.

  • Hi Guys,

    We're trying to get more stock in this week for a deal this weekend. Follow our page on Facebook page if you'd like to be updated.

    [email protected]

  • +1

    a bit of user report.

    I just back from Japan for a 21 days trip, I bought the 21 days northsim and it has worked flawlessly over many regions of Japan, I have been to regional areas of Japan and mountain areas of Japan, and the 4G works perfectly 99% of the time.

    (expect when I was 80 meters down the Akiyoshido Cave in Akiyoshidai)

    I don't believe I have ever close to the daily limit so cannot comment on the throttled speed.

    Softbank's coverage is better than NTT DOCOMO, as I have a dual sim card 3G/4G phone and vodafone roaming on NTT docomo.
    NTT domoco may be getting coverage 96% of the time.

    for the same price I will definitely get it again !

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