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Unlimited Std.+ Int. Calls/SMS 9GB L Plan $25 | 20GB XL Plan $35 | 30GB XXL Plan $45 | + Continuous Data Rollover @ ALDI Mobile


Aldi has increased the data on their L, XL, XXL and Jumbo Value Pack plans.

L - from 6GB to 9GB ($25)
XL - from 12GB to 20GB ($35)
XXL - from 22GB to 30GB ($45)
Jumbo - from 32GB to 40GB ($55)

All Value Packs have 30 days expiry

Bonus data over the festive season:
For a limited time, receive a special offer of bonus data when you recharge from 12 December 2018 - 10 January 2019 and valid for one recharge only. Subsequent recharges in the same period will not have additional data applied.

Pretty happy as I signed up on the L pack when it was 3GB about 3 months back, then increased to 6GB, now 9GB. Any unused data keeps rolling over so long as you recharge within 24 hours of the pack expiring.

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    Amazing plans considering there's data rollover and also international call pack included. Currently with the Large pack.

  • Is ALDI on Telstra?? And Proper 4G network??

    • Telstra wholesale.
      The mobile product of ALDImobile provides a 4G coverage footprint of 97% and a combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint of 98.8% of the Australian population covering 1.62 million square kilometers.

      • So does this mean it's 4g in major cities and 3g in little towns?? Would the service be similar to Telstra or a budget, crappier version? Anyone on ALDI/Telstra can answer this??

        • I have both in darwin, speeds are better with telstra.

          Saying that it does not affect anything i do.

          Look at boost for the full.network cheaper.


        • I’m on Aldi/Telstra and my wife is on straight Telstra.

          Our phone coverage has been identical throughout Australia. At times her data has been faster, but not noticeably so.

          At $35 per month with unlimited calls and now 20gb data, it’s hard to beat.

        • You'll have the same coverage as the next best carrier.

          Generally speaking if Telstra is the only carrier with service you won't have any.

          If Telstra and someone else does you will have service.

        • In WA, it does miss (as in no reception) some smaller towns like Green Head, Leeman, Marble Bar, and and for those working on sites, a number of sites too. If you need country coverage, definitely check the Aldi coverage map.

        • Worth noting that ensuring your phone has band 28 has a bigger impact on coverage than Aldi vs Telstra. Also worth noting that 5G will start being built out from next year, and I'll bet that Telstra won't be sharing that with anyone.

    • I've used Optus and Aldi mobile and Aldi is noticeably better. Probably not as good as Telstra but better then the biggest competition.

      • second this

      • I have a seperate phone on both Optus and ALDI. It's not so clear cut, at least in Melb 'burbs - it literally varies from suburb to suburb. Sometimes Optus can get 100Mbit and ALDI less than 10, sometimes they are equal, sometimes reversed.

  • ta for posting, don't always keep an eye on these deals, good catch

  • I'm on woolworths mobile and was about to port over on my next recharge to Aldi just for the international roaming availability. More data makes it even sweeter.

    Just keep in mind that you need to get a $5 SIM from ALDI(which includes $5 credit within).

  • So far happy with AldiMobile, don't miss 4GX that much as we live in Metro area.
    However VOLTE is still not implemented…

  • That's a decent deal, but 45/month on Telstra buys you 50gb when jbhifi has it on special, granted without international calls though.

  • That's 2 months in a row they've upped data. I initially joined in August on the $25 plan and it went from 3gb > 6gb > 9gb

  • For someone who doesn't need more than 5GB/month (broadband has me covered), is there anything cheaper than $25 which comes with unlimited international calling?

  • So how does it work once your 30 days is over? Do you have to purchase another 30 days or can you set it up to automatically renew every 30 days?

  • Would there be any issue with using one of these plans to replace the home (which is stuck on adsl) phone and internet?

    So have the mobile permanently positioned in the house for family use and hot spot the connection to a couple of computers?

    I know my Aldi mobile connection is faster than my adsl but unsure of reliability. Would be great to get rid of the phone line though.

    • I did just that a couple months back albeit moved from optus cable to Optus 4g. Originally ran through old mobile phone which was fine but could only handle 10 devices so have moved to a kogan 4g modem. No regrets at all!

    • No issue! Depending on your usage I recommend purchasing a pocket wifi device or 4g sim modem/router… also if you need more data Optus have something like 200GB of 4G for $80 per month… but plenty of cheaper less expensive options out there

  • Also of note is the $15/2GB Plan has data rollover now.

  • Thinking of moving off Telstra onto this and waiting for another JB Telstra deal. Does anyone know if I would be considered a new customer if I am coming from ALDI?

    • I got told in JB yesterday that porting from ALdi wasn't eligible for the current Mate 20 deal because its on the Telstra network. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

      They were out of stock of the phones in Sydney stores anyway.

      • I went from ALDImobile - Telstra on a previous $200 JB HiFi voucher promotion.
        No issues with the port and was eligible for the store credit.

  • Have the XL here,
    - started at 6GB
    - then went to 7GB
    - then 10GB
    - then 12GB
    - now limited time 20GB

    heck yes, all for the same price

  • How many minutes are given for the included international countries? No luck finding that info.

    • It's right on the deal frontpage, for L-plan:

      Unlimited to 15 countries
      100 Minutes to 35 countries

  • Anyone from Kogan switching?

  • What happens after holiday data?

    • My reading of it is that if you recharge before the end date (10 Jan 2019) then you get double data. So If you start a L Value bundle you get 18GB. At your next recharge you will get another +9GB and the remainder from the first month will go into a Rollover Bank. If you use X GB per month you would get this:

      Month 1: 18GB monthly Data + 0GB Bank
      Month 2: 9GB monthly Data + 18 - XGB Bank
      Month 3: 9GB monthly Data + 27 -2XGB Bank
      Month 4: 9GB monthly Data + 36 -3
      XGB Bank

      Month Y: 9GB monthly Data + Y9-YXGB Bank

      As far as I have read it rolls over without limit. If anyone with an account could confirm, that would be great.

      Edit: It also looks like there is a monthly max rollover of 30GB/40GB or 60GB depending on exactly which plan you have that varies between data only and value packs.

  • Move to Aldi Mobile in April 2017, and haven't regretted it. So far, have had good reception wherever I have gone, and the allowances are brilliant. I recommend it to everyone I speak to.

  • Will this work with recently released Telstra locked phones?

    • There's two things, carrier lock and network lock. Telstra seem to be network locking, meaning it shouldn't work with an Aldi Sim - but I'm not sure if anyone has actually tried.

  • Anyone able to confirm how the data rollover works? As far as I can see from the Ts&Cs the data from the Value pack rolls over without limit. If you buy additional data packs they have a rollover limit.


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