Quick question about Rite Price Port Adelaide

A question for you South Aussies out there. I went into Rite Price at Port Adelaide for the first time last year and I felt like I was walking into Franklin's. Was it previously a Franklin's?

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  • Yes it was previously Woolworths. Looking at this article it closed about 6 years ago.

    • Woolworths? Not Franklin's? It's a bit small for a Woolworths, although I assume there were smaller stores around before.

    • Can't find anything to back it up, but prior to woolworths I'm sure it was either franklins or bi-lo

      • I didn't venture out of my own suburb to shop too often in the 90's so I only remember going to my local Franklin's but the memory of everything about it is quite strong.

  • +1

    Going anywhere in Adelaide is like stepping back in time. Sure it wasn't Less4More MoreOrLess MoreForLess For Lease ?

    • I agree. Sometimes going to certain places is like stepping back into the 90's.

  • Blame SA labor for 16 years management

  • Port Adelaide Rite Price is now closed down. It will be sorely missed.

    • Do you know if it's going to be relocated to the new shopping centre?

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