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[PC] Free - Assassin's Creed Odyssey & 1,000 Helix Credits When Play One Hour in Project Stream (VPN Required)


To sign up for Project Steam. Note - VPN required.

(Editor's note: An alternate sign up link)

I don't have a PC to test this but possibly can access using this free VPN?

The Project Stream tech test from Google, featuring a fully playable version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, is offering qualifying participants the opportunity to continue their journey on Uplay PC.

All players participating in Project Stream receive, for free, 1,000 Helix credits (a $10 value) to spend as they see fit, and any players that spend a minimum of an hour playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey in Project Stream between now and January 15 will receive a free Uplay PC copy of the game via their linked Uplay account as a special thanks for being a part of the test.

Players that already have a copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey tied to their Uplay account will not be eligible for a free copy of the game.

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    Sorry, this project is currently open in the U.S. only

  • US Only, so you'll need a VPN

  • "Sorry, this project is currently open in the U.S. only"

    i.e. VPN required.

  • says US only :/

  • -3

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Prefer Homer's Odyssey…

  • +3

    It seems to also be selected beta users as per Slickdeals, not everyone

  • Hop on a computer to start
    You'll need to be on a computer to play

    Off to a great start aren't we?

    I'm on a computer btw.

      • +1

        I have VPN set to US and still get

        Sorry, this project is currently open in the U.S. only

        EDIT: Got it now. Need an invite though. You can request an invite but it's not guaranteed.

        You're not done yet!
        Check your email and verify your address. Then, if you're selected, we'll email you in the next few weeks about how to get started.

  • +6

    yeah this is luck of the draw wouldn't call it a bargain at all

  • +5

    Should probably mention in the description that the free game wont be made available until late Jan / Feb next year.

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to work with a VPN either for me anyway.
    Keep getting the message:

    Sorry, this project is currently open in the U.S. only

    Edit: It did seem to work on the VPN when I only went to https://projectstream.google.com

    • Google used GPS location as well. I guess you might want to try with a browser with GPS location disabled.

      • I used TunnelBear within Incognito mode to access the 'Request Invite' link. the '/aco/location' subpage wouldn't work, hence why I used the link from Dodogo.

  • Any way to get this working on Xbox?

  • +1

    I am getting asked for a setup code?

    • Same. I requested an invite and verified my email, then got "Thanks! Spots are limited, so you'll get an email in the coming weeks if you're selected."

      • That’s lame, good luck I guess

  • +6

    Just want to let people know that this is pointless to try in Australia as the latency is too high.

    You have to get through a test before you can play - speed, latency and packet loss.

    I got an invite in October and I can't do anything with it due to this test.

    • RTJ fan?

      • Pardon?

        • +1

          I beleive he thinks your profile picture looks like the ablum cover from RTJ3 by a rap duo called "Run the Jewels". I'm a fan of them and your pictures definitely look similar at smaller sizes.

          • +1

            @Dodogo: Oh, well the colours are similar, but I think he needs glasses :P

            This is the Yellow Submarine from the Beatles.

            • +1

              @SubSonix: It's exactly as Dodogo says.
              You have to admit it looks similar when looking at thumbnails.

              • @ChillBro: Unless you're looking at a sub SD screen, no i don't think it does at all.

  • Worked, thanks heaps

  • +1

    For all this work you may as well just pirate it, that would be far quicker and easier and you'd be giving the creators the same amount of money.

    • +1

      I like your style.

  • +5

    Ok I got in, but you won't get as far as to playing it. It doesn't even let you play until you meet these criteria:
    You need :
    Stable streaming rate : 15 or more required
    Latency: 40 or less required
    Loss: 5% or less required
    ASSUMING that you somehow get 15mbps on your VPN and less than 5% loss, the latency will be the problem no matter what and there's nothing to fix it.
    Sorry for the neg, nothing personal. Just letting people know that this 'bargain' is nothing of the sort.

    • +1

      Unless a bargainer knows his way around spoofing these sorts of things. If there's a Santa out there, I'd like this hero for Christmas.
      P.S: I can verify that these requirements needed. Looks like my 10+ invite codes are going to waste.

  • Yeah I got accepted, but could not get past the latency test.

  • possible solution to pass the latency test:

    1. Create a Windows VM (from digital ocean of azura)
    2. Pass the test and afk for 1 hour
    • +2

      can you explain how that works?

      I have tried to google digital ocean of azura and not getting any hits.

      VMs are virtual machines that you can install another OS on and boot into it within your native OS. But I'm not sure how that figures into reducing or faking your ping.

    • +1

      Explain this witchcraft you speak of!

    • I assume you're talking about cloud computing?

      • yes, basically speaking, Cloud VM such as digital ocean or azura is a virtual machine inside their servers, this allow users to use their services which is hosted on their server (they have servers in US). and u can install say for example Windows 10 on their VM. creating an illusion that u have a computer running windows 10 in US..
        user can access user's VM in similar manner as remote desktop connections

  • +3

    Found on Reddit:

    Did it on my end, can confirm it works. streaming the game now.

    • this worked great!

      • +1

        Make sure you double check your time tracked both from the in-game save menu (or more specifically and importantly) your ubisoft stats themselves.
        I guess it's maybe latency or framerates causing the time discrepancy but I ran my game for about 2hrs and only just had over 1hr tracked properly.

        • +1

          yeah got 2 hours up lol played like the first 5 quests till it got too much/annoying to play lol

    • Thank you for sharing this :D

  • +1

    Working for me too. Thanks Stoibs! Playing now. Streaming without downloading is interesting. Mine is losing frames and gets blurry, but that's understandable considering the setup.

    Looking forward to getting the full game download. Happy days.

    • Haha, yeah I wouldn't try to play properly over the stream. I got through the tutorial and onto the main game. Could sort of run around but the mouse either lost focus on the window/game and would spin around from time to time + sometime my character would keep running in a direction.

      I fought some blokes and made it to the Vineyard before deciding to just idle out the rest of the playtime.
      Last AC games I played was either BlackFlag/Rogue or Syndicate, this plays much differently and much more true RPG'ish from what I saw, I do look forward to trying it properly come January :D

      • Yes you described my experience. Pretty much unplayable. Mine is idling now that I am at a free roam stage. Just gonna get to that one hour played threshold. I'll check the Ubisoft stats to make sure before I log out. Cheers.

  • For those using paperspace do remember to turn off the virtual machine when you're done.

    I got an email this morning warning me that I've been running mine for 24hrs (I just logged off yesterday, didn't shut down the virtual machine properly).
    It's only 7c per hour but yeah keeping that up could cost a couple of bucks after a few days once the initial free $5 promotional sign-up credit is consumed.

    Ideally though we should probably just cancel and disable our accounts on there altogether once done with the minimum playtime.

    • Good advice. I did go back and shutdown and disable the virtual machine after I logged an hour on the Ubisoft server, but was wondering what would have happened if I forgot.

  • Sold out:
    Invites for Project Stream are all gone for now.
    You can still keep in touch, though!