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[VIC] Supreme+ 98 Fuel 128.9c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Ashwood


I am sure this is a price error. Price is discounted as the store is out of Unleaded 91 fuel.

98+ fuel is the same price as regular unleaded, so lock it up ASAP if you are in this area now.

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    I think that just means they have run out of 91 so you get a free upgrade.. I get thst every now and then where I live… Fill up and lock it! Should get you through Christmas price hikes

  • Just locked 48L's! Will mean I can go do my work tomorrow! Thanks op!

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      Congratulations on your savings, but drop the apostrophe.

      • The apostrophe use is perfectly relevant.
        Apostrophes are used in contractions to signify missing letters, like don't, haven't or I've.

        If you wanted to remove anything, it would be the apostrophe and the following letter s.
        As L can signify either a singlular Litre or plural Litres.

        If you want to be pedantic about your use of apostrophes, make sure it's accurate!

  • Is there any way to lock the price if you're not in the area at the moment?

    • Not sure if it is still valid, but in the past people have done GPS spoofing.

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      search some of the earlier posts/forums on 7-eleven - theoretically it can be done on Android (or android emulator) running a GPS spoofer and an "special" version of the 7-Eleven app

      • This is what I just managed to do yesterday

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      Get Nox on your computer (Android emulator) and install the 7-Eleven app from the Play Store, same as you would on your phone. Nox lets you set your location wherever you want.

      Edit - with this method you don't need a special/modified version of the 7-Eleven app; just use the official one from the Play Store.

      • Is your Nox still working? I gave up on Nox about 2 months ago because the app kept giving me a "GOLF" error while using it with Nox.

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          Same here. As far as I know Nox is dead.

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            @keejoonc: Make sure to use Android version 7

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            @keejoonc: Did some research based on sprof's comment below about Android v7 and came across this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/noxappplayer/comments/7dvhac/how_to...

            Might be useful if you're running Nox on PC. I'm currently reinstalling Nox on Mac to see if I can do something similar.

            • @daanish: Did you stop getting the golf error code doing this update?

              • @ThePriceIsNotRight: I found out that you can't run Nox Multi-drive mode (which is what this update does) on Nox for Mac. I'll have to get my hands on a Windows PC to try it out. If you're running PC it might work for you - just make sure you install the Android 7 version.

        • Yeah mine still works on Windows 10 as of this morning.

        • Try BlueStacks.

          • @ouryou: I couldn't get BlueStacks for Mac to work with the 7/11 app. I think it was either showing a Root detected error wouldn't even let me run the app for some reason. I can't remember which problem was BlueStacks and I don't have it installed any more.

      • There's a better way to lock fuel by using fake GPS and this modded apk file of 7 eleven which allows mock location.

        Link here : https://i.fiery.me/3DmU.apk

        First download this modded app, then sign up. Turn on developer options by tapping on build number 7 times and then go to the fake GPS and turn it on. Put this address and press the play button and then change your location to this address. Go to 7 eleven and lock. Locking and faking fuel is found in another thread:


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          The APK isn't working for me

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    Thanks! Dont think ive ever seen 98 for this low - the store clerk is going to have a hissy fit im sure when i pull this out :P - Anyone ever have a store clerk refuse the app price?

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      Nope… but had some go 'WTF'

      One of them looked at me crazily when I went in, put two litres in the car, used the voucher (I needed to bin the voucher so I could lock in even cheaper elsewhere)

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        The last time I filled up I had 98 for $1.19/L and the pump price was like $1.679/L. I only needed 20L but even for that the clerk gave me a weird look lol

    • United Petrol at Wyoming NSW is at 128.4c/l today, but only benefits people nearby.

  • Does the store clerk have a right to refuse accepting a voucher? If they do, what are the options?

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      They make up the difference by the poor person paying next to you

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        I can confirm that the head office pays the difference. Told to me by two different 7 11 owners.

    • As far as I know, all servo that are franchise based gets certain amount per liter being sold. To them it does not matter what company is charging. All they need to do is comply with rates being pushed by head office. Money that servo owners make is by selling other stuff when you go to fill the oil tank. I have seen servo owners buying Coca Cola (and some other items - not the 7-11 franchise though) from Woolworth in bulk because they cannot even get those rates from their suppliers.

      In this case as others mentioned whatever the difference is just passed on to HO.

  • Anyone got the latest updated modified app .

  • yeah this is my local, they always somehow run out of 91

  • Can I use nox to spoof on a mac?

    • Normally yes, but if you've upgraded to OS X Mojave than no… The new update crashes Nox

      • Not sure about this. I'm running Nox on Mojave (10.14.2) and it's fine.

        • It's widely discussed on many forums including reddit

          • @Xiaomi: Ok, thanks. I'm saying it works fine for me (as it did today) and the specific thread you linked (from two months ago) would suggest that it's fixed now with an update to VirtualBox which installs with Nox. If you install it now, or update what you currently have, it works.

            • @claw225: I uninstalled Nox, and installed the newest version, it still does not work. I am not on 10.14.2 though, updating now, hopefully fixes the issue.

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              @claw225: The update fixed the issue. Legend!

              • @Xiaomi: Can I ask what update are you referring to? I went to the nox website and downloaded Nox for mac, and it gets stuck on 99%. I'm assuming the latest update on the website is the one I have, so I'm not sure re-installing will do anything (hence why Im asking)

                Thanks in advance

  • I use BlueStacks, as Nox didn't use to work a while back (not sure if Nox was updated) but it's the same thing.

  • Not a bad deal for 98 but if that's normally the ULP price, man you guys pay a lot over East! ULP is currently $1.112 near me in Perth, 98 is $1.31 and will be $1.27 tomorrow.

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      I happily pay more for fuel to not live anywhere near Perth :p

      • Touche!

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    Modded apk keep giving 'golf' error when trying to sign in.

    Edit : ditto with playstore version. Hidden with Magisk.
    Will try nox when I'm at a pc.

    • Curious to know, what version are you on? And which modded version did you download? The one I uploaded last week?

      • 1.6.0 for both, modded & playstore versions.
        The modded one looks to have been uploaded by you on the 7th (so appears to be the latest).

        Both hidden with Magisk.
        Wiped all data (via Ti Backup) from the modded one, before installing the playstore version as well.
        Both gave the same 'golf' error when trying to sign in. Currently signed in on my partner's iPhone though, so doesn't seem to be an issue with the account itself. Might just be my phone if it's working for others.

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    inb4 hypebeasts

  • I've never used the 7-11 app before, how does it work exactly? I'm just playing around with it in Nox at the moment and it seems like you have to prepay the fuel? What happens if you end up needing more fuel that what you've locked in?

    • I've always made sure I got less fuel than what is locked in, unsure of the answer. Someone told me the whole lot goes back up to the bowser price but if it's smart enough it should only charge the additional at the higher price? Either way I've kept it simple and stayed under the locked total to be safe.

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      you have to prepay the fuel

      Correct. Credit card facility (In-App) sometimes doesn't work as it's very sensitive to prevent fraud I assume. The work around is to buy a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and use that to top up balance. You only do this once, make sure you keep that credit on your account and use card/cash in-store to pay for the fuel to save you constantly topping up.

      What happens if you end up needing more fuel that what you've locked in?

      The rule of thumb is lock in more than what your tank capacity is by 5L. My tank is 55L but sometimes fills up to 57L. Whatever you don't use you won't get charged for, but if you lock in less, and use more, you'll pay retail on the excess litres over the lock-in litre amount.

      • Is there a minimum for the gift card we have to load? Or can we basically buy a $10 one (if it exists) and then pay cash in store (e.g $50 tank)

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          When locking in on the App you need to have enough credit to cover the full cost, ie. $50 credit to cover 39L @ 1.28 =$49.92

          $10 won't work as it'll only allow you to lock in 8L of fuel at the example price of 1.28/L

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      if you go over, you just pay the rest at the store's price, and you can use your app balance or pay remaining on your card or whatever. super easy!
      if you use less than what you pre-ordered, then you pay that much and have a remaining balance saved in the app.

    • Basically you have to top some credit onto your 7-11 to lock the price for 7 days. You can pay for the fuel using other credit when actually filling up and they dont really care about the amount locked. Well so far in VIC anyways as I have been using lock via the app so far.

  • Is it worth getting the 98 rather than 95?

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      If your car calls for 95 minimum then 98 will probably make a slight difference. If your car calls for 91 then 98 will unlikely do much. But at this price it's a no brainer in the former situation.

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        If your car calls for 95 minimum then 98 will probably make a slight difference.

        It won't make any difference.

        You only need to use what the manufacturer states. There's no advantage to using a higher octane fuel than needed.

        Regular fuel will burn properly and the premium fuel will burn properly but it won't burn any better.

    • On my old car (2005 Elantra) I did a lot of tests and found that cost per km is pretty much the same with 91 and 98 (98 is better than 91 with less short trips) and 95 was just about as expensive as E10 per km. I found E10 to use around 10-12% more fuel than 91. Pretty sure this is car and type of driving dependent. I keep getting told that buying 98 when my car takes 91 is a waste of money but haven't tested it in my new car yet so still getting 98. Would never get 95 (other than that time is was .001c/L :) )

      • Dude… if your car is anything like mine (2007 Carnival/Sedona) it'll run sweet on 98. I bought it used and it's running brilliantly after a few tank fulls!

    • Only if your car needs it or if the 98 is cheaper.

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  • This is near me but and shows up in the local search but the app keeps pointing me to another store that’s $1.46L when I press the lock button.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    App seems shit as.

    • Are you selecting 98? I locked it in 10mins ago with no issue.

    • How close is it? You can only lock from the closest 5 stores.

      If you can get to the Mulgrave store, that's even cheaper at the moment.

      • Ah maybe that’s why. It’s proba the 6th closest

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    For those new to the app, there's a massive ongoing discussion in the comments here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/288802

    Nox still works. Just make sure you use Android 7.

    I just locked this in 21:45 AEST.

    • As I've got a pixel 2, the android version is at 9.
      I really dont' want to go back as its my main used phone. But I do have an oldddd samsung galaxy back at home that I could use. I havent checked what version android it is on, but I presume 9 as well, can I get it back to android 7 and if so, any links on how? I know I could google, but I tend to find forums more useful as generally people will link you with things that have successfully worked for them

      • +3

        Nox (https://www.bignox.com) is an Android emulator for PC/MAC.

        I followed the instructions on the following site to run it in Android 7 - https://appuals.com/how-to-upgrade-noxplayer-to-android-7-no....

        • thanks for that, I realised, I don't need an actual android phone to do this. I thought the mac connected to the phone or something, my bad. So general context is once you get nox up and running all you need to do is login onto the 7-11 app (on the mac using nox) and do a fuel lock and you just use the same login on your phone (on the 7-11 app) and that is it. Correct? Obviously there are issues you can run into (payments etc which I've read up on) but this is the general gist, right?

          thanks in advance.

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            @eltito: Nox emulates an LG G4 handset with the same hardware / software

            1) Login to Play Store or Nox and download 7-Eleven Fuel App
            2) Change the location of Nox by locating the Location Icon on the left hand side of Nox Application
            3) Login to 7-Eleven Fuel App on Nox using the normal credentials and lock in price
            4) Close the App on Nox, and login to 7-Eleven on your personal handset. If it doesn't show barcode, restart app.

            Details about how the credits work on your App are above, or click here

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    U98 is cheaper now at 127.7 Waverley Gardens

    • +2

      it's now 126.9

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        thanks, locked in at Noble Park - 126.9

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