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Original Recipe Fill Up Box $4.95 [App Exclusive] @ KFC (Before 4PM)


Same like https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/399606

KFC $4.95 Fill-up box is back, currently available for App users only.

1x Original Chicken Piece (can be swapped with Hot an Spicy if available)
1x Original Tender (can be swapped with Baked Tender if available)
1x Dinner Roll
1x Potato and Gravy
1x Regular Chips (upsize for additional $1.60)

Drinks can be added from $1

Offer expires 18/02/2019

Order before 4PM

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  • +6

    Tempting. Ozb users can always do with more fat and acne.

    • +22

      let's not down vote the truth.

      • +4

        Let's not state the same cliche every deal..
        I haven't upvoted nor downvoted either comment - staying neutral here

  • +10
    • survey free chips and drink
    • -1

      I bought a Domino's El Grande supreme the other day.

      • +1

        Thanks for letting us know.

      • Nice.

    • Isn't that a minimum five bucks spend ?

  • +4

    Add the survey to the meal for

    1x Original Chicken Piece
    1x Original Tender
    1x Dinner Roll
    1x Potato and Gravy
    2x Regular Chips
    1x Pepsi can

    • +3

      The app allows you to skip the massive lunch queue by paying online. However, you will miss out on getting the receipt to do the survey + if you have the survey, you will miss out on the chips/drink :(

      Such first world problem

      • What a predicament!

      • +4

        Add to order -> pay at restaurant -> show receipt when ordering

        Can have the best of both worlds!
        Will come up with an "ORDER HAS BEEN MODIFIED" on the receipt.

        • +4

          that'd still require lining up in the order queue though wouldn't it?

        • When i’m ordering from the new products menu it won’t let me add the meal to the cart it’s saying that i need to select at least 1 drink in order for the “add to my order” to change from grey to red so that it will add to my cart. How do i do the order for $4.95 with the free drink? Thanks.

          • @Golly1153: You will not be able to order at this point in time. Please try again on Friday.

          • @Golly1153: You'll need to do it after you order - physically at the restaurant. Furthermore, you'll have to select pay at restaurant (and line up).

            There isn't a way to add the survey chips and drink on the app.

      • You should get a receipt with all orders including online prepaid ones. If not, please ask the team member to print it for you.

        • aren't you meant to get the free drink/chips from the survey on your next purchase tho?

        • +2

          I really hope the survey becomes part of the app, and you use the unique code from it to enter into the app. I've never once received a receipt for online order nor been asking to do the survey from the app. This would streamline so many of the options you have to fill yourself like time/store ID.

      • +1

        Pick up someone elses, left at the counter.

        • Yep they're always around…

      • all you do is rock up to collect your order & tell them when you get to the drive thru order window/box 'i'm here to pickup order#1234 & i also have a survey receipt for a free chips & drink' If you're collecting in store, well yeah not really a way around it i guess.

    • +1

      Orange juice bottle is better value

    • Have to spend a minimum of $5 to add a receipt bonus.

      • +4

        It's $4.95
        Why does this always come up when the receipt says this clearly?

  • Good that's it's actually a regular chips. Sometimes these deals only come with a small chips.

    • KFC only have 2 sizes of chips. The paper bag is supposed to hold the same amount as the small chips box

      • +1

        supposed to

        Yet almost never does. How come whenever I got the free survey chips they were always bigger than the bagged chips?

        • They are actually "Portion" chips. A little smaller then the regular.

          • @Lockster: Can you confirm the small chips box recently shrunk? Last one i got bout a week ago was about an 8th the size of the box from bout 6 weeks before.

            • @iluvpizza: Can't confirm they got smaller same size at my store I'm fairly sure.

            • @iluvpizza:

              about an 8th the size

              Shrinking that much is ridiculous. That is like saying it's going from around 800cm^2 to 100cm^2 or getting 8 times smaller

              • +1

                @pennypincher98: Yes, that's what… 'one 8th' means

                I'll still take 100cm3 of chips anyday!

                • +1

                  @Switchblade88: Don't you think someone would notice if KFC started making their regular chips 8 times smaller??

                  I'm assuming OP meant "seven 8ths smaller" as in 0.875% it's original size not 0.125% its original size.

                  Haha yeah that was an example but unfortunately not realistic, especially as it was only in 2 dimensions 😂

                  • @pennypincher98: i'm assuming you mean 87.5% it's original size and 12.5% its original size, otherwise thats very small.

                    • +1

                      @Savas: Haha yeah oops, I put the percentages in there as an afterthought - had just the decimals before.

                  • @pennypincher98: didn't word it properly, i meant the shrinkage is 1/8th so the box is now about 80% the size it used to be, duh lol

  • +1

    Fill up box? I bet they only fill it half way

  • +2

    Fill Up Box

    Aka an apetiser.

    • +2

      depends how fat you are.
      I think it makes a suitable lunch.

      • +3

        I ate a thrift box, large chips, gravy and bottle of Sunkist in one go.

        • +6

          You know a lot about junk food, are you a big unit?

          • +6

            @WatchNerd: I've been told that I'm voluptuous.

      • It's more than enough.. Hence the amount of people overweight and obese in this Country.

    • -1

      Yep. My first thought was… Oh,it's like the Fill Up A Bag day at Life Line clothing. There's NO WAY they'll let me behind the counter to fill up a box!

      Those boxes aren't strong enough to take the pressure I'd exert on it!

  • Fill up 1/3.

  • Is kfc chicken halal/kocher?

    • It is free range chickens.

    • there are some in Victoria, but they serve ham in those branches too so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • -1

      Its better than halal, its made to western standards.

    • +1

      KFC is not Kosher, it has milk/milk products in the batter/coating.

  • +2

    Looking closely at the email,

    "This offer is not everywhere and not forever. Expires 18/02/2018."

    Ha ha ha… EXPIRED

    • Looks like they probably meant 2019, they're not going to piss off a whole lotta people by sending out expired deals…

  • +2

    Just got one for lunch. Thanks OP!

  • For that price you can guarantee kfc will give you the smallest crappiest piece of chicken.

    • I got a Rib in mine, so I was pleased! They did stuff up my upsize, so I got out of my car in drive thru after I had already driven forward a little bit to get them to rectify it!

  • Bought two, one of them had a wing for the chicken piece.

    Drumstick in the other

    • Next time request a bigger piece of chick, don't be shy.

  • +3

    can you swap the dinner roll for something else?

    • A few extra chips maybe?

    • +1

      A KFC wipe? It's not letting you trade it for anything else on the app.

      • +1

        the app sucks, it doesn't let you swap out the potato and gravy either.

        • +2

          It’s the $5 deal so all the items are fixed. Only things you can do are upsize the chips or add a drink. If you get a normal combo or meal, you can swap the sides.

  • +3

    I think this is how more junk food, or takeout in general, should be sold. Cheap, readily available, small-ish portions. So if you want some kfc you can spend $5 and get an amount of calories that are appropriate for one meal without overdoing it.

    Cheap with alright portion size means you won't worry too much about squeezing out the best value. Since all the meals are closely priced, I've found that if a regular meal feels a little bit of a ripoff it's easy to go up a few dollars to get your moneys worth, maybe a couple of times, so that you walk in hoping for a couple of sneaky pieces of greasy chicken for under $10, and walk out with a $20 bucket of willpower destruction and inevitable obesity.

    Food in aus is generally expensive with massive portions. Halve the price, halve the portions, everyone would be healthier. And more people could actually eat kfc because it wouldn't just be reserved for the fatties.

    • +1

      Yeah I get tempted by all these KFC deals that get posted up on here and then when I open the KFC app, I see the amount of kilojoules…. I exit the app lol. This one is 3k KJ which is… better. lol

    • You do realise that a heap of people will buy 2 of these, right?

      You're right though, people eat far too much, portion wise. If you're sitting around all day, the amount of food you NEED is relatively small.

      • +1

        Of course, but that's largely because there is already a wide choice of oversized meals anyway which makes two of these seem like a normal size. I think the expectation that people will buy too much cheap food leads to things like the sugar tax proposal, but I think raising the prices could also make people buy larger quantities.

        I'm basing this on spending some time in Japan, where portions are generally smaller (and take getting used to), but cheap unhealthy snacks are also readily available. So instead of trying to bloat up on every meal, people can easily top up later if they are still hungry, or grab a small bit of fried chicken when they want a bit.

        One of the weird consequences of this is that many restaurants offer the same meal in various sizes, at the same price. Even mcdonalds does this as a coupon. You don't pay extra for larger portions, because people don't automatically try to stuff themselves. And the donut shops are full of slim women treating themselves to sweets

  • +1

    App doesn't work on my phone

    • +2

      You didn't download the Macca's ap did you

      • who flog eats maccas

      • +1

        To their credit, the Maccas app is quite stable now.

        • still cant login on phone ,too afraid it will log out of ipad but forget to check it.

  • I bought this hahaha, and free chips & drink, made my day.

  • +2

    Managed to order this for dinner

    • Same ordered mine at about 9pm

  • I had this put through by staff (App order, pay at counter) after 4PM too, I know that condition usually applies to these cheap boxes but it is not mentioned in the app or the email so possibly its not a condition this time.

  • +3

    There is no time restriction on the app - one of the perks of using the app.

  • +1

    Think this is the last time I'll order the $5 "Fill Up" Box or KFC in general

    Disappointing. The chips were soggy and unseasoned, the chicken was dry and tough, the potato and gravy had actually expired and the bread roll was borderline stale. Seriously?? Is this what KFC is now?

  • The vegans will be displeased hands shaking

  • What sucks is that they often advertise this without mentioning it's app exclusive, like with one sign near my place. Kind of a dick move.

    • report them to the ACCC for false advertising ;)

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