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[NSW] IKEA $10 off Coupon & Clearance Sale (Starts 21/12 for IKEA Family)


Free $10 coupon from IKEA in the junk mail today.

Doesn't say if there is a minimum spend. My flyer only has NSW stores. Edit: Thanks to Ozbargainers feedback it appears to be NSW only and original coupon only.

I will also post a picture of the sale items on the other side of the flyer.

OzB Pro Tip: go to the store by yourself & spend this $10 on Lint rollers and you'll come out a winner. Take your spouse with you to IKEA and you'll still save $10 but probably come home with a new lounge and $1k on your new QFF credit card.


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    • Lol, the sale is really extensive then?

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    Don't forget about hacking Lacks.

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    Good deal on coffee tables if you have a Lack of them at your place - was $8.99 now $6.99

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      Is this a joke?

      • Not a very good one if you have to ask.

      • But yes, it was a joke!

  • Phone is fine?

    • The coupon says visit for t&cs but there doesn't seem to have any there.

      • Where did you getthe pamphlet?

        • In the junk mail - Central Coast NSW.

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            @Coastie: Haha that's hilarious - isn't the closest one Rhodes in Sydney?

            Here's to hoping they build one on the coast soon.

            • @pennypincher98: Totally! Only an hour and half drive to save $10. But somehow I'm sure we'll end up there in the hols.

              • @Coastie: Absolutely! At least the one at Boolaroo might seem promising for future years :)

          • @Coastie: Whereabouts on the Coast? I'm near Tuggerah but didn't get one.

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      Use the self checkout scanners and it won't matter.

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    Can i get 10 hotdogs for free?

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      I hope so. I love those things. They sell them at the exit to make the pain of spending 5 hours lost in ikea just that little bit less painful.

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        You've been doing it wrong, get them on the way iin as well.

        • And during. One for each section of the store.

  • Can I spend this on food? By the time I get past the maze I'll be starving.

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      Enter from the rear. Saves you time.

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        that's what she said

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        That’s what she said

      • +11

        That's what I said already.

      • That's what I thought she said

      • Who is she?

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    You reminded me. I tried to log in to Ikea and it didn't work. Just like last year (when they manually fixed the system to allow a password reset). This time I managed to reset the login myself and I found that communication via all methods was turned off (phone, email, mail).

    I just turned it back on so this bloke better get his princess cake coupon emailed this year.

    • Never liked the princess cake!

      • It's now any cake to the value of $6 :)

        • Really? I haven't redeemed my birthday freebie this month yet, might head down to Ikea if that's the case :)

          Edit: The e-mail states "Select from the entire range of cakes available valued up to $4 each. "

          • @Craze: Hey, I just realised my birthday was three weeks ago and IKEA never sent me anything! D:

          • @Craze: Ooops yes it's $4, my bad. But any cake!

    • I just had to reset my password too but no account settings to confirm email subscriptions? Seems like the online account is useless and only used to create shopping lists…

  • The barcode has so many zeros it looks man made not computer generated so I would say anyone can use this voucher repeatedly

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    So is the a generic coupon code? Can i use it if I'm not a Ikea family member?

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      According to the barcode in picture it says anyone can use it, but Ikea Family members can use it from the 21st Dec, everyone else not till 26th. Its free to sign up to IKEA Family though & easily done at the ikea store.

  • Anything under $10?

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    They spelled 'redemption' wrong…

  • Ikea is dead to me now that they've stopped the cheap meals.

    • Have they really? Which cheap meals are you talking about?

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        The 4 or 5 different meals they had for $5 each, I used to really like the chicken schnitzel one.

        • Yup. We tried to grab a cheap meal last week when we were running late to cook our dinner. Ended up leaving immediately. It's just normal pricing and not many choices.

          • @DarkOz:

            Ended up leaving immediately.

            Lol where'd you guys end up going?

            • +1

              @montorola: Did to Domino's 3 large pizza pick up deal on the way home.

          • @DarkOz: We did the same just turned around and walked out went to Barnacle Bill's instead.

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    Anyone seen Vic flyers?

    • We got one but it's similar in design but no coupon :(

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    Buy LADDA Rechargeable batteries with your $10! They're rebadged eneloop Pro batteries.

  • How can I use the above voucher, do I just download and print it out?

  • You reckon this will work in WA?

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      If someone from each state & Territory gives it a crack tomorrow and let's the rest of us know that would be awesome.

    • +1

      I'm planning on going to our only WA store soon so will let you know and vice versa if you beat me to it.

    • +4

      I'll be down at Rhodes tomorrow morning, will report back whether it's a yes or a nei.

    • bugger, just realised today is 20th lol…Heading there today, so looks like no go for me then

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    T&Cs are up

    Looks like original copies only and no food :(

    • Well that sux. After all that now my printer toner can only print 2 less pages.

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      Just use self checkout

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    can anyone post a pdf file that we can print? i'm going to ikea tomorrow

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    Print out worked for me at Ikea Rhodes on a non clearance item.

    • sweettt, any minimum purchase?

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        Not sure, sorry. I purchased a $14.95 item.

    • Does it have to be print?!

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      Scan bar code on my phone, need ikea assistant to validate, been told need the original mail.

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    Printout worked at Marsden Park. Staff are having issues with them if people buy multiple small price items like I did. Manager is trying to fix it but probably better to just buy an item that costs over $10 at the moment.

  • Can this be used multiple times on multiple transactions? Need to scan ikea family card?

  • Just went to ikea in Springvale VIC and staff told me this is scam, cannot use it for my purchase : /

  • So does this only work in nsw stores?

  • As expected, predicted, and always , Not available for WA , only NSW . WA is sadly a state with the least bargain .

    • Oh bugger thanks for letting us know. Yep used to it living in Perth all my life.

  • Does not work for North Lakes. NSW only.

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    Rhodes doesn't allow using print out.i think they were just advised.

  • Tested at Logan Ikea. It is not working.

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    The barcode is valid to me in Tempe NSW one hour ago. You need IKEA family account for sure. Customer service and cashiers seem all aware of this coupon.

    • +2

      Thanks for taking the time for letting us know @Wanton

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    Cheers. Found a soaked pamphlet on the floor outside a block of units. Doesn't appear to be a minimum spend in the T&Cs. Would have loved some sausage though.

    As a family member you don't need to produce a physical card, do you? Who in their right mind would carry all these cards (Anaconda, Supercheap etc, I'm looking at you).

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      You can print a temporary one at one of their kiosks

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      That's some awesome OzB spirit there @peterpeterpumpkin - I salute you and your soaked pamphlet!

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    Used it in Adelaide. A manager entered everything manually with random prices. I Don't think I got $10 off, but I got a 4 pack of batteries and a pack of daims for $2. Close enough!

  • can someone scan the pamphlet? And is there something on the back?

  • Tried the printout at ikea Tempe. Requires need attendant approval and was cancelled by the attendant on duty. She then took my print and chuck it into the bin..

    • Sorry to hear that! I reckon we need to follow @peterpeterpumpkin 's lead and go searching units/apartments mail areas for piles of old junk mail to find originals.

  • Just came back from Ikea Tempe. Not working

  • +1

    I had a luck with the self service at Tempe yesterday (23rd Dec) with printout, I made 2 purchases and used the coupon twice. One was $89, the other was $17. The male attendant approved the discount without even asking. But then i went in again to get ladda and sandwich bags (cost around $10.50) and went to another self serve checkout taken care by a female attendant and my coupon got rejected. So i suppose it's random, depending on the purchase & attendant? Too bad i didn't get myself free ladda, but i appreciate the coupon, it saved me $20

  • Any recent experiences at marsden park ?

  • Did not work in Canberra. Self service machines were closed and the attendant flat out said it was NSW only and wouldn’t scan the code :(

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