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Gigabyte G750H 750W Power Supply 80 Plus Gold $89 ($109 Now) + Free Shipping (in-Store or Online) @ Centrecom


Cheap 750w gold rated PSU. It is semi modular which is a plus and with the gold rating, it is very reliable and efficient. beats nearly every power supply in price, even semi modular 650w bronze power supply

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    Uhmm, Gigabyte PSU, I wonder who they contracted?

    • CWT

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      Probably Great Wall who makes most of the branded PSUs.

      • Are you thinking of Seasonic?

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          No he meant Great Wall.

          He saw a video on youtube recently of a Walmart PC teardown where they used a PSU made by great wall and the guy doing the tear-down commented that great wall actually makes PSU's for a lot of the big brands.

          So now he thinks he knows.

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            @KFC Fan: Not sure why you were downvoted when what you said was probably true. Great wall don't make most branded psu's.
            Brands who actually make branded psus are CWT/Delta/FSP/Seasonic etc.

            • @ClintonL: Great Wall is the OEM of Corsair TX series as I know. 😊

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    It is fully modular…

    It's semi-modular as I see from the picture.

    • my bad, didnt see that it didnt have have 20 pin motherboard connector

  • Would have bought this if I didn't get EVGA supernova G3 650w at $94 from Newegg.

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      Why? Wouldn't the evga be just as good if not better?

    • EVGA were full modular and had 10 year global warranty.

      • I think 650w has 7 yrs

    • Yeah gigabyte one seems pretty cheap after doing some digging.

    • Definitely EVGA supernova g3 over this if 650 is adequate.

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    I bought a PSU yesterday…

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    I made a comment yesterday about the psu that comes with the techfast pre builds, and i was saying how mine hasnt blown up yet..
    Well it blew up.. so i would probably buy a psu like this if you orded a techfast pre build :)

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      Ouch that hurts, was it the Allied one? i got the thermaltake litepower 750w so i think i am good for a bit now. Btw how do u know it blew up(stupid question) i assume PC just doesnt turn on?

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        Yep the allied one..
        I went into the kitchen for 20 seconds came back and pc was off, pressed my keyboard keys and nothing happened, pressed the power button and it wouldnt turn on, the cpu cooler would spin for a split second then stop.
        I knew it was the power supply straight away as thats what most people were complaining about with the builds, so i swapped it out with a 650watt bronze psu in my other build and it booted up fine, so your 750 watt should be all good.
        Also i found out that they left out 3 screws on the motherboard where they screw into the case standoffs, my mobo is really flimsy as a result but i plan to get new parts so im not worried about it for now, but its pretty bad on techfasts part, wont be buying a pre build again.

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          At least it was polite enough to take itself out without damaging anything else.

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      Should not that be covered under warranty?

      • Yes, it would be; but you'd be getting the same power supply only to pop again. Rinse repeat until the pop destroys something else in the PC.

        Worth spending a little bit of money and replacing it.

        • Yeah i bought a new psu straight away but i didnt think the one that came with it would shit itself so fast, i was planning to sell it as a bundle with the case,mobo,ram and ssd but not sure what ill do now

          • @Yoell: I replaced my allied one with a focus plus, didn’t want to risk anything even in the short term, not worth it

  • Thanks OP picked one up as I need to upgrade my super aging Q9550 system

  • Anyone have one of these and willing to share your thoughts on it?

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    Can anyone advise me - would this be a good choice for a somewhat dated gaming platform - Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 motherboard in a Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case?
    I have access to a configuration like this just missing the power supply…

    • +1

      The mainboard uses standard connectors and the case takes a standard ATX PSU so it's fine on those fronts.

      750W is a fair bit of power so it'll handle every CPU + single GPU configurations I can think of. If you're planning multi-GPU we'll need more info.

  • How many years warranty does this PSU have?

  • Does anyone know of any good silent power supplies that don't cost a fortune?

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      The higher the wattage the more silent it would be, as most if not all power supplies only have the fan turn on at a certain wattage load, for example the fan would only turn on at 40% load, so if it is a 1000w PSU, the fan would only turn on at 400 watts but a 500w PSU's fan would turn on at 250w of usage, if you want silent i would recommend a higher wattage psu

      • What about Fanles PSUs ?

        • I wouldn't really trust a fanless PSU on a moderate build, also a big problem with any psu no matter if it has fans or not is coil whine. Even when the fans are off you can still get coil noise which is really irritating. You'll need to research each individual model beforehand to see if it suffers.

          • @ClintonL: talking about picking my Own fanlass power supply - doing a new 9700k + tachi UT build (32gigs of ram)

      • I don't believe that's true. Can you share a source?

      • Pretty sure it would be mostly about heat and if you over buy a psu in wattage. You are only decreasing the power conversion efficiencies AC to DC. Best to work out how much your comp would use and I'd assume these days that number to be roughly 350w for a single GPU gamer. So a 500w psu is already quite over

        Edit. I'm a greeny with a 300w power supply and comp uses roughly 200

  • Good psu. Used them doing some crypto mining back in the day! Very quiet and lovely modular.

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      Shame on you!

  • shows as $109 on website?

  • Yep, showing $109 now for me too - damn!

  • wow, they price jacked it from 89 to 109 now, deal is over

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