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Xbox Games with Gold January 2019 - Celeste | WRC 6 | Far Cry 2 | Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light


Games for January 2019 have been announced.

XB1 -
Celeste - January 1 to 31
WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship - January 16 to February 15

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light - January 1 to 15
Far Cry 2 - January 16 to 31

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  • +3

    Celeste!!! Awesome, was just thinking about grabbing the physical release on Switch, but now I don’t have to!

    (Might still grab it, but at least I can have a play on XB1 first, to see if I really need to own the physical Switch release)

    • +1

      Celeste is amazing on Switch, it's a perfect game to play on the go.

      • Yeah, but free vs $70AUD for the Limited Run Games physical release…OUCH!

        (Still tempted though!) :)

  • Is this free?

    • Free if you have a Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

    • +1

      The 360 games are free to keep forever and the Xbox One games are free as long as you have a live subscription.

  • +1

    Cool, I wanted to try wrc

    • If WRC 5 is anything to go off, you really don't.

      WRC Arcade on the PS1 though, that was my shit.

    • If you're looking for a more realistic rally experience I can recommend DiRT Rally. It's far ahead of anything else in its competition.

  • +2

    Far Cry 2 is a dead-set classic. Not sure how well (or how badly) it has aged, but at the time it was stunning. Apart from the enemy checkpoints that respawn as soon as you get 10 seconds away, so you're forever having to fight your way past them on your way to your next objective. But otherwise, a fantastic game.

    Celeste is also pretty good from the little I've played of it - it is brutally hard, though. Or maybe I'm just crap at platform games.

    • Loved FC2.

    • +1

      Celeste is amazing. One of my favourite games this year. Definitely left a lasting impression on me.

      Never finished it though :( that final world just really did my head in at the time and I never ended up going back. It's a game I'll probably replay through entirely at some stage

      • I think I got about 4 or 5 screens into it :| I'm really bad at it, and I was also busy playing other stuff so I never really gave it the time it deserved. Still sitting there in my backlog of games to return to at some point.

      • I finally went back to Celeste over the xmas holidays, started from the beginning and finished it. It is hard - brutally, savagely hard. But also fair - you die a lot, but when you do, you usually know why and you know it's your own fault. A bit like Demon's Souls / Dark Souls / Bloodborne in that regard. It took me just over 9:20, and I died on average every 20 seconds over the course of that nearly 9 and a half hours :P

        Great, great game.

    • No one will play it, like most of the gold games.

  • Waiting for a discount on switch :O From the sounds of it, it will be worth paying something to the dev! But awesome stuff for a freebie on XB!

  • Good month for GWG!

  • +1

    Interesting…. "Lara Croft: Guardian of Light" was previously available as one of the 'Games with Gold' back in January 2014. Hope this isn't a sign they're going to start recycling games we've already had before. Is this the first double up we've had?

    Still…. hard to complain about anything thats free.

    • Would you go on the rubbish bin for things, cos it's free?

    • They have recycled a couple of things, especially for Korea and Japan with their substitutes. You can snag some additional freebies this way by using the .jp website to 'purchase' with our existing account. I'm hoping for the original Gears of War as I've collected the others but didn't want to jump into the story later.

      Just realised I missed out on grabbing The Maw via the Japan method!! Which expired in December :/

      • Do Japan get different 360 games? And have I been missing out??!

  • So can I get the $1 Gold subscription now and get this months free games and these games next month and cancel my subscription :)

    • Pretty sure games with gold is not included with that.

      • It usually is, I have done it numerous times

    • +1

      But do you realise that after you cancel the Gold account you will no longer be able to play those Xbox One games?.

      • Although the 360 games are always available to play

        • Like this months Far Cry 2.

          • @hollykryten: Should mention as long as you have a 360 to play them on right?

            • +1

              @Jackson: It is a 360 title but it was updated to work on Xbox One and is backwards compatible with 360.

  • Celeste really is as good as everyone says. Give it a few levels for it to really take off though. Satisfyingly challenging

  • No idea why but the xbox one games seem to not show free for me? I have an xbox one linked to my account, but it wants me to pay 29.95 for celeste. Anyone have any ideas why?

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