Is the Kogan 55" 4k OLED worth it for $1000?

I was reading ausdroid and saw a article on kogans boxing day sales that said the 4k 55" OLED will be on sale for $1000.

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    According to the reviews on Kogan's page you linked, it shuts down for 7 minutes every 4 hours :O

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      Lol, what the hell random kind of glitch is that?! (overheating?)


        If true, the logical reason would be a work around to stop it overheating. I would be hesitant to buy this if it's going to be in a potentially hot environment. Might not be best suited to Australia's summer!

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          I was sceptical too but it is true (page 10 of the manual) and the reason given is to "protect the OLED panel from wear and premature failure".


          Is this common for other tvs or just this low end budget one?

          I am thinking of putting a large TV in the attic which can get pretty hot in the summer.

          But it would need to be really good against the heat and humidity that gets high every now and then.


      Yeah, nah. With a shut down every 4 hours I'd avoid this.


    Yeah might just hold out for a good deal on the oled55c8pta

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      With c9 likely being released next year and c8's just dropped to $3k, I doubt you'd see much cheaper in the next 6 or so months.

      Note: I don't follow the industry, so I might be wrong! :)

      You could buy 2x Kogan's and set them side by side. When one goes to 'sleep' after 4 hours, switch TV's. You'd still be up $1k!


        The c7 dropped to $1800 last boxing day and the 55" c8 has been down to $2100 so hopefully it goes lower on boxing day.


          I suspect LG would sooner buy back the older model OLEDs than allow the price to be slashed, so as to artificially maintain the price of their entire lineup of TV’s. Given that most (if not all?) OLEDs are 4K with HDR, there’s no major incentive to buy the C8/C9 over the C7, as far as I can tell. So if they allow the C7 to drop below $1500, then that not only encroaches into the price range of their LCDs (cutting the sales in that department) but also makes it harder to justify paying $2000-$4000 for one of the C8/C9’s.

          Until someone like a Hisense enters and establishes their own OLED range, I can’t see the price of an LG/Samsung/Sony OLED set being much cheaper (if at all cheaper) than what we’ve already seen.


            @Strahany: Only addition in the c8 was the new alpha 9 processor which slightly increased picture quality along with some other features including BFI. However the OLED panels themselves were identocal.

            The C9 will most likely get upgraded HDMI to 2.1 for 4k 120hz and another processor upgrade.

            Hisense recently entered I believe but they use the same panels and cost the same.

            I think with Samsung's MICRO LED and general innovation the prices will drop.

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