Arlo Camera Battery Sucks - Be Warned!

Hi all, not sure if you guys experienced the same issue that I had with my Arlo Pro. On my second replacement Arlo Pro now, after the first one's battery dead within warranty period. Guess what? The second one's battery dead around the same time too. Battery won't hold charge, and couldn't turn on. Mind you, the camera is hardly in action, as I only use it indoor, so it doesn't really detect movements (finger crossed)

So disappointed in Arlo! Great product but really (profanity) battery!


  • I emailed them and got a replacement and battery charger shipped for free. Mine hadn't even died - just seemed to drain rather quickly. Not sure if it was a firmware issue or the original battery, but works fine now.

  • I havent had any issue. Running on a single charge for more than 3 months with several recordings a day

  • Look up WyzeCam V2, so much better …. and cheaper.

    • Well you can't really compare it apple to apple. Arlo is designed to be used indoor and outdoor, but not wyze though. I do sometimes put my arlo outside inside the tree to catch potential parcel thief hehe.

      • How do you catch a "potential" parcel thief with this camera?

        Does it read their minds (to detect the potential to thieve), and then does it "catch" them and if it does arrest them how does it make the arrest stick in court?

        Your honour my camera detected a "potential" thief

        Sorry a little fun with words - Merry Christmas hehe

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